As piglet neared the end of his third day he found himself totally alone. All his family had died one way or the other. A resilient wee fellow he decamped to the pile of my dirty farm clothes. They smelt right I guess.

Gathered over the course of the last few days these clothes had the scents of his mother, his brother, his birthplace, his milk, himself and me.

You can see my jacket, a couple of T shirts a few dry floor rags and my favorite work skirt. The green bag was made for me by my friend Kim and along with a wooly hat he was transported home in it, from the abattoir, so it carried many important scents.

So I used some of the clothing to make up his new bed. Lining a basket with thick warm fabrics. ( there are advantages to being behind on the laundry).

Something was missing so I added a small wooly mammoth from the toy box and Blue Bear. Can you see Piglet in there? Tucked right down between them.

Babies need to be kept extra warm especially a piglet who spent the first night of his life on cold concrete in an outside pen, surrounded in tall steel bars – so that skirt of mine ( that I have been wearing for about 15 years now yet retains its denim stiffness) comes up like a cover over the whole basket with just piglets head sticking out a tiny bit. So all the cuddly toys are toasty wArm.

The heater is right next to the whole comfy mess. The laundry room is small and has no exterior windows so us very warm.

He gets himself out to go to the toilet then goes back to bed and manages to climb back into the basket, crawl across my laundry and wriggle back down between blue bear and the woolly mammoth as though they have been saving him that very spot.

He loves the toys on either side of him. It’s how piglets all sleep together – lined up like sausages. Snug.

Though I have fed him a little hot goats milk at least every hour for his first 48 hours or whenever he calls out, ( with a little baby cereal added to the milk – thank you V) last night we went down to feeds every 2 hours. I set my alarm and slept hard between feeds. He very quickly learnt the sound of the phone alarm and was up and calling at the door as I started heating his milk. All good signs.

It is cool this morning and raining – cold hard rain. Cold hard tears.

The rain is great for our cover crops that are all up and growing. This ( below) was all sunflowers only a few months ago.

I am sure the ducks are thrilled to bits.

The ducks will be standing in the barn peering out through the slats in their gate, looking out at the dark rain, waiting for everyone to finish laying today’s eggs ” hurry up, hurry up, you are always such a slow layer! Where is miss c!! ” then as the dawn light rises, and I open up their gate, out they will stream into their favorite playground – a wet world.

Piglet is warm and dry though. He is not out of the woods yet but So far. So good.

I hope you have a good day.


You will see that in the screenshot of the weather ( below) – in the top left hand corner of the screen is the temperature of right now as I write. Another interesting piece of data we will gather.

47 Comments on “PIGLET IN HIS BED

  1. I think you’ve really hit on one of the most primal inputs for babies of all species, and that’s smell. Milk, mum, skin, home, bed, and then when he’s a bit older, the other familiar animals around the place. It’ll be such a comfort to him to be surrounded by cosiness and familiar smells. He sounds as if he has a real will to live. We’re all rooting for him, and you.

  2. That is so so sweet…what a dear little piglet he is and what a lucky piglet to have survived such a harsh start in life…..But when you look at him in the washing basket just lying there fast asleep…couldn’t you just want to kiss him? I am sure that he will make it..I can feel it in my bones…and he will be a strapping great pig just like the others…and thoroughly spoilt! I bet the ducks will love the rain ..plodding in the mud to get to the duck pond and splashing the water all over their feathers. Might not be good weather for farming but its darn good for ducks… Thank you Miss C for saving his life….are you up yo 12 eggs a day yet? lots o love BG

  3. What a darling sweet little fellow? I was so stunned by the cruelty of that horrible person that I couldn’t even find words to comment the other day when you told us what had happened! 😦
    But anyway…do you have to resist the urge to bring him to bed with you? 🙂

  4. Life is perilous for so many. Thank you for being the mom, sibling, caregiver piglet deserves.

  5. Snug as a pig sounds better than snug as a bug to me. I’m sure yesterday was a bit of a lost day for him. No mum pig and no brother… But today will be better, he has a Momma C! and by gosh – that is the best any animal could ask for!

  6. He’ll think you are his mum and no doubt can smell other pigs on the clothes. He does look quite snug in his basket, fingers crossed.

  7. Good little piggy, he is going to make it! He will soon be big enough to cuddle up with BooNanny. Laura

  8. Such a poignant post and photos. I tried to tell the story to my husband but was too choked up to finish. Much love to you and wee piglet.

  9. He is a little fighter this guy. His spirit is willing – grow little one grow. Hogs and snout kisses and lots and lots of piggy warmth XOXO – Bacon

    • I recall years ago while I was suffering through a bout of stomach flu I was flat out on the day bed with a small dog behind my knees and a small dog curled against my stomach and Roosevelt the pot belly stretched along my back. It was oddly comforting even though Rosie snored. Lucky you getting to cuddle with an adorable little pig every day! I love pigs.

  10. Some know what small things need – gift of an instinct. And an endless of number of them find a way to those who offer their only hope.
    I once heard some healers of old times couldn’t have families because of the demands and costs of their gift. You are one of the strong ones – and they find you.
    Take care. Warmth and hope sent to all

  11. I’m struck by how able this tiny guy is to get in and out of his bed go to his toilet then tuck himself back into his cozy nest. Amazing really. And now he follows you around? Amazing again!
    I just keep thinking of Emily Dickinson’s “if I can help one fainting robin unto its nest again, I shall not live in vain.”

  12. How many ounces is our tiniest of babies? Soooo little in his basket compared to the stuffy animals! I just want to put my nose next to his little snout and smell him!

  13. I’m so happy at least one has survived. You have such heart that this little guy wants to live just for you. He’ll give it all he has and then some. Yes, there is a good reason you are behind in the laundry. It will probably be awhile before you can wash your favorite work skirt. It will be worth it.

  14. Omg Celi what a great image that gives me. Such a sweet wee babe! Kudos to you and those brave AbbatoireMen for doing what GoodHumans do. I have all bits and pieces crossed for continued progress for Piglet.

  15. good news to read-such a wee little survivor….because of you he is here!

  16. Percival still sleeps with the stuffed warthog I gave him to cuddle with when he arrived!

  17. You must be exhausted, despite sleeping between feeds. At least piglets grow faster than us humans! Could you keep hot milk in a thermos so you don’t have to heat it each time, or is it such a small amount that heating it only takes moments?

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