BALING Twine is my friend.  So it is. thirty-four-031

We all know who this is.


.. below is Del’s  bobby and Rainbow.

Today the vet comes to visit and will dehorn this big bobby.  He has been living with the pigs and follows me around during chore time trying to stick his head in all the buckets. So he will have a nice sleep for the rest of the afternoon.  (From the aneasthetic).  This weekend he will go to join the other beef cows across the way.  The kunekune will miss him. But I will be relieved.  He is getting too big to be living in the Corridor Paddock.


The caps key on this keyboard only works after a good bashing now – soon all my posts will be in lower case!


I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Still warm.  Really warm. Looking ahead: it will be warm for another week then plummet below freezing for a while. When the cold hits it will be with a bang i think.

Thursday 11/30 0% / 0 inPartly cloudy skies. High 52F/11C. Winds WNW at 10 to 20 mph.

Thursday Night 11/3010% / 0 inClear skies. Low 29F/1.6C. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.

6:57 am 4:25 pm
Waxing Gibbous, 86% visible2:48 pm 3:03 am


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  1. WE have Spring like days and tomorrow is December. Feels off- I don’t look forward to ice, Snow snd cold but I’m sure it’s coming here, too, as you said. Boom!

  2. Will your vet do a surgical disbudding on the Bobby? I have never seen that done. We use disbudding irons with a variety of results! Enjoy the warm while it’s here! And baling twine is every farmer’s best friend I think!

  3. Baling twine is like duct tape, quite indispensible. The bales I used to buy for my sheep had pink, lilac and aqua twine. I enjoy the thought of the farmers using such girly colours for their baling, instead of the more usual orange 🙂

  4. Very unusually warm here as well. As long as you still have the period and question marks, all will be well. I can see you bashing the keyboard. That twine looks like sturdy stuff. 😉 Have a terrific Thursday yourself. Best of luck with the de-horning.

  5. Another thing I am missing – calves, pigs and now bailing twine 😂 Laura. PS are those 3 piggies together from previous litter? If they are Mollys they grew very big, very quickly, wow!

  6. It’s below freezing here in northern Germany, I am in a beautiful old town called Lüneburg. My father kept his bull separate in the ban until his services were needed with all the village cows. As a young child I watched the spectacle many times.

  7. Piggy tooshies!!!! (or bums as some would say) So cute. Uh, it’s the last day of November? Really?? Where did the year go? Happy Thursday!!!!!!

  8. My Dad swore baling twine and wire was the fix-it-all for everything. I had a car with a rattling dash one time and Dad cinched it up with baling wire and it never rattled again. He even managed to tuck it out of sight. I carry baling twine and wire in the buggy for quick fix-it’s on all sorts of things. What would we do without it? Today’s images are beautiful!!

  9. We have 4 things that are used constantly on our tiny place. Baling twine, baling wire, zip ties and duct tape. I think zip ties are my favorite, but they are not ‘free’ with the purchase of hay.

  10. Every year I order about 25 bales of various hays, straws and legumes all bailed up for the bunnies and chickens and gardens. Every year I save the bailing twine and use it around the homestead. It’s become a precious commodity! This next year a lot of it is going to hold up some lattices we received for free, tying them to the fences for the beans to grow up. I tried using a sisal twine over this last year and it just snapped constantly! Sisal twine is good for holding up plants and getting composted at the end of the year, but bad for more permanent work. I also using my bailing twine to patch holes in the chicken fence (since it’s just deer netting!) and create water bottle holders for the bunnies… It holds up better than the wire holders they came with! It even marks my bed edges so the dogs don’t go into the garden beds… Hooray for bailing twine!

      • The twine is brightly colored and we have a method for training the dogs to stay out of specific places that has payed off well. We have trained them to never go into the street without a command, for example. One time my dog got off leash and a big, 120lb dog-shredding-aggressive Akita was across the street. She followed them down the road, but refused to put one paw into the street even though she wanted to. She was crying and barking but it was like an invisible fence and we managed to nab her in time. We use the same method for the garden beds and it generally keeps them from strolling right in and eating all of our beans off the vines. The twine just gives them a bright and obvious marker that means “OFF LIMITS”! 🙂

  11. I think we should start selling these items as a kit in a handy dandy tote box! Girlie colors would be fun! Save the manly colors for the guys…..

  12. That is one beautiful, super model calf! Inky right? I love that little cow lick..pun intended…on her forehead! I would keep her forever…just for her beauty! 🙂

  13. My Dad always said there is nothing that can’t be fixed with baling twine! My Dad and I watched “MacGyver” together every week. He called him “Baling Twine” My Dad developed dementia the last years of his life. One day I mentioned I had bought the box set of “MacGyver” not thinking he would remember who it was. He said “Baling twine!”
    Have a good weekend.

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