Just a few dog and piglet cuteness images this morning. You would think there are no other animals on the farm with all the attention these two are getting.

Today I package up my first egg orders and ship them out. I will document it for you.

All the packing will be done in Jake’s packhouse.

And this wild baby will be left to nap while we work. Piglet really is rather wild now that he has decided to live. He follows Boo and I all over the house overturning everything he can. I cannot sit at all without him pushing at me for more milk. He is hilarious. I am not sure I have the patience for an inside pig. But he needs to stay in for at least another month. I will show you my plan if I get time today.



36 Comments on “THAT’S ALL

  1. Oh Boo!!! You silly silly dog!!!!!!!!! Thank you for my smile this morning!!!!!!!! (Still cold wet mess here!)

  2. You must admit they are pretty cute! One so big and one so small….one so strong and one getting stronger…. AND…both of them are very special! But when the new ducklings arrive we shall all goo over tiny ducklings..babies of any sort are always a heart string puller..especially when one so nearly died…and survived through dedication and no sleep and also has a Boo Nanny…. I personally still have my favourites..well sort of..( but I love all the animals) like Wai and Sheila , but cats, hens, peacocks, and even the Bastard Mink all have their place in life’s pattern of things…but I can understand from a business point of view that a house pig is not a commercial asset….but That’s Life Miss C lots o love Bg

  3. You have the best dogs I’ve ever seen in the way they react to the other farm animals. I wonder if it’s the breed. What breed is Boo? I’m sure that Boo has contributed to that little piglet’s survival. It is heartwarming to see and amazing that the dog takes care of the piglet. And we love seeing the pictures of that piglet…He’s such a cutie…and even living in the country I don’t get to see pigs. I never realized how cute they are. I enjoy seeing pictures of Wai too….every picture shows off his personality, and makes me smile.

  4. Thanks for the piggy video- makes my day- I think piggy wants to be your indoor puppy!

  5. Oh celi, you have made my day with those beautiful pictures of boo and piglet…I have had a horrid walk with my little dog who got attacked but fortunately was unhurt!…all your pictures are wonderful, as are you. A very caring person who looks after everyone, and more..bless you sue x

    • Oh Sue! How awful. Was it another dog? This is why I keep Boo away from other dogs. I am afraid he would not be friendly. I am glad your wee dog was not hurt but it was a nasty experience for you both.

    • That’s awful about your little dog, Sue…I’m glad she/he is okay…I am a little scared to walk my dog for that reason.

  6. Oh I love it ~ I love it!!!!! My Boo Boy ~~ playing with Piggy Poo!!! Calendar picture ~~ absolutely!!! cover of Farm Journal!!!!

  7. Ahh, now I really do appreciate how and why Boo comes by the nickname of ‘Nanny’, he has taken the role to heart ♥️ and is just beautiful at it. I’m hoping your prediction of more warmish weather to come is on target. Summer was so pleasantly extended and now it’s tough to accept its end. Hope you have a great. ~ Mame 🙃

  8. Oh how corny! When Bill, the little terrier, came to live with me, others who had been content to live outside suddenly wanted to live inside. Two feral cats who hated me were sleeping on my bed, and wanted me to stay outside. What was worse was that Timmy, the orphaned baby deer would not stay outside. If I closed the door, he stared sadly in the window, and sometimes made sad sounds like a baby goat.

  9. Okay, so this really is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…and I’ve seen a lot of cute things! Thank you for putting this smile on my face today. Love Nanny Boo Boo!!!!

  10. Cute! I’m glad you have such a powerful, healing touch Miss C. You are a Farm Warrior! Luck has very little to do with it. Hard work and it shows.

  11. Those images of Boo and Piglet are so overwhelming sweet … more than enough for “That’s All”! Wishing you a gentle day.

  12. I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to let this go. I keep looking and looking again and again. There is no doubt in my mind that that sweet Boo was and is critical to piglet’s survival. Yet he is ruthless toward opossum! His instincts are exquisite!

  13. Sweetness… I think Boo is pretty good at knowing which are ‘wild’ and which are ‘people’ animals. Can’t see him playing that way with a bastard mink… He’s a great big soppy where the Farmy babies are concerned.

  14. Poo-bum Piglet and Boo the priceless nanny have given me hope for this world of ours . . . as I had to say on Instagram and my repost this morning: that first photo takes my premier prize in some eight years on being on social media . . . thank you . . .

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