The Farm has entered one of those longed- for pauses. There is rhythm. Nothing new on the horizon (too late for more ducklings – have to wait for spring). The plan for today day is ordinary: clean one corner of the shed, dole out pumpkins, prepare back pens for winter. Laundry, floors, feed Piglet more, less often. Order more feed, send out egg invoices, bake the bread, pay a few bills. Mow a little lawn, greet today’s guests, see a man about a pig. Usual stuff. The Matriarch’s dog is visiting and I have reached exactly my limit.

Though you never know when one of the Gods I Thanks will pull back her arm and hurl another flaming javelin with note attached into my midst.

So we will take the breather with gratitude.

I hope you have a lovely day too.

Love celi

WEATHER: Perfect Vitamin D Day.


42 Comments on “PAUSE

  1. Such lovely photos today… Those ducks look so still, as if carved from some beautiful timber, and Molly’s baby visiting the milk bar, but my favourite is Boo exchanging gossip with the chooks. Your brief patch of calm communicates itself in the images…

  2. Keep those pumpkin stems and make some cute fabric pumpkins using the stems in them. You can find cheap fabric somewhere. Old clothes or thrift shop.

    Then make the pumpkins on those really cold days or nights.

    and then sell them for xtra money or give them as gifts…..

    • Sadly I am not even remotely crafty. No one in their right mind would buy anything I crafted!! In the evenings after dishes and night chores and collating the photos for the blog -by then it is 10 or 11. – my down time is SLEEP!

  3. love the idea of a pause. The look between the dog and the chicken, while the other one is pecking away. There’s a story here….

    • I thought the rooster might be being rude…..’you sleep with pigs’ kind of thing, with Boo looking chastened.

      • Awesome! “How Rude” : it’s the look i gave my son the morning he slept over and his ‘rooster’ alarm sounded off!!

  4. With all my children off on their own wonderful adventures and the farm slowing down for winter, I also find myself slogging through chores- wordless. Pictures seem to be enough for now.

  5. Lovely golden light pin the animals, enjoy the pause, you have earned it😀 Laura

  6. Love the photos today. Contented Ducks.Dog With Chickens.
    Glad you have a planned easier day. Hope it all goes as planned.

  7. Boo and that chicken are having a staring contest I do believe. Enjoy the routine while it lasts.

  8. I love those moments when the world sort of gets into a grove that works. Even though it never lasts, when it’s sliding along it feels quite nice. I hope yours lasts for long enough that you decide a it of shake up would be interesting. 🙂

  9. Sure hope you knocked on wood immediately after thinking of calm? Boo looks like he’s resisting wanting to share that bowl of feed, lol. You said “a perfect vitamin D day” so I was expecting clear skies (but not the close to freezing temperatures, BRRR!!! ):

  10. Great photos. Those ducks do look like they are carved out of wood!

  11. a good day to recoup some much needed energy and calm relaxation!~ So happy that you are in this bowl of calm!

  12. You make me laugh. I can see the gods throwing another fireball at you to catch and balance and the visiting dog driving you to your limit. Your list is too long. Just way too long. No choice I know but way too long. Come on Christmas so you get a vacation.

  13. That lovely photo of the ducks reminds me of my favorite poem by Wendell Barry The Peace of Wild Things.

  14. Flaming javelin with note attached made me laugh out loud. Love the photo of Boo giving side eye to the chicken. This is probably a foolish question but…is there no possibility of the wee bum piglet being integrated with the older litter of pigs?

  15. I love the cow’s look…”Bring it on, I double dare ya, oh Hurler of Flaming Javelins!!” She, like the rest of the farmy, seem to be in a preparatory mode for the onset of winter. Rest and be safe, Miss C.!

  16. Congratulations on your pause, but your To-Do list reminds me of that old U.S. Army ad, “In the Army, we do more before 9AM than most people do all day.” That would be you–busy, busy. 🙂 I love the dubious look on Boo’s face looking at that chicken!

  17. We are beginning our wind-down, too. All of the tortoises except the biggest one have moved to the greenhouse. Big guy moves Friday. Then next month, we separate the males from females and remove the heat bulbs so they will go to sleep for their winter.

  18. Hey there, Cecilia. It’s nice chillin’. Right now, I’m sitting at my small white desk typing emails to you and my grandma. And it’s very chilly where I live. We have a heater in my room, but I can’t feel the warmth. I’m gonna order some electric blankets sooner or later. You up for Halloween yet??

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