More rain. More mud. More scooping of the poop. And sadly our little piglet is not doing so well.

His diarrhea is back and worse and I am force feeding him – all in the matter of twelve hours. He will not drink and though he still plays a little he soon takes himself back to his warm bed.

He is back on his medicine but he never refused his food before.

This was little piglet yesterday evening. Good as gold and showing off.

I will keep feeding him hourly. Just little bits of fluid and some cereal in between but the diarrhea is the worst kind – transparent – so I am preparing myself.

He is very cuddly now. Where he never was before. He is sleeping very peacefully in the crook of my arm as I write.

How I wish I had better news.

I was very careful to wash and wear gloves in between farm work and piglet but maybe I brought something back in. Well, he walks on the same floors as the dogs so he certainly was not in a sanitary environment.

I will keep trucking on but there you are. My blog promise to you has always been truth. Even if the truth stinks.


28 Comments on “THE MUCK

  1. Poor little thing! I imagine he was exposed to all sorts of germs in the abattoir – I’m sure it’s far cleaner in your house. Fingers crossed regardless.

  2. Whatever happens, thank you. For giving him good food, warmth, love, companionship and play. You’re right, it doesn’t sound good, but if he can be turned around, you’re the one to do it.

  3. We will all send our good thoughts. Even if he does not triumph over his poor start, he has had warmth, food and lots of love and care. Can’t do better than that.

  4. SO terribly sorry, Celi! It’s certainly not from lack of trying on your part, that’s for sure. Sadly yesterday, right after thinking how cute he is and how bright he seems, I also noticed that his skin doesn’t have that healthy glow like yours always do. The photo today of them all mugging at the fence is a perfect example, hey? You can see it there, even in the muck and pouring rain. You have given him all love and attention to counteract the terrible circumstances of his birth but perhaps there was another reason that nasty fellow was selling his sow to the abbatoir… None of this was your doing and you have, as always, done everything thing you could for the poor little tyke.

    • I agree with Deb that this is not your doing, you have done & as always, are doing all you can to give this little piglet a chance. He was born into the worst circumstances humans can inflict on animals & you have given the best of human love & care. I send you both my high hopes he will pull through.

  5. I find it hard to believe it’s what you and the dogs tracked in. Piglets in the barn are in far from “sanitary” conditions. Although, of course, he doesn’t have the benefit of whatever his mom’s milk gives in protection from those things. I hope he toughs it out. Poor little one. It’s too bad his arrival didn’t time well with Molly’s crew. Do you think she would have accepted him had he arrived then?

  6. Aw, that sucks. He has know joy and love, so it has been a good little life with you. I hope he improves today, but if not it was a better end than at the feed lot. sigh. huge sign.

  7. Awe C.. ditto what everyone has said! Whatever the outcome for this poor wee piglet, at least he has known warmth, a full belly and love in his first few days of life. All thanks to you!
    I will keep up hope!

  8. Can you feed pigs colostrum from cow’s milk? What else could be giving the little thing diarrhea, his system has no good bacteria?

  9. Not a good sign……with any seriously sick livestock, I’ve always operated on the premise that doing something is better than doing nothing. His outcome at this point regardless of what caused it, is a forgone conclusion. I would syringe an anti diarrheal into his mouth – it can’t hurt any. Just any over the counter people type stuff – Imodium? Yogurt might help for probiotics….again, syringe it in.
    It’s hard, and frustrating- I said to my husband once as I was treating a sick baby goat – that I felt I was simply helping it die. If you win, there is no better feeling. If you don’t – you know you tried everything you possibly could. Wishing you luck.

  10. absolutely- Cecilia you have given this little piggy more than warmth and food…you have held him and loved him ….
    as we have sent you all our love through the internet. It’s sad, but not as sad if that nice man had not called you.
    Poor little piglet.

  11. What a sad turnaround for piglet. Sending good thoughts and a quick prayer that he will bounce back after his miraculous escape from the fate that befell his siblings.

  12. Oh no. No. I’m sick at heart as you and all of us are. But as everyone above has said you went far far above everything possible to do for him. He has the best friend ever—and if it turns out to be for only a short time —please know he is still the luckiest of all of us to have known unconditional love care warmth in this “vale of tears “

  13. The family of the Farmhold have said it all. I’m numb and thankful they can express my same feelings so eloquently! I will say prayers for our little friend, for you, and for all of the rest of us. It hurts, knowing he might not make it; but on the other hand……….you just never know

    Love the hen instructing her ‘ballerinas’ in rehearsal for the ‘Oinker Suite’!

  14. And this is why you did not introduce him to the other piglets and farm animals even when it seemed like to us the interaction would be good. The danger of sickness was still lurking.

  15. Keeping everything crossed for a return to better health for piglet but regardless, he has been loved and cared for and you have done so very much for him.

  16. Poor little guy. It’s not over yet. We pray and send lots of hogs and snout kisses his and your way. XOXO – Bacon

  17. It’s fortunate that you are able to find words to share news even if it stinks dammit, and delightful Farmy pics -love the chook & pigs moment- as a backdrop to piglet’s story because you know we know that everything that can be done is. Take care.

  18. As far as contaminants, I am sure that what he was exposed to before you got him was far worse than anything on your farmy. And you have given him love, play, food and warmth…a real life and a happy one, however long it may or may not be. Feel good about that, regardless of the outcome. I, too, will have fingers crossed that he pulls through!

  19. Lousy news. Poor little baby just didn’t have a decent start. I don’t think it’s anything in your house, tracked in or otherwise, Piglet just didn’t have what he really needed the first 24 hours of his life. I’m sure the fear his mother felt didn’t help, it changes the body’s biochemistry in subtle ways and even though he got some mother’s milk, the fear chemicals were there. I hope he rallies. I’m sure it helps holding him so he doesn’t feel alone, there’s great comfort in that for all babies. I would try some anti-diarrheal medication. Keeping everyone at the Farmy in my prayers.

  20. I’m so sorry. All that rain, muck and drip and a piglet hanging on by shoestring. I’ll keep sending good thoughts for all of you. I know how hard it is as you’ve put so much energy into saving him. At least he had a few fun days. Who knows, he may still bounce back. Sending giant squishy hugs. It’s all I can do.

  21. Celi, your little piglet will be ok. Just give more rest and food. He’ll feel better. I have faith in you both. Your friend, Eva

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