I am now legal to sell eggs to the restaurants in Chicago and yesterday the chickens laid almost three dozen eggs and the ducks laid sixteen eggs. They are taking a long time to get big though. The eggs I mean, not the ducks. I get eggs of all sizes from the Khaki Campbell ducks but not too many big ones yet. They are still young.

The chickens were so excited at having Inspector Egg here that they all crowded into the hen house forgetting their strict instructions to behave like happy go lucky free range chooks OUTSIDE!

He loved the living and laying arrangements for both the ducks and the chickens and my cleaning and refrigeration plans. After noting that I owned scales and an egg candling light then running me, at speed, through all the legalities of selling and labeling, he gave me my license straight away.

Get those eggs moving, he said.

Nice and efficient was Inspector Egg. (And a little egg shaped- he blamed it on being the only poultry inspector for ten counties- from the Mississippi River up to the Indiana border, he said. He is overworked and spends way too much time in his car, he said. Getting egg shaped).

He was fast and efficient though.

Just like my new egg candler. (Which could double as a rather unusual night light for the kitchen!). And my house is now very clean with a very clean fridge ( he needed to see where the eggs would be stored) that is filling up with very clean eggs.

Piglet slept quietly in his room while Inspector Egg was here. Little Poo-Bum Piglet is doing just a little bit better every day. Though I am still watchful.

Today I hope to at last get the front lawns mown – before it rains I hope. I have more Airbnb guests coming tomorrow. And two more groups next week.

I hope you have a great day.

Love celi

WEATHER: quite cool today


39 Comments on “LEGAL

  1. What a relief to have the inspection behind you! Congratulations! Do you already have restaurants to whom you will sell those eggs? I am pulling so hard for that little piglet. He is the cutest guy ever!!! Keep warm out there in my native land…

    • I have a middle man so I never know quite who will buy them until I get the details for the invoice. But he is short a hundred dozen a week presently so I think we will do alright

  2. Eggzactly what we were all hoping to hear 🙂 Congratulations! I think Mr Eggspector knew a good thing when he saw it, and I’m so glad other people will be able to benefit from the happy poultry at the Farmy.
    And that is *such* a sweet pic of Piglet. May he continue to improve and thrive.

  3. Wow, an efficient inspector. Who knew 🙂 Up here, with an egg marketing board to watch over us, I can have a maximum of 99 birds and can sell as many eggs as I want provided I don’t sell off the property. So people have to come to me if they want them. We’re not in the egg selling business but our bakery customers know we sell our surplus. Oh, we can’t use our eggs in the bakery (health board), which is fine since we get more for them selling them directly. I tell my baffled customers that I can poison them directly with the eggs but not indirectly in our baked goods 🙂
    Regarding Piglet, have you considered making up some leaven to repopulate his gut with bacteria? Being a sourdough kind of guys it the first thing I think of. Half and half flour and water and let it sit on the counter for a few days till it starts bubbling.

  4. Congratulations! Never a doubt was had about passing inspection. Good luck with your new venture.

  5. Just as expected! Full marks!..Congratulations Didnt l say he would be egg shaped..did he wear glasses and have a brief case My goodness 36 chookie eggs…that is overtime…Maybe they were shy of Egg Man so ran for protection Ducks doing very nicely… Do you give eggs to the guests for their breakfast..they ( the eggs) must taste fab. We had boiled eggs but l am sorry to say l think they were battery hens…there is no way to tell..unlike uk where its written on box. But they tasted nice. Sweet little Poo Piglet is such a cutie…all lovely and cuddly…that is one pig that will never see an abbatoir…Lucky he is… Sunny here today si been out in garden clearing up leaves and things Lots of love BG

  6. Little Poo Bum is wonderfully adorable in this photo. I am keeping good thoughts, but I know how things can change quickly. And mazel tov on the eggspection! Very good news. You are official now 😍

  7. Well that is Eggscelent news! I knew you would pass with flying chickens! Give Boo an good pat from me. I know his Nanny skills are in full mode now. So So happy for you!

  8. I like the monikers you give to Inspector Egg and Little Poo Bum. Sound like the title of a weird children’s book. The illustrations would be amusing.

  9. I never doubted that the eggspector wouldn’t find a reason to eggsclude you. Congratulations 🤗 Laura

  10. Goodness! One Egg Inspector for such a huge area! That feels downright ludicrous, doesn’t it? Poor Man.
    Not to mention poor us. How many places don’t get proper follow ups, etc?
    It’s worrisome.
    Maybe I’m in a worry mood though. It feels like you got inspected within a month of when you first mentioned it? Or did you have to wait a lot longer?

  11. Good news and congratulations! I love your egg candler. Very pretty.
    And I think this is the first full face view of piglet with his eyes wide open. Precious!

  12. Congrats on your new license! I covet that egg candler. We need a new one, but we need a style that is more like a small flashlight so we don’t have to disturb the eggs to candle. Tortoise eggs are so, so delicate!

  13. Whoopeee! And thanks to your whirlwind helpers, too! Don’t get ‘bummed’ out, little Piglet Poo Bum- your nickname is because we adore you!!

  14. Congrats on the egg license. I’m sure Inspector Egg knew you were a class act. I love this photo of Piglet, such a sweet face. Now to get the duck to up the size of their eggs. Stay warm.

  15. Oh poor guy: ‘Poo Bum Piglet’ has found his name 🙂 ! Glad you got the licence – another door open . . .

  16. Brrr, it’s getting cold there. We haven’t had proper frost yet although the basil is finished. Have a lovely weekend and I’ll be checking in on Piglet on Monday.

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