Piglet is indefatigable and when he finally lays down to sleep at the end of the day Boo and I literally sigh with relief. He is worse than a toddler.

Though easy to entertain- just give him a cushion and he will push it around the floor for ages!

The big machines came and took out the dried soybeans. The dust was awful!

The four hogs broke down the fence I built and broke into the area where the pumpkin pile was dwindling.

I just left them to it.

And went to the back field to hang out with Sheila. All was quiet and civilized down her way.

More Airbnb guests on the way down from Chicago this afternoon to stay for the weekend. I love dressing the Coop for the guests. It is a very powerful thing to create a special space for a stranger to rest and recuperate.

I hope you have a lovely day.


20 Comments on “WHEN PIGLET SLEEPS

  1. Maybe he IS a toddler, in pig years… It’s very reassuring that he has so much energy. I love today’s photos, the sky is such an intense blue, but you can see it’s cool and crisp.

  2. Bar the dust, you must be pleased to being one step closer to seeding organic winter cover crop to set you off on your road to organic crops next year. Is Piglet still feeding through the night? Laura

  3. What a wonderful life Poo Piglet has..sleeping and playing..playing and sleeping….I bet he is glad that he came to live with you. Some pictures of calves and cows…that’s nice..and don’t they look happy too..probably because they are not near a certain piglet! Ah pumpkins on the menu tonight…eat up girls ..before we get caught ( and who says Piglet is naughty) And so the day end in peace and quiet…we can all sleep ..recharging the batteries for the next day of Poo! Lovely Poo Piglet….xxxx

  4. Those pigs live the life of Riley – but I’m sure they are the happiest pigs in the world. Little Piglet sounds like he’s doing very well now.

    • I agree. Watching her world & its many comings & going with a side-long “seen it all before”. Nothing to get excited about. Nice n’ easy does it. ZZzzzzz.

  5. That top picture is frame worthy art…and I was hoping for piglet pictures!

  6. I just got down my long sleeved t-shirts for the present cold spell, & there was my Boo Nanny & a tiny piglet “Lean on a Friend”! I tried to remember who that might been. One of T ‘s (can’t remember her name this minute – Taihiti?) babies who sadly were orphaned by her panicky birthing? One of the many times Boo stepped up to nurture kittens, lambs, piglets. Such a wonderful Daddy, Guardian Angel he is. A very special fellow.

  7. Loved the black and white contrast between the naughty dirty-faced piggies who broke down your fence and the colorful calm photo of Sheila! You sure are an excellent photographer-ess I, too, would love to see a pic of that ham Piglet pushing the cushion around – Purdy puhleeze?

  8. Yes please don’t tease us by talking about him. We need to see him too.
    Yes that first shot is just spectacularly beautiful.

  9. I had no idea you had such a large wind farm nearby! Cannot wait to see a video of Poo Piglet pushing around his pillow toy.

  10. I had no idea you had such a large wind farm nearby! Can’t wait to see a video of Poo Piglet playing with his pillow!

  11. Crazy Pigs!!! Having a pumpkin smash for a party!!! And the there’s Sheila!!! But most of all – there’s Piggy Poo!!! Just turn on the camera video and let it run – so we can all be entertained for a bit!!!! Stay warm!!!

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