Weird. Very cold and most unsettling to have snow this early. Though I have heard tell of it snowing on a Halloween before. I had not even shaken the spiders out of my winter work coat yet.

Needless to say I did not get the lawns mowen yesterday.

For those of you who very sensibly don’t have Instagram – here is Boo and Poo-Bum Piglet yesterday while it was snowing outside.

The cows were less than thrilled.

Though the ducks were happiness filled. The snow melted fast on the warm ground. A perfect duck day.

Today will be sunny I think. Let’s check the weather forecast.

I wish I could close my eyes for just another tiny sleep.

But today’s list is long.



52 Comments on “SNOW IN OCTOBER

  1. We are expecting big rain today, and I think there are chances of snow in the panhandle area of our state. That’s very unheard of for us. I don’t think farm folks are ever ready for the snow. There is always so much to do to winterize things. Perhaps this weekend you’ll manage that mowing!

  2. Perhaps it’s something linked to the hurricane and will pass. We are having a heatwave here – 24ºC. Back to 15º on Monday…

  3. There is very strange things happening weatherwise around the world, and not good things either, but snow in October is most unreasonable as well as unseasonable …At least the grass will not grow whilst its snowing. ! I do so love the picture of Boo and Poo..all nicely tucked in away from the cold, keeping those baby trotters nice and warm Your guests this weekend will need their warm winter knickers….and it might be time for the clown suit

    love BG

  4. Whoa! Snow already! Yikes! We’ve had a bit of a cold snap here, but will get higher temps in the 60s and 70s in the next couple of weeks, thank goodness! Looks like the ducks can wander about whenever they please during the day, right? Any trouble getting them back in at night? We got 10 Muscovies this summer and they have to be herded back into their enclosure each night. And they are huge compared to the khaki campbells and cayuga ducks we had before. I mean huge! And besides that, they fly……like onto the porch and roof and such. My John likes them, but I think I prefer our previous ones. They haven’t started laying yet, so I may change my mind when that happens. Also, the ones we had last year, that were taken by predators, were really good mothers, so we may be able to raise and sell some ducklings next year, fingers crossed.

    • Huh. Yes. These ones are all over the place all day- in the evening they go to their bedroom in the barn. ( I put night food there for them ) – when it is dark I very very quietly close their gate and they lay their eggs early mornings and then leave the barn by creeping under the gate. Short answer is yes. If I leave it until dusk – they put themselves to bed every night.

  5. It is way too early for snow. Especially since we had such a warm autumn until just a few days ago. I hope this isn’t an omen for a bad winter.

  6. People ask why we want to move back to the UK. There are many reasons but a big one is winter can be 6 months long! We’ve had snow in September all the way through the end of May. No thank you! Though it does make for pretty pics.

  7. I don’t like this snow when I still have a garden growing!!! We had heavy snow for a couple of hours, but of course it all melted when it hit the ground!
    Awww – Nanny Boo and Piggy Poo soooo cute together!!

  8. They are saying snow is possible this weekend but its still to warm yet during the day, but it could snow at night, its dipping down very cold indeed at the moment. A tiny nap should be fit in.. take care.

  9. Yes, snow here too in South Africa – in summer!! BUT only in Cape and Natal (both coastal) provinces. Inland we are having wild thunder and hail storms and rain 😀 that video of Poo Bum Piglet and Boo is so sweet. Laura

  10. Snowing here too in South Africa but only in Cape and Natal provinces – both coastal. Inland we are having huge thunder and hail storms and rain 😁 that video of Boo and Poo Bum Piglet is just so sweet. Laura

  11. Awww, Nanny Boo and Piglet doing a little mutual appreciation.
    We’ve had rain at last! Several hours of crashing and banging and white flashes lighting up the sky, just what we needed on one of our early-to-bed day shifts, but so welcome. A little more in the pipeline, but at least no tornadoes like they had further south in Queenslan. Supercell storms that flattened entire communities who had no warning and no experience of it… Tell me global warming and climate change doesn’t exist, or try telling Florida…

      • There was a woman stuck in her car with her baby and grandmother when the supercell came over. The wind was blowing horizontally, with golfball sized hailstones. It broke the windows in her car, and she sheltered them with her body. She was covered in enormous bruises, and I think she was lucky it only lasted 20 minutes. What disgusts me most is that when it was over and she was flagging down passing cars for help, they were driving past and taking photos. It was on Facebook before she reached hospital…

  12. It’s getting cooler here, too, but another warm-up to the 80’s is expected this coming week. I’m still getting in the outdoor pool for exercise and to clean it. Still going for walks wearing my shorts a T-shirt. Hope we have a long, wet winter – we need the water AND clean air! Your photos were beautiful, except for the ‘mad’ cows 🙂 They were sure giving you the ‘stink eye’! Have a wonderfully wild day, Ms C.!

  13. Snow?? Good lord! We just had to evacuate where we were staying in the Panhandle! Good thing as where we were..Tyndall AFB took a direct hit! 😳
    That video is the sweetest thing ever! I have it on re-run! 🙂

  14. We had a skiff of snow this morning AND this time last year too. A little early even for us…..but it came anyway. I don’t even have the garden space cleaned out yet!!!! Horrors! (At least this year I am not on crutches….YAY!) 🙂

  15. Maybe everything is a little off kilter! We had rain! Real rain, lightening and thunder…poor old parched Los Angeles finally got a little something. But it was shockingly out of nowhere. It didn’t require much of us, other than a 60 pound dog sitting on my lap quivering! 🙂

  16. Oh, that is so weird. Did you just recently post pictures of show in distant mountains?
    It does not snow here. On very rare occasion, we get a weird slush that some might say is snow. That weird slush happened to fall on Halloween where I lived in San Luis Obispo at the time, which might have been about 1988 or so. What is weirder is that it was 101 degrees on Halloween the previous year.

  17. Yesterday we didn’t get out of the 30’s F and the growing season effectively was ended over night with a killing frost. A tad warmer today but not much and last Wed. it was 86*! Go figure, there may be some snow late tomorrow night but they’re not expecting more than 1/2 an inch. The only good thing is it’s significantly reduced the wasps and the box elder bugs, we were just over run.

  18. I swear Boo is trying to keep that piglet alive with his love. Weather is a bit upside down here too. We are having a heat wave as I had all the plants ready to go into the greenhouse. I’m sure you’ll get warm again as the weather hasn’t made up it’s mind yet. I hope you find some time to sleep.

  19. The forecast here says we will be getting our first frost Monday night (which means early Tuesday morning). Snow is also in the forecast. IN OCTOBER!!! I have never seen it snow here in October…

  20. Beautiful photos. Quite the wonderland effect with the snow layered over what otherwise looks like early fall. Boo’s patience knows no limits.
    “Here, let me sit motionlessly while you suck on my ear.” Bless him.

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