One thing I have learnt about ducks is that they need water very close to their food. They take big gulps of food then turn and quickly wash their beaks in the water. They do make a mess. But their eggs sold so fast after listing them that I am seriously considering buying some more ducklings soon. Maybe very soon – I will see what is available. And work out the logistics of a blended flock by December. They grow pretty fast but I begin to travel again at Christmas time so everything needs to be easy care and hunkered down for winter by then.

Though it is feeling wintry and the wind is blowing from the North I still refuse to concede my late summer lifestyle. I am not lighting the fire, though Piglet has a heater, and am still picking salad greens daily.

I fully expect another warm up – though the cold rain hurling itself at the north windows tries to say otherwise. And a high of 48f is pretty crappy.

I have three groups of Airbnb guests this week. Things will be moving fast this week!

Piglet continues to improve. As well as entertaining my guests he has begun to spend long periods of time entertaining himself. Playing with Boo’s toys and following me about the house. He is talking much louder now and sleeping less. His bowels continue to slowly improve and he is drinking more.

Tonight he will be two weeks old.

I can feel these two weeks of interrupted sleep though. It is starting to catch up with me. My eyes keep drooping closed this morning as I write. One or two more nights and I will begin to lengthen the time between night feeds. Just as soon as he proves he is retaining his fluids.

However, all in all, I think he has finally taken a turn for the better.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Cold and blustery.


38 Comments on “LEARNING

  1. Is it too soon to name him? I’ve been meaning to ask but keep forgetting: is he any particular breed? He’s so pretty with his black and white colouring.

  2. Is that a treadle sewing machine in the background of the picture? My grandmother had one. I was fascinated by the way it worked when I was a wee thing.

  3. Thats fantastic news! About Poo Piglet..not the weather! As you say weather is crap..but Poo is not so much!!! Try to get some sleep

  4. Our summer temperatures and sunshine have reappeared after a nasty weekend, thanks the gods. More good news about Piglet getting stronger. I really hope you can delay that winter as long as you can, although I do love the snowy landscapes. Laura

  5. Awww ~ little Piggy Poo!! He says “I’m not growing up ~ I like it just like this ~ being loved all the time by Boo and the Guests”!!! And I’m NOT ready for this lousy COLD weather ~ 32 degrees tonite ~ grrrrr!!! You need some rest Celi!!! crawl in with little Piggy Poo!!!

  6. Yes, we are expecting another warmup too, and the report says upper 60s and lower 70s in the next couple of weeks, and in the 40s at night. That makes me happy! 🙂 We, too, are getting lots of veggies from our fall garden. We will put some of them under row covers and then plant the rest of the raised beds in a cover crop of winter rye. I was wondering if all cows are at the home farm now? I know that some went on to new homes this summer. Exciting to hear about the duck egg market! Oh, and about sleep, perhaps a power nap a day for awhile? No need putting the body into stress mode from lack of sleep. Everything I read these days says how crucial it is for the health of the body. xoxo

    • Do the guests have heat? I have had to put mine on here in Asheville, but then I am a big ninny about being cold. Such good news about duck eggs & Piglet. And I agree about power naps. They could keep you well.

      • That is what I was wondering. Although I do not have heat, I have already checked in with all the homeless in town to be sure than no one is too cold out in the weather. I can not believe it is getting that cool at night already. It is nothing to worry about yet, except that we have a few who are in poor health.

  7. Hi Cecilia. Hope you are well You are a savant in animal survival! All this effort of yours has, paid off and you will never regret it.. seeing you work around the clock last week was amazing to me,.. I’ll never forget it.. You have given me a lot of encouragement! Desperate times call for desperate measures which you have taken for sure. You have to do what you have to do right? There’s a verse that goes like this if you wait for perfect conditions you never get anything done. Ecclesiastes 11:4. You demonstrate this on your farm.great news about your eggs. That is wonderful.
    Have a good day

  8. More ducks! Great! Cold – Wet – WINDY – in TEXAS? Yuck. I’m wearing socks. I hate socks. Happy Monday!

  9. I was kind of thinking/hoping maybe you would name him after the man who saved him.

    • Isn’t that interesting – I have been thinking the same thing, but not wanting to say anything “yet” until we were more sure of his prospects. What a good way of recognizing a kind and compassionate man, But perhaps “Piglet” is already learning to answer to that, although if anyone could retrain him it would be Celia!
      Chris S in Canada

    • Isn’t that interesting – I have been thinking the same thing, but didn’t want to say anything “yet” until we had a better idea of his prospects. I think that would be a good way to honour a kind and compassionate man. However if Piglet is already answering to “Piglet”, it might take a little re-training. (Of course he’s living in the right place for that. Haha)
      Chris S in Canada

  10. I am happy to read that piglet is doing better than before, you have put so much effort into his little life. I wish I had your optimism for the weather but sadly it feels like winter is creeping in and before you know it, it will have shoved fall right out the window. Bye bye.

  11. Oh, so happy to hear about ‘our’ piglet! And the duck eggs – wonderful! And more new ducklings! Seems like you just got the first batch yesterday – of course, that’s in e-mail time….. BE WELL, all of you!.

  12. Something an air bnb guest never thinks will be part of their stay……to sit cuddling a wee piglet while it sleeps.

  13. Oh my goodness – just saw the instagram pic of Boo Nanny and Piglet. Absolutely lovely and charming and sweet. Let’s hope that Piglet doesn’t think he’s a dog – he’s imprinting early!
    Chris S in Canada

  14. On the ducks needing water nearby… I recall (with perfect clarity ): the horrible choking sound ours made when shovelling down their dry feed… :/

  15. Two weeks old sounds so very little time, but two weeks ago getting to this point was almost unthinkable. What an amazing achievement for you and for him.

  16. New reader here, but I loved the post. You piglet is adorable and I didn’t know that ducks need water nearby while feeding. Someday I hope to move out of the city to start a hobby farm and I like the idea of having ducks around.

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