ALEX and her daughter go to their new home on the 10th of this month.  December already! In fact December 2nd. I am away on my travels in 15 sleeps. FIFTEEN!cows-002

The days are crammed with things to achieve between now and Sunday the 17th.


I took these pictures of Alex and her baby for the grandmother who is buying them for her twelve-year-old granddaughter for Christmas. The little girl is a delight and is one of the only people who Wai will come and say hullo to. (He would not even come out of his house to show off to the vet the other day – I had to entice him out with food). She is going to call Rainbow – Abigail. Such a sweet name for a wee cow.


Here is one of Molly’s little ones. Now that their big mother is out of the picture they are showing her curious disposition.  Images are hard to get of them now that they have begun to mob me on sight.

This morning may be Lady Astors last milking morning. We will see. Her production was  low enough that I am milking every other day to try and bring her down to the level that I can dry her up. The weather being so warm that John is back working and he cannot milk and work with his hours. But I have to be very careful that she stays healthy.

Another lovely day for us.


WEATHER: Beautiful again. Small chance of rain.

Saturday 12/02 30% / 0 in
A shower or two possible this morning with partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. High 56F/13C. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.

Saturday Night 12/02 10% / 0 in
Clear skies. Low 32F/0C. Winds light and variable.

6:59 am 4:25 pm
Waxing Gibbous, 98% visible 4:08 pm 5:25 am



  1. Those are just wonderful photos of Alex and Rainbow. Such love between them. And they are going to someone who will love them too. Makes my heart happy. Hope the drying up process goes according to plan. The weather here is extra warm as well. So very odd. I’m very happy you are getting to go home for a visit.

  2. I am going to miss Alex and Rainbow, but very pleased they are going to a good home. Beautiful pictures of them together today. Good luck with Lady Astor. Laura

  3. What a wonderful Christmas present! I must tuck that idea away for future reference. And for future grandbabies 🙂

  4. Sending positive energies for the drying off of Lady Astor! Is the next step every three days? That’s what we do with the goats, and after a few days of every three days, they are dried off. Hope it goes like that for Lady! xo

  5. The pictures of Alex and soon to be Abigail are calendar worthy! Like the Madonna and child….an odd reference maybe, but it came to mind. The maternal bond is strong and beautiful for all mammals.

  6. How exciting – 15 days until you’re off!! I love the idea that Alex and her baby are to be a fabulous Christmas gift for a wonderful little girl!!

  7. Great pictures of Alex and Rainbow/Abigail. I’m glad you found a good owner for them. If she has that communication skill with animals, maybe the young lady will become a vet? So much potential ahead for all of them. I, too am heading off on a trip. Happy travels!

  8. Good that you were able to know the life Alex and Rainbow/Abigail are going to. If you’ve invested time, care and energy into the raising of an animal, it’s reassuring to know there will be more of the same in their future. They’re a beautiful pair, and I hope there’s a lot of love for them in the years ahead.

  9. Today’s photos were particularly lovely today. I love baby cows. I also got to go to an alpaca farm today which was awesome. Good animal day.
    x The Captain

  10. oh my the photos of mom and daughter are so touching- and going to a wonderful home-nothing better! 15 sleeps will fly by. Take care.

  11. What a wonderful present for a little girl! She’s lucky to live where she can keep them – beats a goldfish or a budgie in a cage

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