This weekend we had the first of our farm to table lunches. With friends from Chicago and a few locals we ate our way through Saturday as though it was Sunday.

And you know how the lunch days go! Flat out with no photos.

Did you know that this blog started in early July 2011. So I thought I would go back a few years and look at this day on this date through the years.

It’s Sunday! We have time!

2011 Bees.

2012 More Bees and heat much hotter than we have had lately.

2013 A wedding.

Wait. Back soon –

15 minutes later. I was working on this series and heard Mrs Pania Flowers who I reported missing for a few weeks. So I ran out into the dew and there she was in the barn.

She is way up high on a ledge and her eggs are on the ground. Not viable. But at least she is safe and well. She must have been nesting on a ledge up there.

And after the search for the pea brain pea hen I have run out of time to work on our retrospective so I will finish that this afternoon. We have a few years to go yet.

Love love




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  1. I remember my guinea hen being gone for days…we went on a rescue mission to find her, deep into the was not fun!..she would not have made it with all the raccoons nearby.

  2. Looks like the bees swarmed! Gosh, it has happened almost yearly with us, no matter what we do to avoid it! Most years we have been able to catch the swarmers (can they be called swarmers?) and start a new hive. Fingers crossed this year’s new hive makes enough honey to weather the winter!

  3. Oh no, no food shots! But I love the start of the retrospective, so I hope you have time to complete it. Maybe it’ll be like natural magic, conjuring up the sweet ghosts of summers past and magically edging the rain out.

      • And also why swarming bees are such docile Creatures, totally focussed on finding a new home and setting to work using their stored-honey baggage for new comb: )

      • I was talking more about the magic Miss C had whipped up for her ‘paddock to plate’; I always look forward to seeing her offerings.

        • lol Was just joking Kate. Couldn’t agree more with your sentiments; ) and I imagine at some point Celi’ll give us drool-inspiring descriptions in spite of there not being any pics; )

  4. I think I found you in ’12. I went back and read all the previous posts and then everyday since! Eight years, congrats miss C. Laura

  5. Glad Pania has been located! Glimpses of the past are so much fun. I actually don’t think that I’ve ever read all your posts from the early beginning. I need to correct that.

    • She had made a very silly nest along the side of the barn wall so when she moved two eggs rolled off the edge. Neither were viable. So now she is hungrily eating her way through the pigs feed.

  6. Talk about ‘the gang’s all here’ ! Fantastic memories Ceci 🙂 ! I am certain I was there in 2012 but remember your son’s wedding in Canada in 2013 so clearly and seem to have managed to put my tuppence in . . . .J ohn A, Bobbi, Dale as EllaDee, Mad et al and quite a few walking along different paths but dearly remembered . . . years passing have changed matters for all us us but some enduring friendships were wrought in the Comments Lounge . . .

  7. Such an incredible photo of the swarm C; their abdomens literally aglow like lamp-lit jewels, so laden with honey… Fabulous!
    “A swarm in May is worth a load of hay;
    A swarm in June is worth a silver spoon; but a swarm in July isn’t worth a fly.”
    ~ mid 17th century (1654) but just as often said today; )

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