Cameos of Cold and Calm


Queenie waits now.


Altogether Daisy gave 70 pounds of milk again yesterday. But this morning is very, very cold. I am worried that the milking machine will not work. I held the calf back from Daisy yesterday because she had started holding her milk back from me  – which is a recipe for disaster with a cow who is prone to mastitis. Her calf is not going to drink 70 pints of milk.  And he is so big and hits her udder so hard that she was spending way too much time trying to kick him off.  Things were not calm. She did much better yesterday and was not frantic about the calf at all.  The calf was deeply unimpressed – he loves the bottle. Though it was cold. Everyone stayed in their corners yesterday. 12ad-020


12ad-013 12ad-016

Poppy is being alarmingly sweet. She literally crawls up into my lap and plays with the zipper on my jacket. 12ad-004

Hopefully it will warm up enough tomorrow for The Bobby to be able to take off his coat. I think this morning might be the last of it.  This fella needs to get outside. We all do.

Have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


41 Comments on “Cameos of Cold and Calm

  1. There’s a huge load of sweetness in today’s photos. I’d like to rub Queenie’s curly white face, tell Boo to be gentle with Poppy and give the Bobby a tickle behind his big silky ears. I hope the milking machine behaved itself today.

    • It might be the breed…blue heeler. I have a heeler cross border collie, and she does the same thing with my cats and anything small, even grown small dog breeds. She gets low to the ground with her head flat just like Boo and ever so gently sniffs and whiffles them, and softly cleans their faces. She took very good and gentle care of a an old sick chicken too.

      • Incredible! I’ve had dogs all my life, various breeds, and I’ve never seen anything lik Boo.

  2. Awww , Boo has his own PIggie at last. Hope the machine worked properly this morning. Enough of this cold already. Laura

  3. such sweet faces in today’s post. I love that little Bobby has a backwards 7 on his face. He is a handsome boy. Poppy is a hoot for sure.

  4. After 4 inches of snow yesterday, it is bitterly cold and windy here today. So mu chooks are once more confined to their hut and run. I am sure they are as confuse as the rest of us! Beautiful photo’s today! Speaking of which – my calendar arrived yesterday an I am so chuffed with it! Can’t wait for April to come so I can hang it for all to see
    Hugs, Lyn

  5. Thanks for posting Boo – I’ve missed him! This shot of the Bobby in his coat is very nice – in fact, all of your pictures are great! I’m so impressed with how you find the time for all you do!

  6. Oh Boo and his babies!!! Love those pictures! I think you have the most photogenic animals in all the world. 70 pounds of milk seems like a whole lot of milk. Good golly!

  7. How beautiful!! I just love reading about the ‘farm’. And of course, you know I always have a soft spot in my oinker heart for piggies 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  8. Yes! Enough of this cold weather!!! Spring weather arrives starting today!!! xoxoxo

  9. Gorgeous photos! They are all so precious and I laughed at the fact that Poppy has wound her way into your heart already. Do I see another 400lb pet with her own line of t-shirts in the future? I’d never be able to resist her, which is why I’d make a lousy farmer. As it is I’m bullied by a small dog and flocks of wild birds – I think I have “soft touch” tatooed on my forehead. Now I better get back to making up my homemade deluxe suet balls for those greedy birds 🙂

    We have wet and stormy here today, but it IS above zero, even though it snowed earlier this morning. Not enough to stick though. I hope you shake off that polar vortex soon. Send it to Australia – they need some cool weather.

  10. Good Morning!
    I have missed so much and now have to back track to catch up!!!!
    Wonderful photos! Oh how I love that Boo!!! I would take him in a heart beat! He is
    the most sensitive and loving pup! I adore him…sigh…along with everyone else! LOL
    Lots of addittions t the farmy lately…how exciting for you and US!
    Cute little piglet! Babies babies babies! 😀
    What do you do with all that milk? Are you still going to make cheese?
    Hope the weather warms up for you and the milking machine keeps going. Supposed to be in the
    40s here later this week…so I am thinking it may be doing the same for you as well.
    Summer won the photo contest!!! 1,202 votes! Second place was 600 and something!
    I really should start a blog for her! She has quiet a following on facebook! 🙂
    Growing up right before my very eyes and way too fast! They do that…sigh…
    Going to school for obedience and after a year of that service and therapy training.
    Then some rally and agility! Those will be her reward for hard work!
    Have a good day! Now to go back and catch upwith all you have been doing!!! So glad I can do that…..hi to the fellowship!

  11. Yes, that shot of Boo and Poppy nose-booping is adorable! Isadly missed the calendar deadline didn’t I? It’s a sorry state of affairs when I’m too swamped to send you an email.

  12. Beautiful sweetness everywhere. Queenie is quite beautiful…when she has her baby and gives milk, will it taste exactly the same as Daisy’s? I’m supposing it will more or less, no?Poppy and Boo are dear together…he really gravitates toward the small, weak ones doesn’t he? Did he make a to-do about The Bobby as well? What a peaceable kingdom, and yes, as Minnesota Prairie Roots says, lots and lots of work for you.

  13. Daisy is so generous with her milk – presumably the Bobby gets it in the bottle, so no harm done. I’m sorry you’ve got it so cold again. It’s not warm here, but not as cold as your neck of the woods. I just spilled a cup of very hot milkless tea all over me – wearing my best trousers, too. Fortunately the trousers are of strong stuff: 100% wool and lined as well, so I am not burned. In fact it was jolly cold coming home from our friends’ wearing wet trousers!

  14. Oh C. I really do hope it warms up soon for you! But your photos today are certainly warming! That Nanny Boo…are you sure he isn’t a she with baby envy? 🙂

  15. I just love seeing those babies and every time you show Marcel, he is smiling. Sweet lamb. I can’t for the life of me figure out what is in the centre of the picture with the chickens. It looks like a round blob of something on the floor? Can’t get my eyes to tell my brain what it is 😳

  16. I did have a lovely day thank you….those dear creatures on your farmy are coming along well…they are all so cute

  17. I just love Queenie! She always appears so calm and peaceful…and she has such lovely, long eyelashes…….I’m jealous 🙂

    • I get everything ready then carried out the fragile machine at the last minute and commenced.. and milking went very well! 38 pounds. She will slow down a little once we go to twice a day.. fingers crossed, her milk is still clean of infection.. c

  18. Enough is enough. That’s it!! I am doing the “sun dance” in the direction of The Farmy. Warm rays for all who wish to become sun-tan susy’s.

  19. Great photos today, Celi. Those of Boo and Poppy are really cute. Who would have imagined that he would be so caring with the farmy’s young? Herd them, yes, but be their nursemaid? Never in a million years did I see that coming.
    I just cleaned out the front yard … well, as much as could be done. The ground is still frozen in spots and I’ll have to go back and do it again. Some of the bulbs, though, have broken through the ground. Certainly not all of them but it’s good to see the few that have. Yesterday I finally heard a robin. Warm weather is coming, Celi. Finally, there are signs to prove it. 🙂

  20. 70 pints of milk. That’s 42 litres, right? Goodness, that’s a lot – I know some of it will go to the Bobby, but so much leftover for you to process. And I know it’s a pain in the arse, but how clever of Daisy to be able to hold back her milk. Not good for her at all, but I’m just impressed she’s able to do it – no way I could have done that when I was breastfeeding – I can’t even imagine what muscles to clench. Sorry, rambling like a mad woman today.. 🙂 xxx

  21. Ahh…Miss Poppy and Boo Nanny. Such sweetness today….made my day as I am coming down with something. It snowed here a little today, too. Bummer. Stay healthy, my friend…..get your rest and stay strong. Queenie looks so serene. That little Poppy piggy will be all over the place once she gets a little bigger. What mischief she and Sheila can get into. Bobby is so clean and fresh and new. Thank you for all the pictures.

  22. Queenie is a beautiful looking cow and can’t wait to see her little calf soon. Your shots of the animals today are just wonderful. Hope it warms up for you all real soon.

  23. Have just clicked on 10.30 am local time to an absolute overload of sweetness! Have a new backdrop on my computer naturally: progression – Boo and Marmalade, Boo and Marcel and now Poppy doing the honours 🙂 ! Can’t Big John take one of you with Poppy in your lap ‘playing’ – pretty please!! And, besides a hundred other things, I hate to think of the time you spend ‘haidressing’ Daisy and Queenie . . . . I am a bit lairy of big cows [well, city gal!!] but would love to play with Queenie’s locks!!! And bobby, ‘course he would rather have the bottle with you holding it 😀 !!!!!!!!!!

  24. Celi, you bring daily sunshine to all our lives, with your wonderful photos and word pictures. May the sun in your heart and the sun in the sky join forces to warm the earth under your feet!

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