Poppy and her Piglets

Still with my heart in my mouth I check the piglets a few times a day. They have found their little heated creep which fills me with relief. Their Mama can sleep and get up and down and move around without having to worry about stepping on a sleeping baby. I set up their little snug room with a clay tile as a tunnel through the wire entrance so they did not scratch themselves on the fencing and to my delight they are crammed into the tile with feet and heads hanging out both ends. Fast asleep. Happy as little pigs.

Today there are a few decent shots of the little hereford piglets on their third day. They hoover about with such delight as Poppy watches. And I watch. hereford sow and piglets

Poppy is officially a sow now. Though looking a bit muddy, she is hot.

hereford piglets

The Cadet and I decided to let the meat chickens out for a walkabout yesterday. We tied Boo to the fence in case he got a little TOO helpful and The Cadet and Ton watched to make sure the chickens did not run off. Well they were incredibly energetic and it took us ages to get them all back in at bed time.  And although they had a good time I don’t think we will repeat that experiment.


She is such a natural Land  Girl this one.

Speaking of farm girls my next Land Girl has arrived.  Amanda.  She is a teacher. Smart, intelligent and full of energy. We are going to have fun and get lots done at the same time!


The barn is still a quiet space but both Amanda and The Cadet were allowed to tip toe in to see the piglets. After a few seconds Poppy began to growl at Amanda who she did not know. So we left. Later she said not a word when The Cadet poked her head over. Both times she could not see the girls. She smelt them though and was used to the smell of The Cadet.  After a while she will get used to Amanda too until then we will lie low.

Tane is feeling his hips again and is back in the hospital corner. Tima is due to cycle again on Wednesday if she is not pregnant. Hopefully she did catch as I am not sure whether Tane is up to the task more than once a year.

I hope you have a lovely day.  Now that I have help around the farm and in the kitchen again things will pick up. Though the rain is coming back and the hay is ready to be cut again. It will be an interesting season.

Love your friend on the farm,




38 Comments on “Poppy and her Piglets

  1. What does a pig growl sound like? Can you put your new phone on its audio recorder, and make a recording of a pig growl? (as though you don’t have enough to do without recording a pig growling….) Love to you all. xx

  2. The pictures of the piglets are wonderful! They arrived at such a good time. My 17 yo cocker spaniel died Wednesday morning. One of his many nicknames was Piglet, and the pictures of those babies remind me just how well-earned that nickname was. Those pictures made me laugh through tears. Thanks for posting them!

    • Sorry for loosing your dog. If you have been together all his life it is like a friend has gone. It takes a while to overcome that grieve. He sure is in dog heaven. All the best for you.

    • I have never owned a dog, but learned through my daughter and my sister how dogs can worm their way into your heart. I was a willing victim to that love and was surprised how bereft I felt when one of them had to make the one way journey to the vet. The alternative of suffering would have been so cruel. At times I often think that we are kinder to animals than to our fellow humans. Never be ashamed of tears, tears are salty and salot is a healer.

    • It’s hard to lose a loved one . . . but 17 years of being part of a family: would other four-leggeds have the same good fortune . . . day by day: pain will depart, lovely memories remain!

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear Tane is below par. Those little piggies are going to grow super quickly having access to 2 milk bars 🙂 Welcome to the Farmy Amanda, looking forward to hearing more about you. Laura

  4. Did you see that Land Girls program? I really enjoyed it. Netfix I think. I’m so happy Poppy’s a more tranquil mother. I know, finger’s crossed and time will tell. Lovely shot of the C and chickens. The chickens must have had a grand time out! 😀

      • Oh you should really try to find it. I found the 3-season set of it on DVD at Costco a couple of years ago, worth every penny. Not sure about Netflix, but you could try asking at your local library, If they don’t have it, they might be able to order from another county. The other wonderful one is “Call the Midwife”, another BBC production. Got it for Christmas, but I do know that one is on Netflix. More BBC – any of the “Victorian” series – farm, Christmas, pharmacy, then there is the Tudor Farm also. Just great stuff! Hope you get to see some of them.
        Chris S. in Canada

  5. Super lively, solid little piggies! I’m loving the thrill of the blow by blow account of their arrival and seeing them grow and fill out with Poppy’s good milk. She’s a good mum, careful and attentive. Are we seeing the start of a dynasty?

  6. Those look like some perfect little pigs. And this coming from someone who has looked at a lot of little pigs. When the kids were little every year I took two or three piglets In a box to their school. The class made a circle fence with their legs on the floor and the wee piglets delighted them as they walked and skipped around the new pen that had just been created. I am sure many of those kids never forgot the visit of those piglets to their school. Oh so cute those piggies. Faye

  7. Wonderful little pigs and just the right number, looking at them all feeding. Made me smile thinking of you and the cadet running around trying to shoo naughty chickens back in the arc. Sorry! Keeps you fit though! x

  8. Piggies!! They are so cute. Much bigger than me when I was a baby 🙂 Isn’t that funny? You know I love seeing them. Reminds me of my childhood! XOXO – Bacon

  9. Those meat chickens don’t need all that exercise – it makes them tough! I love the little piggleys – and feel a kind of 2nd hand pride in Poppy. Welcome Amanda, you will love your time on the Farmy.
    The fine weather’s gone away here, just as I’ve got organised with summer clothes! The floaty dress shrank in the wash, so I’ve added a wide band of broderie anglaise on the bottom to hide my ‘orrible knees’.

    Have a lovely day,

  10. Herding chickens must be much like herding cats. The piggies are adorable. I remain the Cadet’s biggest fan. I believe I am a farm girl at heart, but one who loves the sea too much. And yes, the rains are coming. Seattle weather here in Colorado for a second day.

  11. Oh but they’re cute! Happy too they found their creep. Welcome Amanda. Great shot of mom and her 5 babies.

  12. Good News – both in words and in pictures. I like the one with the piglets at the bar best. So cute…. No ‘show me the way to the next whisky bar’. Everything is inhouse and prepared. Just drink. Nice.
    Have a good time you girls!

  13. I love the Milk Bar photo and the one of the cadet enjoying the calm outdoors with Ton and the chickens. I look forward to reading about Amanda’s adventures at the farmy. Hope your day is calm and fruitful, Celi.

  14. the joys of parenthood….Poppy is quite happy and content with her brood….Let us hope that Tima is preggers as I feel sure that Tane will do himself a great mischief if he has to repeat his performance again….. love to you all

  15. so happy to hear all the good mews! and as usual I love your photos!- NOW just how does a pig growl?

  16. My sister is here visiting and I was just showing her Poppy’s piglets and she asked, “what is the deal with peacocks on farms.” Is it pest control or just decoration? So happy the farmy is happy!

  17. Oh how I’ve missed your farm. And look at those cute little piglets. They are just so adorable. I just kept looking at these photos and smiling. You’ve definitely made my day with these photos Ms. C.

  18. Well, Ton and Amanda are working together already: let us hope Poppy is fast on learning personal aromas 🙂 ! The ‘milk bar’ photo is priceless!!

  19. Those little pigs have such sleek coats. How cleverly you have set things up for them to be safe and warm and out of harm’s way. I detect the famous kiwi ingenuity at work there. How fascinating that Poppy would pick up the smell of your new worker. I love hearing about the farmy’s helpers. How times have changed, when I think of you working on your own for so long.

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