When I can think of a header that is not ‘more rain’. I will let you know. Another deluge yesterday evening.

But we did get another small pig pasture sown before the rain. As the pigs move we clear the rooted up plots and sow whatever I have collected. And the results are marvelous. Nothing is left bare! This time we put in some wheat seeds that were spilt at The Mill the other day and oats and a huge bag of sweet corn I found loitering on the floor of the Green Room. It is definitely late for sweetcorn but you never know and as a pig feed in the field it will be just fine.

Everything is growing so fast!

Today, after chores, I am going shopping. I need to get some girl-stuff and I have not been anywhere in ages. And until I get Del onto once a day milking, going to Town will have to do.

But once Del is on OAD I am going up to Chicago – I miss the city!

Next month I will start the process to renew my Green Card. I will take you through that journey with me. So far I see that it will cost over $500 – there is the application, then biometrics, and the criminal check and an interview and I cannot apply until I am six months away from expiry which is 03.18.20 so I want everything ready to go by 09.18.19.

Last time this all took almost 18 months. Hopefully a renewal is faster. But there have been many changes to the immigration law, the deluge in applications and few additional staff so they have a massive backlog.

We will see – and you will see too as we go through it. There is a lot of waiting.

It is a soppy muggy morning so far.

A good day for a break away from the farm.



29 Comments on “I’LL LET YOU KNOW

  1. I hope you enjoy your day as much as I’m enjoying those photos of the clouds and horizon, because I’m enjoying them a lot.

  2. Glad the fields are getting sown, I love your plan-so logical and productive. And I hope you get sweet corn. Yes! I agree, pics are amazing. Have fun in town. What will you do if you stop milking and don’t raise the piglets to sell?

  3. What magnificent cloudscapes & big skies, you have there on the prairie. Thank you for taking your beautiful photos of them for us. I’m glad you were able to plant in between showers. Today looks like a good drying day coming up. We had a huge boom-bang storm here Wed. night with thick curtains of rain, and more for today & the next 7. At least it lowered our temps & held off yesterday for parades & fireworks. All of us animal people worry for the poor creatures who bolt from fear. The animal shelters reminded everyone to keep pets inside & call them if their’s ran away, as a lot will be turned in. It happens every year, sadly. Those are the lucky ones. So I’m on the fence about fireworks, & against firecrackers & cherry bombs that seem louder every year.

  4. Those skies are beautiful. Ugh. Immigration stuff. I deal with this a bit too. Except I forgot to renew my card for, um, about 15 years. They are so kind in Italy. They let it slide. And they just looked at me with exhaustion and said, “But signora, don’t you think it’s time you became a citizen?” Yes, they’re right. I should. Then they added, “You should start now. It takes about six years.” !!!!! So, lots of love and encouragement. Can’t wait to follow your journey. Sister Expatriots Unite!

  5. the skies are pretty, you’re making the most of what you can do in this never-stopping rain situation , and you will soon go to town – only good from here on out. fingers crossed and sounds like you have a handle on the immigration situation, it’s horrible that they make the process so awful –

  6. Throw away one liner – You know you have had enough rain when you see ducks swimming in your driveway 🙂 What interesting cloud formations and wishing you luck with your Green Card renewals. Our current Home Affairs Dept is only running behind by 18 – 24mnths on passport and identification documents which we are all obliged to carry at all times. Drivers Licences about 6 mnths behind. Heres to bureaucracy! Laura

  7. How fabulous to have the wonderful seeds to sow in the pasture!!! Is it possible to get dual citizenship?

    • I don’t want to be an American citizen. I am only here because John and the farm are here. Not because I was desperate to live in America. I don’t mean to be hurtful but I am proud to be a New Zealander and will one day return there.

      • Gosh, I totally understand! New Zealand is fabulous! Both the land and the people. I only know that some countries allow dual citizenship that makes it easy to travel back and forth to either country without all the immigration costs and horrors.

  8. Because I live in the desert where there is no green or rain it is a joy to see such in your blog

  9. The skies are always so big in the plains. You just don’t get that in the hilly places I live. Trees and hills and buildings, with sky just peeking in mostly directly above. It reminded me of the sea when I lived in Illinois. Big sky, wind blowing grasses in waves. It’s just it’s own kind of gorgeous.

    I hope the green card process goes smoothly.

  10. A friend has just immigrated to the US from Aus to marry her (now) husband. To see the paperwork and process was an eye opener! I think it was a year in the process before she and her 2 kids could even board the plane … and the cost!!! 😱 They have a stack of paperwork still to go thru now she is there and they are married.
    Needless to say, I don’t envy you! 💖

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