Don’t read too much into my headings. They are often ( usually) cryptic and probably ( always) without thought. Yesterday’s ‘throw in the towel’ heading was part of my discussion about the endless RAIN!

Have you ever known me to give up? I am like a weed though. If I see a gap or opportunity I am just as likely to change tack and grow through it. And sometimes this means change.


Look at this fella.

In this heat Tane has finally found the pond. For the last few days this is where he has spent his days. Such a dear wee pig. And so much healthier – he is even putting on weight.

This is the gateway I have to negotiate to get to the Six. Walking through this is an adventure. I sink down in my boots, squelching and sliding. This area has not been dry since the snows melted.

If you were to click on this image and look closely you would see some big hogs. Covered in mud. Looking like the earth itself.

Today the Mill is silent. Anna goes back up to the city for a few days and I am going to catch up on housework and barn work. Also I will go for a walk and make a list of all that needs doing on the blackboards.

I hope all of you Americans have a lovely Fourth of July. I see that congress has decided we can send donations to the refugees housed in camps along the border. Does anyone have an address? We need to find an address.

They should let us adopt families. I know there are thousands of people in terrible stress and wretched conditions but there are thousands of us too who want to help however we can.

Ok! To work!


47 Comments on “REMEMBER

  1. I wrote about a woman much like you in today’s Independence Day post. Her image — actually a collage, and not a photo of a real woman — is at the top of the post. Its title is, “She Made Her Own Groceries.” The actually collage hangs in my kitchen, and now and then, when I look at it, I think of you. Carry on!

  2. you are the last person I would ever think would give up, you always find your way through the mud )

  3. I had a mucky spot like that (although smaller than yours) I added river rock (from the farm store). I would put some on and then step on it, over and over for a few days until it no longer does that.

    My goose has a real pond but won’t go in it even in this heat. I sometimes dip my chickens in water to cool them off because they are not smart enough to stay in the cool area.

  4. Tane always makes me laugh RIGHT OUT LOUD despite whatever public place I might be in – and today’s shots take the biscuit! That face! And such a grin he seems to carry and a twinkle in his eye. A little monster like you’d find in a Disney movie – lives right there in your backyard – AND he knows he is loved and cared for and has buddies all around. Hang onto that puddle Tane! More hot weather is on the way. Phew!

  5. Would roll-out walkway work in that muddy area? Made from pallet strips spaced 1 inch apart and screwed to old fire hose or strapping. It would spread the load so your boots don’t sink, and you could roll it back up when you’re done to prevent damage by boisterous piggies. I believe you can get old fire hose when the fire department retires sections that will no longer hold water to the required pressure, and it’s strong and waterproof, so good for this purpose.

  6. Poor Ducks, first Wai and now Tane! Tima probably have chased both of them out too. But great to see Tane is taking some happiness out of life again.

    Happy 4 July to USA fellowship

    That mud, yuck. Laura

  7. The ducks have their own landing pad in the middle of the pond named Tane. Oh, that would be the best picture ever, a few ducks sitting quietly on his back grooming their feathers and speaking softly to a hairy, hot pig 😉

  8. Yes, please, please, please, if someone has an address for donations, share for us all. Hearing anything about the stuff going on down at the border makes me feel so helpless and impotent. At least being able to send donations would be something I could do. Celi, if someone shares can you make sure to share it in the body of one of your posts so that it doesn’t get lost down here in the comments section? Thank you!

  9. You did say no more piggies? Are you still hoping to have the farmy self sufficient? Such a hard job. I’m glad you have a home day. And……praying the ground dries up for you : )

    • We are pretty self sufficient. The egg sales pay for the corn feed. I only eat proteins I grow myself and have lots of greens. I even Mill flour now. lemons or olive oil or avocados or coffee or tea or salt and pepper – beer and wine and gin? All these I must buy. But I have the staples covered/ easily. And have done for years really. So buying in a few plonkers will not change that

  10. What a wonderful thought. I would love to donate too! These people really need our help. Happy 4th

  11. What are the flies and mosquito’s like this year? I would assume horrible. So the largest detention center I know of is in McAllen Texas. You can’t donate to border patrol directly but there are agencies in McAllen and in the US that help. I found this article:

    I send money to the Salvation Army in McAllen every so often as they have shelters to help released persons.

    • You know. Very weirdly there are less mosquitoes then usual. Certainly there are lots of flies but not in the hordes we have had before / I think the prolonged springtime coolness has affected their numbers?

  12. And that big fat stupid idiot in the White House is spending god knows how many millions of dollars to go up in smoke today instead of using that money to help the displaced families living in squalor at the border. This is one 4th of July that I will not be celebrating…I am so ashamed to even be an American right now! Ugh!
    Love Tane…how lucky he is to be oblivious to what’s going on in the world right now! Sorry…rant over! And you’re right…there are thousands of us that want to help and CARE!

  13. PS. That red, white and blue bouquet was made when President Obama was in office…when we could actually be proud of this country!

  14. I agree 100% with Christina. Makes my scalp tingle with rage.
    I didn’t write yesterday but I was so sad to read about the piglet. A perfectly healthy little guy dies because the weather is so damn unbelievable and his mother couldn’t take another minute of it. The repercussions of the weather are deep and wide.

  15. Those pigs do just look like part of the mud until you blow up the picture. I’m glad Tane found the cool pond and is feeling better. I hope poppy is doing well.

  16. I’ve wondered why the adoption of families isn’t a thing, like the evacuation of children from the continent in WW2. If you hear of a way to do so, please do share.

    • I certainly would adopt a family- I have tons of space and lots of food. Hmm. I will ask my immigrant lawyer. I have to talk to her this week anyway and she is a bit of an immigration activist too

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