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“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life”. Lord Byron

Weather coming in

My beautiful field almost ready to be baled and now there is weather coming in early this afternoon. So I am going to try and get it baled and into the barn before the storms roll in. There are three fields like this.  I cannot… Continue Reading “Weather coming in”

Full of Bliss Quiet

      Yesterday I took two loads of cattle across to the other side. (Five in all) Tucked in with the two black cousins was the little black bobby. The grass has been allowed to grow over there and should keep them busy… Continue Reading “Full of Bliss Quiet”

Wai’s eyes

While we forked hay up into my hay wagon and dragged the trailer up to the corridor paddock to make the hay into a haystack…   A very rough looking beginning to the haystack but it will do.  The grass had been down too… Continue Reading “Wai’s eyes”

Sunday from Monday

And today being Monday  we look back on Sunday which was a gloriously sunny gardening day until the clouds rolled in and it rained buckets again.  So far this summer we have had torrential downpours every week.  Sometimes two or three a week.  … Continue Reading “Sunday from Monday”

Knots Up

We did fencing yesterday. The middle sized pigs are pushing their fence  outwards as they race up and down chasing cars in a mad kiind of gaggle. My UPS man – who visits almost every farm and house in the area  -said he has never seen… Continue Reading “Knots Up”

19,044 Foot Steps

Good morning. I thought I would try a quote to start the day. I like quotes. In a gentle way, you can shake the world. Mahatma Gandhi  This woman walked the gentle footsteps yesterday. Alone. And down empty country roads.But that was OK. John… Continue Reading “19,044 Foot Steps”


Difficult is the essence of stoic here – waiting for yesterdays rain to pass.  This chook was also pretty stoic,  waiting patiently  in the pouring rain for the cow to move away from the boot of the car so she could take shelter. But Lady… Continue Reading “Stoic”

Bye Bye Tahlia

Tahlia (Aunty Del’s two month old heifer calf) has been sold and was picked up yesterday by her new owners.  She looked very small in the big trailer but is going to a good home. They will keep her name and their farm is… Continue Reading “Bye Bye Tahlia”

Up to the Yards

Once again the cows have been brought back up to the yards though the concrete yards are not much drier at least the cows cannot pog holes in them with their cloven hooves. We had two inches of rain in an hour at milking time… Continue Reading “Up to the Yards”