Sheila Snores

Did you know that? She is a great old snorer. Though you will only hear the snoring if you creep very, very quietly into the barn with ears at the ready. Pigs have incredibly good hearing.  And the moment they hear a sound out of the ordinary they jump sideways then freeze and listen. This is why I usually sing or softly talk as I enter the barn then they all know it is me. Poppy does not snore.  And Poppy always puts herself between the wall and Sheila.  Sheila is a natural draft stopper.  Cheeky pig that Poppy.


Do you remember poor old Sheila sleeping all by herself last winter.. and it was so terribly cold. Now these two cuddle up all warm.  They are looking robust and healthy aren’t they .. maybe a little TOO robust.  They look like a hilly landscape.


This is the rooster that sleeps with pigs.




We got another three inches of snow yesterday so everyone stayed in the barn. Hmm, Godot still has a wonky tail feather. Godot’s tail feathers are not as strong as Kupa’s were so this week I hope to be able to get across to another organic grain mill a ways from here and buy a bag of kelp – it will be a good addition in all feeds at this time of year, when trace minerals are hard to find, but is particularly good for the legs and feathers of birds –  especially the young birds that are growing fast.  They already have diatomaceous earth added to their feed.

To compare the length of Godots tail – here is a shot from late December. So, it IS growing which is good.  But slowly and kind of raggedly.


When Kupa got sick his tail stopped growing so now I am always subconsciously checking Godot’s tail for growth. I think it is an indicator of health. Actually I am going to go back and see if I can find a shot of Kupa in January.  Wait there a minute..

OK. Kupa, two years older than Godot – here.  Almost three. And his tail was very full due to his age really. He was such a beautiful bird.

This is Godot’s second winter, so he is still a juvenile, probably not fertile yet and anyway no self respecting hen will take any notice of him when his tail is not nice and full. So I am going to buy peacock eggs this year  – I will incubate one clutch myself and the second clutch I will put under a sitting peahen up in peacock palace so any chicks will not be lost.   Once my girls sit they sit solidly so I would like to try and let them hatch a few themselves. They usually sit on the same nest together. This is going to be an exciting summer!


Above is the POV from the pigs door.


Good morning. Poppy has her eyes open, can you see her ears? Perking. Nosy pig. I have a wonderful plan for her farrowing pen.  All I need is a builder.  And now that my friend the kiwi builder ran off to Phoenix those are few and far between.

I hope you have a lovely day.


36 Comments on “Sheila Snores

  1. ‘Morning Celi, You’re up too early ~ crawl back in and sleep a bit! looks like Sheila & Poppy are sound asleep wit Mr Rooster guarding over them! I love that shot!! And the fotos of the other chickens also! I often awake this early in the morning, get a drink of water, can’t wait to see what we’re going to enjoy from the farm today! and then back to bed!! which I’m going to do the same as Sheila & Poppy right now! Sianorra! have a good day!

  2. Oh No the Kiwi builder absconding to Phoenix is not good news, is it permanent? Kupa was the most beautiful bird, ah well soon we will be watching another one grow up 🙂 We are 32C and very dry here today – your snow almost looks inviting! Keep warm. Laura

  3. Duke of Kupa was one in a million, a real proud bird who showed off his plumage to the best advantage….but hacving said that I am sure that Godolt will look as beautiful as a bride once he has matured and his feather and plumage are in full bloom….we shall all wait in anticipation.
    Poppy and Sheila make good bedmates, its lovely to have someone to cuddle on those cold winter nights…and having Mr Rooster standing on guard must be a blessing. Isn’t he gorgeous..his colours so bright…beautiful bird.
    It is really lovely to see all the animals fast asleep, they look so secure and happy….and all thanks to you dear Celi for making them that way.
    I think that you must have our share of snow…we have had two or three times that snow has fallen but it does not last long and soon fades away…maybe it will come with a vengance before the end of March

  4. Looks like we both have great incubating plans this year! Fingers crossed that we’re both successful.

  5. Spooning pigs, so precious. If you slept in the barn, I don’t think Poppy would give up her spot. You might be stuck with the drafty position and have Sheila snoring in your ear. Earplugs might be in order. I hope they get their walkies today even in the cold, to help with the squabbling. I read recently that DE is also good for fly control in the summer months, sprinkling it on the animal waste. I have used it for flea control too. It’s an all purpose powder. Have a good day, C.

  6. Those two piggy ladies look like beautifully baked rounded loaves of bread. They look plump and healthy, and spring is a good time for a lady to go on a diet, in winter she needs a little extra to keep warm…

  7. It is cold and snowy here. I wonder if I could sleep between two pigs. I think it would be very cozy indeed if one didn’t get completely squashed in the process. Lovely warm backs…yes, like gentle, rolling hills. They have a very nice view!

  8. The duke of Kupa was a beautiful bird. Sad to see Daisy as well. Ahh well On a lighter note it is funny hearing animals snore. Our jack russell snores and once she whistled whilst snoring just like in the cartoons! x

  9. What a show-off that Kupa was! and a beautiful one, at that. I’m sure Godot will be just as proud, all in good time. Good morning to you, Miss C.

  10. I love the colours of the rooster sitting above the pigs. Fingers crossed, maybe one of the visiting ‘workers’ might enjoy woodwork!

  11. Sometimes animals that are albino or leucistic (albino coloration, but with blue eyes instead of pink) have different characteristics to their body coverings (texture of fur, length of fur/feathers), so you might look around online to see if sparser feathers are normal for white peacocks.

    • The white ones are not actually albino, just white, genetically I believe they are closest to the India blue, he is only just over a year old i think.. .. we actually Brought Kupa home when he was older than this fella.. c

  12. I was just dreaming last night that I was visiting you and the pigs on the farm! I was taking loads of photos. It had some very strange elements, as dreams do, but it was wonderful.

  13. Sheila and Poppy and the rooster are such a fun picture…..wonder if the two piggies giggle and tell stories before falling asleep like little girls at a slumber party. Smart rooster – heat rises.
    (Oh, FYI used one of your lovely cow pictures in today’s post – I searched and search then remembered this one. Thanks!)

  14. I was noticing how large Poppy has gotten when I saw the picture with Boo and Ton in the same pen with her. Sheila has got to be as tall as a miniature pony! Very fine specimens of healthy piggies and always so cute…except maybe when biting. I have faith that Godot’s tail will fill out in the warmer months.

  15. “This is the rooster that sleeps with pigs”… sounds delightfully repugnant!! I love the way you narrate your posts. I think the weather is supposed to improve over the next days – at least it will down here. I hope you get a whiff of warm!

    • I have a strong suspicion that the kittens have started sleeping with the kunes too.. No whiffs of warm here today but we are warming up to feezing tomorrow.. c

  16. I miss Kupa, he was so breathtaking! I can’t wait to see what Godot’s tail looks like fully developed and open for the “gal’s” to see. 😉

  17. Haha, wish I could send you Mr Grumpybuilder. That would be a holiday for both of us 😜
    The barn looks so cosy, no wonder you say you could sleep out there.

  18. It’s so fun to read about all your animals. It’s such a different life from mine, and I enjoy thinking that people lead so many different kinds of lives!

  19. Beautiful rooster that. Good to see the pigs snuggled. It’s raining here in California. That is a very good thing and and an excuse to stay indoors.

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