Animals who get to sit about while the grown ups work, watching with great intention but little actual contribution.

Except possibly BooBoo whose gaze has words.

Piglets condition is unchanged. The diarrhea will not ease but in all else – drinking – playing – rushing about – he is active and good. So his regime of fluids and exercise remains in place except that I have allowed more time between night feeds for sleep. And we both did just fine with that change.

Yesterday I was cooking pork for pulled pork for the funeral dinner of a friends father and Piglet decided to come down and camp on a fallen oven mitt by the warm oven door . I replaced the mitt with his bed and he slept there all day – between feeds – in the kitchen. Warmed by the oven. The irony was not lost.

Anna and I almost finished the Chook House. We got a huge amount of material shifted. Today Mary is coming down from Chicago to help with the last of it. The arrival of the egg inspector has brought urgency to the autumn clean up so after these last days of tough work -or hard yacker as my Dad would say – the barns will be in good shape for the inexorable glide down into winter.

Look at Molly’s fat babies. Molly is still feeding them and all seem quite happy with that arrangement. They will be in really good shape when the cold comes.

Today I will get Mary to help me put in the bigger blue pig house. They have outgrown their middle sized black one and will want to cuddle together in the coming cooler nights.

Tane helped by tidying up the last of the duck food.

It is 6 am and still black dark.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: I thought you might like to see the weeks forecast. Just for a change. The cold is coming in fast.

Though I fully expect a warm spell after this cold period. I hope.

41 Comments on “IN THEIR GAZE

  1. Naughty Tima! In the duck pond! And yes, Irony – pulled pork cooking while a piglet oversees it….. hum….

  2. Good luck with finishing your prep for the egg inspector tomorrow. Really pleased Piglet is holding his own, but no diahrea would be even better. Looks like the ducks and Tima have signed a treaty 😀 Laura

  3. I do love the way the best of born farmers manage to combine a genuine love for the animals, and a wonderfully caring attitude, with a pragmatic outlook.

  4. If only pigs were milkable – I imagine pig milk would help Piglet, but I’m sure it would be a bad infection risk either way to have him drink from Molly and she might object to him and bite him or worse. His pork cooking lesson sounds hilarious! I do hope he grows strong and becomes an asset to the farmy.

  5. Boo seems to be willing piglet to get well enough to play. The irony is not lost. Loved my visit this morning. We had a long cold spell and how an Indian summer. 10 days of warm. At least we had a tiny bit of rain. I’m glad you have some help.

  6. He looks less fragile, a bit more of a shine to his skin. Boo looks as if he’s pushing strength into Piglet – are are all of us, I guess… I’m glad that despite the exhaustion of a ‘new baby’, you’re still managing to cover your usual amazing amount of ground.

  7. So glad to hear Piglet is hanging in. I don’t really know how you continue with so little sleep and hope you can have a few catch-ups soon, or you will be in the infirmary along with Piglet! Having a little help right now seems so critical, so am glad to hear some friends are coming through for you. Hope you have a great day. – Mame 🙃

  8. I just wonder if a bit of your yogurt and maybe banana might help piglet. So hoping he improves soon. You are such a good animal guardian, along with your other skills.

  9. I’m sure the little piglet senses Boo’s concern too. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  10. When our lambs had the runs, we gave them Pepto Bismol. Can’t remember how much for a newborn lamb, though. Maybe you could ask your vet about it.

  11. I just cannot stop thinking about you all, Boo, Wee piglet, and You. Sending love and healing vibes–Boo vibes!

  12. Love the pic of the piggy rumps – Rump-o-Silk Skin perhaps? (“Making a silk purse from a sow’s ear”)? And Wee Piglet’s vedry pink snourt – adorable! Luv ya, Boo! Hi, sorrygnat ! Continued prayers for Piglet, the inhabitants of the farmy, and those who read the blog. What a super neat family we are! Thank you, Ceci!

  13. Ooh it’s getting cold. And little piglet by the oven, did make me smile. Do hope that upset tummy clears up soon. Can he take cumin, I hear that’s good for diarrhea but not sure if he’s too small.

  14. Piglet could be suffering from the cold. Make sure you turn on the fireplace of the furnace tonight. Keep Boo and Piggy warm!!

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