Or four and a half inches of rain depending on your preference. My titles seldom make any sense. I write almost every day and never get around to putting thought into my titles. 

There are still clouds and the odd stray shower hanging about but I think we might begin to dry up a bit today. I hope so. We need to mow and garden today. I will start the day grubbing the thistles you saw in yesterdays pictures.


The wetness brings its own challenges but the pigs are happy about it.


And the pig pastures are growing madly.



“Tima!! Ask your Mum to let you come out to play! We’re playing hide and seek. Come out the mud is FINE!”.


Ears is already hiding.  At least she THINKS she is hidden as she cannot see out.


Speaking of nails there are a lot of nails and screws being driven into the corrugated iron I am having my builders cover the porch walls with.  This job has been a long time coming. At last it is almost finished. I love it. I have a real affinity for corrugated iron. And these walls were like colanders in the wind so the cladding will help.


Only a few more sheets of metal to put up today and all three porches are finished. Just a little painting to go.

By late yesterday morning we had four and a half inches of rain. I think that is enough. We got off lightly. Many areas had a lot, lot more.

We have guests coming today. So, home-made pizza’s for dinner. And some sitting in/on the porches.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Love celi


Friday 06/22 60% / 0.1 in
Scattered showers and thunderstorms. High 68F. Winds NNE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

Friday Night 06/22 40% / 0.02 in
Scattered thunderstorms early, then cloudy skies after midnight. Low 61F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.


33 Comments on “FouR INCH NaiLS

  1. That black and white plonker is such a cute pig. I’m sure they are having a fantastic time on the farmy. Do they talk to Poppy’s babies?

  2. Those chooks look like they are enjoying first dibs on the pigs pastures too.😆

  3. You’re sprucing up the porches? Happy pigs make me smile.

  4. All the Piggies ought to love rolling,in the ponds of Mud!!! We had 7 inches yesterday!!! Rivers and lakes around here!!! Have a dry day!!!

  5. Highs & lows in the 60s, very pleasant June weather for working in the garden & visitors porch sitting in sweaters. The gods of summer are blowing you kisses.

  6. We’ve had a day or two of rain too, despite the fact that it’s winter, and the Dry… and the cane farmers are grumbling. It’s the cutting season, and all the big harvesters are getting bogged in the soggy canefields. A bit won’t hurt, but too much rain and they’ll have to stand over till next year, a disaster. Anyone out there need more rain? I’ll send ours your way.

  7. Love the idea of corrugated iron. Lots of rain but at least it is a WARM rain!

  8. I can remember asking you before about your titles…and you replied that it was whatever came into your head ..which seems very reasonable. Everything is looking very lush and green and the piglets have a lovely wallow. Going on holiday to Uk on 28th so I may not be able to make comments..but I have not deserted you…I shall return

    Have a great day

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how your gardens and pastures are transformed from winter to summer 🌿 And, I also love corrugated iron, such a honest material and timeless look ♡

    • Yes! I love it. I am determined to slowly clad the whole house in corrugated iron- I hate the old plastic vinyl that is on it now. It is so ugly and hard to keep clean.

  10. The critters look quite content. I wish we had even an inch of nails around here.

  11. This post is so full of summer and slow easy moments and the textures of your life. I love it. I love corrugated metal too. I also love the way animals hide, in full sight, feeling hidden because they can’t see anyone else. So funny. I love the stodgy little pig in the mud puddle, chicken nearby. The low clouds in the huge high sky. What a life. I’m sure it has its nail biting moments, but from here it looks so beautiful. Ah, yes, one more thing…you used my favorite words: sitting in/on the porches. For me this is a Proustian phrase that opens up chapters and entire novels of memory. I’m a southern girl. Porches are important.

  12. Beautiful, beautiful porches! Is that a Magnolia in the foreground of that photo? Lovely chickens!: ) and The Uglies really aren’t so ugly anymore; )

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