Piglet is one of those babies who thinks feed time is playtime. And he sees all floor obstacles as opportunities for play. So he steals toys and plays tirelessly.

Boo’s toys. John’s hats. Shoes. Rugs. His face wiping rag. Everything gets pounced on inspected then pushed around the floor until he will suddenly quit and stand quite still listening for me and then I lead him back to the laundry room where he climbs into his cuddly toy laundry basket bed, rests his head on the Wooly Mammoth and as I am covering him up he is going to sleep.

Very sweet. Drinking well. Vocal when he thinks it is time to eat well again. And gaining weight. So far, so good.

I got a call yesterday from the poultry inspection officer. He will come to inspect my eggs (chicken and duck eggs), where I wash them (in the kitchen sink), where I store them before I get them over to Jakes coldstore (my kitchen fridge) and where they are laid (the chook-house and the barn). He comes Thursday morning – looks like I have my work cut out for me!

The chook-house needs a massive clean out. The duck barn will not take long. For the record the ducks are laying in nests they make themselves in the straw in their night pen. Often the same nests but on their way out the door they COVER the eggs with loose straw. So it really is a bit of a treasure hunt. I get 12 or 13 a day now. (Maybe 4 or 5 per nest and a few scattered about). They are still only about the size of a large chicken egg.

There is thunder – Boo has moved back into the wardrobe – these dogs will be no help today.

I hope you have a lovely day!


WEATHER- Thunderstorms likely AND hot. Interesting.


43 Comments on “STEALING TOYS

  1. My gosh, Piglet is cute. It’s wonderful beyond words to see him making such progress. I hope it continues. I swear I’ll never look at a pig in the same way again, since beginning to read your blog.

  2. Wondering how one makes the transition from indoor to outdoor pig. I can imagine problems and complaints from the youngster when the time comes.

  3. I can see a house pig in the making! Although Our John might not be so sure about that! 🙂 Very curious to find out what the poultry inspector officer will be looking for. Gosh, the ducks are doing great with their laying! Wonderful!!!

  4. I am so happy for your plucky piglet (and you). Poor Boo & Ton. I hope the thunderstorm will pass on soon, & John will not mind too much about his hats & shoes.

  5. Our piglet seems to be coming along. I know he will continue to thrive because of your generosity and kindness.
    I hope your day will come together with ease.

  6. That is so cute..just like a human baby playing with toys and enjoying life…you must be doing something right…

    WOW…dreaded inspector! Tell him to go away..your eggs are your business and don’t need to be inspected. Tell him to go and inspect a battery hen farm ..they need more supervision than you do…oooooh …It makes me cross that some official can just pop up like that. They never came before…is this because you sell some to Jake? Poor Boo..such a sweet dog but like many dogs does not like thunder….I think I would hide in the wardrobe too where the nasty thunder cant get at you. \Give piglet a cuddle for me !

  7. That piglet is going to have a very big personality!
    The egg man might take exception to using the kitchen sink. Make sure everything in the fridge is sealed and covered and any meat is at the bottom. Obviously the fridge should be at 5ºC. In Europe you can do the tuition and take the test for a food hygiene and safety certificate online. It takes about 3 hours and costs between £12 – £25, depending who’s course you chose (they all have more or less the same instruction). I imagine that there is something similar in America – if so it’s worth doing.

  8. Right now I am not sure which of my envy is bigger – piglet or thunderstorms and rain. Glad to see little tyke is doing so well. I have noticed he never seems to curl his tail, he is very cute all the same. Laura

  9. When I was selling my own eggs, I bought an old fridge second hand and scrubbed that out well with bleach, and kept all the eggs in that. I also had to use new boxes for each batch, instead of being able to recycle them, so if he wants to see your boxes, it might be good to be able show him some new ones, even if you’re actually using recycled. I also cleaned my eggs in the laundry trough, away from food sources. It seemed to be OK for the local inspector.
    Mr Piglet is getting to be a very lively young man, pattering about in his tap-shoes. He’s obviously doing very well on his improvised diet. I should think he’ll give Tima a run for her money in the ‘holy terror’ stakes!

  10. I just can’t get over how this little guy went from near death to playing with toys in less than a week. And be so darling to boot!

  11. Awww — I love hearing about little Piggy!!! I probably wouldn’t get any work done cause I’d be playing with Piggy!!!! Glad Piggy is doing well – little boy or girl? Sell the eggs anyway – I’m sure they’re clean – nobody has had salmonella yet!!!!

  12. It’s so good to see Piggy’s trust right off! He didn’t have to go through what poor Wai-Wai did for moths and being afraid of everything, especially people! There seems to be an intelligence in that little guy – you sure he’s only a week old? 🙂 A puppy-people-piggy perhaps?

  13. You need me!! Ha ha! I’m good with cleaning chook barns. I wouldn’t want to do it often but it feels so good to accomplish that kind of project. I wish I wasn’t so hooked up here… I’d bring my Muck boots and get right on it for you!

  14. Piglet is adorable.
    I hope all the tasks that need doing are able to be satisfactorily done before the Chicken Inspector comes by.

  15. Piglet is adorable!!! Signs are good it seems. Any inspection makes me crazy with anxiety. We have them on our trailers every year. They have become very picky in the last couple of years. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. My dog was afraid of thunder as well but even more afraid of flies. She would hear them buzz and run frantically.

      • To make sure there is no dry rot or anything starting to fail. All homes have to be well cared for as well as the tiny plots of land we lease. This is a ‘MANAGED” neighborhood. If you don’t keep up your home, you can be evicted and then it’s on you to either move the house or sell it while continuing to pay the land lease. Rules have become more rigid since I purchased my home. I’ll be putting it on the market next spring. First I have to find the funds to replace the roof on the house and carport. I won’t be allowed to sell until everything is as they want it. Not the neighborhood I bought into, most assuredly.

  16. I somehow missed the last 3 days about the piglet, very sad yet heartwarming…how sad you lost one…and how adorable this little pig is…I hope the worker gets to see a picture of the surviving piglet to know that his actions saved this little guy. And you are an angel.

  17. I am in love with the piglet and his videos! I can’t decide if he is grunting because his legs move or his legs move because his is grunting! LOL

  18. Good luck with the inspection, I’m sure it will go well. And look at Piglet,what a resilient little piggy he is….you could write a children’s story about him (what with all that spare time you have on your hands!!).

  19. Such a smart little fellow. Smart enough to stay close to Momma that first night. Smart enough to play. Yet another Survivor you’ve managed to latch onto, Celi: )

    • And totally too cute for words. My heart 💔 at these baby 🍼 photos when I think of his lost family. But, in spite of it all he is such a sweet little tyke!

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