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Just a few dog and piglet cuteness images this morning. You would think there are no other animals on the farm with all the attention these two are getting.


Piglet is one of those babies who thinks feed time is playtime. And he sees all floor obstacles as opportunities for play. So he steals toys and plays tirelessly.


ALEX and her daughter go to their new home on the 10th of this month.  December already! In fact December 2nd. I am away on my travels in 15 sleeps. FIFTEEN!

The Bobble Headed Owls have come. Be afraid. Be very afraid!

The birds have discovered the wine grapes. Every time I walked under the arbor a little flurry of rising wings  could be heard. The pea hens are residing in the peacock penthouse because last year they ate a third of my crop and now… Continue Reading “The Bobble Headed Owls have come. Be afraid. Be very afraid!”