You can breathe again. Piglet is back in the game.

After I sent you that sad message yesterday Piglet began to vomit. He had pure water diarrhea and thick white milky vomit. It did not look good.

I cleaned him up. He went to sleep again against my arm wrapped up in a towel. After a while I put him down to sleep and took all his bedding out to the wash. Everything.

Even Blue Ted.

I was beyond tired but realized I had to change tack.

I drove fast to the store and bought some Gatorade. Gatorade is great for sick pigs but I have never used it on new borns. Piglet had not given up – he was still on his feet so I could not give up either. It is curious this determination that takes over.

I got two syringes, took out the needles- loaded them up and every fifteen minutes for the rest of the day I shot a mil of Gatorade at a time into his protesting mouth for one hour then the same of milk for the alternate hour. This went on for hours.

Boo stared mind thoughts to me until I let him in.

Though all he wanted to do was take the covers off the 5 day old piglet and lick him.

All day I walked the tiny piglet so he could not lie down and begin to die. I am a great fan of walking as a remedy for bowel problems. Remember how I used to force Wai to walk about the halls of the barn – jollying him along with my stick- forcing him to walk his way to health. And so I walked this baby every hour. On the hour – round and round the house until he veered off and walked himself into bed. Then I went back with my rags and mopped up the diarrhea and or vomit. Then I gave him the equivalent in Gatorade straight down his throat and let him sleep for Fifteen minutes.

Boo and I remade his new bed out in the lounge so I could top him up on fluids easily I unplugged the heater and left it in the laundry. We did not want hot and sleepy.

With the extra fluids and forced exercise slowly – very slowly- hour by hour he began to regain his life. After a while he stopped the gagging and vomiting. Then he began to pee again. By 4pm he suddenly accepted his bottle with enthusiasm.

By 5pm he was jumping out of his bed at the sound of my voice and drinking an ounce of milk at a time.

By 7 he was running about getting into trouble.

He woke me every 90 minutes in the night for milk and drunk everything.

Now, he is back asleep in his cocoon of blankets – he still has a runny bottom but it is thicker already and mostly when he gets up. As long as he holds the course he just may recover fully.

Poor Piglet landed on a snake in his board game and slid all the way back to the beginning now bit by bit we claw our way back up.

ACT II commences. Or is it ACT III.

This morning Anna is driving down from Chicago to help me with the chicken shed and duck house. Lots of heavy work today.

So. There we are then.

Piglet will be awake soon for more milk – I am going to see if I can sneak past his bed and take a shower first.

I hope we all have a better day than yesterday.



47 Comments on “SNAKES AND LADDERS

  1. Gosh, it is definitely ACT III now, and hopefully will be the happy conclusion with a fat and sassy piglet rip roaring around the house and then out to the barn in time to cause pandemonium out there as well. So nice to read the good news this morning. So hoping he continues to improve!

  2. as I said yesterday…no words..only prayers..= prayers answered!!!!!

    just keep at it…keep strong little piglet

  3. Amazing! He’s a trooper, as is his new mum. I would never have thought of giving an animal Gatorade, but it works the same way with humans and they say that pig physiology is similar us. Great pictures too!

    • My druggist told me when electrolytes & zinc are needed, go straight to Pedialyte, an source for infants & children, & to skip the sugar & get the unflavored. But perhaps Piglet needed the bit of sugar to give him an energy & calorie boost. Anyway mustn’t quibble with Success in the game, so far, so Good for Celi’s quick thinking & action & Boo’s licks & Piglet’s pluck. Fingers still crossed, hopes are high.

  4. Grit! You and that pig – and Boo of course. Good News! I know – day lost of chores – but worth it. Hoping today is good. and Hi Anna!!! Thank you for helping out Ms C! for us!!!

  5. Yay Mr. Determination!! You have the touch sweet friend and I know piglet is in the best of hands. ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  6. That little pig has a touch of steel in his backbone, he’s determined and strong-willed, and he knows he’s loved. I wonder if he senses all the willpower turned towards him, the wishes and prayers and goodwill.

  7. Well done you! You are the pig whisperer. Fingers crossed he will be fine now. 👍

  8. Here’s hoping! I hope you get a chance for a good long sleep soon!

  9. What good news … phew😁may he throw a string of sixes to get him past nasty snake next time. Laura

  10. amazing! You Boo and Piglet are amazing! Makes my heart very happy and hopeful! Take care !

  11. Lynne McTaggart wrote a book on the power of 8. Well you have more than 8 in your circle cheering you both on so I have great optimism. That little guy so wants to live. You so want him to. We all want him to. I think his fate is sealed. 🙂

  12. Oh, wow. I really thought piglet was about to resign his pigletship. You are an absolute hero(ine if on is a stickler) to have ministered so tirelessly.

  13. Oh, you are such a wonderful person to take care of Piglet so well. Amazing that as fast as they tumble down, they can improve by leaps and bounds so quickly! I am routing for the adorable Piglet and thankful for his dedicated attendant.

  14. I was almost afraid to open your blog today, but curiosity won and Piglet is on the mend – Yippee! Thank you so much Ms. C for bring this sparkle of joy into our lives. Continued prayers for you, Piglet, Boo, and the Farmy cast and human supporters. It is a good day!

  15. I’m learning lots and mostly about when you’re down and out, you want Miss Celi on your side. Every hour is a victory. Best of luck, fingers and toes crossed.

  16. Oh. My. Goodness. I am holding my breath. That dear wee thing. And dear you. The will to live seems to be winning over the will to sleep. That makes me happy. Hang in there my dears.

  17. What dedication to this little guy. Too bad we don’t all live down the street or around the corner … you would have an army of helpers.

  18. You’re both fighters. It’s nice to have Boo’s loving presence too. We’re all pulling for Piglet.

  19. You and wee piglet were scarcely out of my thoughts yesterday. I’m sending ‘Boo’ thoughts to both of you.

  20. I too was dreading opening today’s blog. Wow! I had no idea Gatorade was so powerful. As all of the above have said you are an absolutely amazing person and yes we’d all want you beside us if we were down and out. And even if we aren’t!!

  21. Ah, some chemical balance righted. How good you remembered gatorade – helps piglets and children!
    Walking also helps get the organs back in the right position – where they would be if active, maybe. Where there’s will, the way appears. Blessings to you and those in your care.
    (That picture of Boo – the intensity. Such a universal gaze of strength and willingness to assist in the fight. Could be a t-shirt? The top image, too – seasonal tees of the Farmy?)

  22. I love the photographs you have shared on this post. Says so much. Love how Blue Ted is hanging on a wire and Boo’s sad glare.

  23. Keep on going lil’ Piglet! You an do this!! I’m cheering for you! Cecilia, please take care of that pint sized warrior. He has a long way to go still!!

  24. Keep going, Piglet! You can do this! I’m going for you! Cecilia, please take care of this pint sized warrior! He still has a long journey ahead of him!

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