Torrential rain out on the plain. At least it was not for long. But it poured.

Great for the fields. Bad for the harvest. We need those beans out of the big field so we can get our first healing cover crop into the ground. And the thunderstorms pulled my chook house cleaning to a halt.

Not that I was short of other work.

More rain in the forecast today but it is not raining today so I am going to get busy fast. Piglet is fed and back (reluctantly) to bed now I must get busy with the outside pigs.

Yesterday between showers I picked up a load of sunflower meal to add to my pig mix. It makes their food look like dirt but they gobbled it up! 18 percent protein and another by-product. My favorite kind of feed. I got 600 pounds of the sunflower meal and a hundred pounds of his special mix of chicken feed to try ( – all at least GMfree and some organic. It smells divine! ) for 132 dollars.

We will see.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: oh look – most of the rain has gone North. That’s good.

18 Comments on “RAIN AND LOTS OF IT

  1. Lots of it here, too. More on the way. I will be standing out in it today helping park cars. Poncho time.

  2. Oh, that darling little pink rubber nose, wiffling at you from under the covers… I hope your day is very productive and you achieve all the goals you’ve set yourself.

  3. Seems like a really good deal on the sunflower meal and the chicken feed! And that the animals love it! Looking like a win-win all around! 🙂

  4. Piglet is quickly earning himself the name of Player😁wonderful you are getting good deals on healthy clean food for the animals. Laura

  5. I thought it was the rain in Spain fell mainly on the plain…..oh well..just a bit in the wrong direction! if it didnt last for long maybe the harvest can still be done…and the chook house ..well let the inspector do it! Tomorrow the sun will shine again…love BG

    • Oh the harvest is always completed. The beans are dry and ready to go and just hang there until the combine cones through. And no you are right I am not in Spain.

  6. Rain here for the next several days. I always think of the farmers back home with rain this time of year. Not good for harvest at all. For me now, it is about the land healing and nourishment. My perspective has changed.

  7. Rain is great … until it’s NOT. It’s been raining on and off here for a week. I think we had ONE completely dry day. I’m sure it would be appreciated ELSEWHERE. (Sending word to the big Guy … I hear California really needs it.)

  8. Our weather is similar, mirrored across the hemispheres…….torrential rain and thunderstorms here, except we’re getting hail with ours…..unusual for this time of year. So long as it stays at a manageable level and there’s no flooding. Sweet piglet.

  9. That looks like a hurricane, not rain!! Glad to see piglet is still with us today. I hope you accomplish all your goals for the day. It sounds like you’ve found another good connection for feed. Take care out there.

  10. Piglet is so cute in that photo. Here’s what I think he would have said if he could talk; “Rain there? Don’t care. I’m snuggled up in a blanket, so what gives??”

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