TIMA and Tane were so fascinated by the calf getting his little horns removed that they lined up like kids at a movie watching under the door.

We had a bit of a hiccup with this bobby. The horns came off fine then the vet got his bander and we checked his testicles again and unfortunately there is still only one dropped. So he could not be steered. If this other ball does not drop he will remain a bull and he will behave like a bull. This will not work on my little property.


I will check again in a month or so. But it looks likely that this bobby will be sold. I do not need to raise a big bull.  You can’t win ’em all. And his horns are dealt with so I won’t be financially penalised when he is sold.

Here is the flip side of baling twine. If any gets away it blows into the pens and fields and can be hazardous to the animals.


This little pig thought it was quite the lark to run about with it on his face, the others tugging and playing with it. (We got it off fairly easily).  Cows take such big bites that they will actually eat the string if you don’t get it out of the hay pile in time.  It gets caught up in mowers and machinery, wrapped around the feet of birds, quite the menace.  So every single strand has to be coiled up into a loose knot and stashed in the string bag.  I point this out to all the farm helpers but am still finding baling twine where it does not belong. (Including  birds nests).

My mother in law is recovering from her hip replacement at the rate of knots. She is already on a cane and steaming along.  Soon she hopes the surgeon with give her the ok to drive again. Once that happens she will no longer be housebound. And we will all breathe a sigh of relief.   I don’t mind driving her about and helping in her recovery but I think her sigh of relief will be the loudest. No-one likes to be housebound and dependent.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER:  Abundant sunshine.  Beautiful.

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20 Comments on “FLIP SIDE

  1. One of my kittens appeared to be a mono guy, but luckily the one ball was close by and easily removed, didn’t stop the vet from charging nearly double for his neutering 😦 that bailing twine game looked like lots of fun. Best wishes to The Matriarch. Laura

  2. Well wishes to you MIL – and yes, a big sigh to be independent again. I don’t any adult wants to become dependent on others. And I hope all is going well with the ‘other’ additions to the household.

    Tima and Tane crack me up…. Just like my Beagles if I close the door the bathroom before they make it in – I can see their noses under the door and oh the crying they do. Thus why I do love travel – I can ‘go’ alone! 😉 (TMI)

  3. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, we spent last month in Arizona, and yes, I could get used to it. I thought I’d have a lot of down time, but we were so busy! I only prepared one blog post down there! I’m glad that your MIL is recovering nicely, it was awesome to meet her when we were there in July.

  4. Tima and Tane look like a pair of fuzzy sausages lying there in the straw. Your post today reminds me of that rude WWII song about Hitler having only one ball “But Goebbels had no balls at all” On the whole, I think I prefer the more anonymous ‘Bobby’ for your, ahem, less than manly boy calves.

  5. I wonder what goes on in their minds when they watch. Maybe nothing, but it feels like they must process that somehow. Maybe they are just being watchful friends. Guarding him.

  6. So good to hear about your MIL’s progress! *sigh* about the undescended testicle and loose binder twine. Thanks for all the wonderful photos of the barnyard “kids”(of all ages; ) from today AND yesterday: )

  7. Tima and Tane crack me up, they are a real comedy duo 😀 I’m glad the MIL is getting better, major ops are always a worry.

  8. I learn new sayings when I read your blog..spat the dummy and now, at the rate of knots!, a sea reference, I’m sure. So happy that the Matriarch is progressing well and coming along. Tane and Tima just need popcorn to make it a real cinematic experience. That little pig with the bailing twine is so funny….I have a toy, see if you can catch me! I have to be careful in my house about sewing pins and yarn…not good for feet or four footed urchins. Have a good day C!

  9. What a funny sight of Tima and Tane at the movies. Happy news about The Matriarch. I can imagine that bits of string around a farm can really be a problem that everyone must take seriously. Good luck with that! Have a beautiful day!

  10. Haha, all of our loose bailing twine that gets lost ends up in the compost, only to be later found when we are amending our garden beds. The bunnies surprisingly leave it alone. Thank goodness or it could bind up their insides something awful.

  11. Hi! I see you got your sea legs on today – your dad’s influence is showing! Your description of your MIL sounds so much like Queen Elizabeth! Have a wonderful rest of the day, Ceci!

  12. The year before my Mom passed away was hard on her as she wasn’t allowed to drive. She hated that loss
    of independence. Your MIL is lucky tohave such a speedy recovery!

  13. Love the shot of Tima and Tane.
    You are right not to keep the rig. Whilst he could be the most placid nature, he would still be big and strong and hard on fences. Then, there is always that 2% chance he will have a ‘bull’ day, and a tonne of bad tempered beef is very scary when it is just you and him. That is why I sent 168 to the works.
    At least your bailing twine is orange, finding our light green stuff is hard work after a good blow. But it has so many uses after hay…

  14. They get people up really fast now for the hip surgeries. I’m glad she’s recovering so fast (at the rate of knots). May she continue to and get back to her life as she likes it!

  15. Curious swine, and swine with twine, Cows with half a bull is worse than no bull at all. Thanks Celi – love these pictures. And prayers for your Mother in laws speedy recovery…..

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