No more crying!!

Let’s look at happy stuff instead.  Thank you for yesterdays comments – you are a deep and wondrous group of people. You are The Fellowship.  I could not do it without you.

dog and pig in snow

Cold but happy.


A black and white pig after eating tomato soup for lunch.


BooBoo jumps into the pigs corridor.


Gotcha, says Poppy. And straight back out – does BooBoo jump.


Marmalade has begun to introduce her kittens to the barn teaching them to hunt. There is not a lot of hunting going on but they are loving the warm straw games.


Queenie has a fat bottom.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm.



43 Comments on “No more crying!!

  1. I wore my “I love Sheila” T-shirt out this evening when we went to eat steak at the Hogs Breath Café (a national chain of steak houses). It was a huge success… I see that Tane shares Tima’s love of tomatoes, and soup is so sensible and practical when it’s so cold. It makes me shiver just to look at the photos!

  2. wonderful post = all happy again…I love those pics of the animals at play….Love to you too Celi

  3. The tomato soup faced piggy the winner today. Hard to believe Queenie isn’t preggy with twins from that angle. We have just sent the Proteas off to Cricket world cup in OZ and NZ. 🙂 Laura

  4. mmm mmm tomato soup! Looks like it was enjoyed 🙂
    I love posts that evoke enough memories and emotion to produce tears Celi …
    Your son was/is my brother. We had an overextended and tired single Mum and sadly he didn’t have a wonderful teacher and is only just getting his life together after decades of troubles. He is nearing 40. I am so proud of him and because of your post yesterday I added a “I am so proud of you and how far you’ve come” to the end of my conversation with him last night ❤ I am thankful as the look on his face was worth a million bucks!
    So thank you Miss C ❤

    • Amazing how a few small words can make all the difference, even to a grown up like me and your brother.. thank you for that.. c

  5. Funny piggy with the dirty face, looks like lunch was enjoyed. It must be so nice to watch marmalade teach her kittens.
    Enjoy your day….a happy one.

  6. Was there grilled cheese with the tomato soup? I think that it’s an unwritten rule that one must have a gooey grilled cheese to dunk in their hot tomato soup 🙂

    • AMEN Deb!!!! We have a eatery here in Fort Worth called Lee’s Grilled Cheese. They make a fanatic tomato soup and the options for your grilled cheese is AMAZING. 8 choices of cheese, 5 meat options, 10 veggie options -> all on wonderful homemade breads!!!

      Okay – I just finished my breakfast, and I’m ready for lunch now…..

  7. The tomato soup faced piggy made me smile from ear to ear. It is cold here but my sidewalks and driveway are now shoveled and plowed, had dinner with a bloggy friend last night, packing to go see my mom today so let the snow go away so clear skies tomorrow for flying and driving. Fingers crossed. It’s always dicey this time of year, isn’t it?

    • yes I am often apprehensive as to the flights and I have more to go iin 10 days.. fingers crossed form us both!

  8. I don’t always respond to your blogs but I always read them and they always bring a thought to mind or a tear to my eye. Thank you for being a wonderful start to my day!!

      • Celi…the kittens are doing very well and growing fast! I will send you a picture. Everybody loves them!!! What did you name Marmalade’s other kittens?

  9. That is one happy pig , I love the pictures. My niece just sent me some pictures of her and the children playing in the snow in our village in Germany.

  10. The tomato soup mustache is my favorite photo… and isn’t Boo the lively one with energy to spare in that bitter cold? I think sometimes animals like it on the cold side rather than the hot. They seem to flourish!

  11. Winter seems to have passed us by and now we’re stuck in the clouds and fog. I would much rather have snow! We’re into the 40’s now and winter has been so mild construction has started again in our neighborhood. Funny how Ton-Ton pays no mind to Poppy. Loved the snowy pictures! 🙂

  12. Poppy is so big, I haven’t noticed before as the angles of photos have been different. And she doesn’t mind Ton but shoos Boo off…funny. I was as moved by yesterday’s post as the rest of the Fellowship, and then moved again by the comments. It all struck a deep chord, too deep even to find the words to comment, but thankfully we’re all here again today, all chirpy and chipper. It’s good we have the Farmy to come to for those deeply buried memories to be aired safely, then to come back for the healing balm of tomato-souped slurping piggies and sweet kitties and the rest of the daily goodness. 🙂

  13. All smiles today 🙂 And a kiss for Tane because that’s what the look on his face seems to be saying… “c’mon, just one little smooch, whhaaat?!”

  14. Methinks we are all smiling this [my] morning! Have just had the water off for three hours [plumber on the street] and the electricity is supposed to go for a few more shortly, so am happy to look at Tima’s lovely reddy mouth in the interim: and yes, I know I am a spoilt brat re water and electricity compared to many of you: a city gal still 🙂 !!

  15. I love the inquisitive expressions the kune kunes have, always interested (read nosy) in what’s going on. Do Tima and Tane tell you their gripes every day? Percy stands by my ankles, mutters and complains on and on then calmly walks off as if he’s relieved to have vented. Cracks me up every time.

    • I love it too.. that chat chat chat.. and tane is so much tougher than Tima.. he is off steaming through the snow leaving her standing in the door of the barn complaining..c

  16. You know, of course, that the tears were generally about Recognition, not entirely for sorrow. Sympathy, yes, over dealing with people who hurt without thinking and don’t realize the power of their insensitive words and deeds—but mostly tears of great joy and remembrance instead for the beautiful people—parents and teachers, friends and neighbors, who at whatever time in our lives have rescued us from ourselves and made us better people by seeing the potential and yes, even the good that already lies within. You can make us all cry over lovely stuff like that any old time, and welcome.

    But today’s cheery post is just as welcome!

    Mr. Moustache totally reminds me of the silly riddle from my youth: ‘What’s black and white and [red/read] all over? The newspaper!’ Now I know the real answer is “an adorable piggy eating tomato soup!” Yay!!

    So glad you’re safely amid your farmy family again, no matter how much fun being in the midst of home and family and wedding hijinks can be.

    Much love!

  17. I almost zipped past Tane with his tomato face thinking he was a dog. He looks so delighted with what he just ate. I’d love to have a kune-kune (can’t where I live).
    Yesterday, struck a chord too. Between my own unpleasant school career and the troubles the kids had over the years. A caring, thoughtful teacher can make a huge difference.

  18. Sometimes when I read your posts I think, Wouldn’t it be nice to live where it snows? Then reality checks in. Whew!
    Lovely photographs today, Celi!

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