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The starlings have come

When the field corn starts to sweeten and the insect population starts to strengthen the Starlings come. They line the overhead telegraph wires like fat black pegs on a clothesline. They fly into the fields by the thousand feeding on the pests feeding on… Continue Reading “The starlings have come”

How to settle your 47 chicks in on their first day.

The Post Mistress found a chirping box on her counter when she got to work this morning.  She called me straight away and I zoomed down in my little cooking oil car to collect them. I could hear the strident chirping the minute I… Continue Reading “How to settle your 47 chicks in on their first day.”

Rain. Rain falling with a relieved sigh.

I know some of you are expecting snow but we had hours and hours of rain yesterday and OH it was glorious. Quiet, firm and even heavy at times.  All the animals stood out in it. I was milking an unrepentant, dripping wet cow.… Continue Reading “Rain. Rain falling with a relieved sigh.”

Hiding out from the Rain and the Story of Daisy’s name

And then it poured!  Isn’t this grand, I said to the animals as they stood at their doors watching the rain come down.  Sometimes on rainy days we tell each other stories.  Daisy wanted to know why she had been called Daisy.  It all… Continue Reading “Hiding out from the Rain and the Story of Daisy’s name”

Rain and Ice, Ice and Rain

Yesterday, tiny crystals of cold jaggedy ice rained down out of the sky, clattering through the trees and onto the ground, tinkling like the harnesses of a hundred prancing celestial horses. It was a curious sound. As they fell they packed into each other… Continue Reading “Rain and Ice, Ice and Rain”

Rain on The Wet Skunky Dog in The Golden Leaves of Autumn

Hmm. Skunky dog on a rainy day. Not a pretty olfactory picture. Poor fellow saw the Skunk Off bottles come out and he hid under a bush, not realising that the bush was losing its leaves, and his smelly little snout and little eye… Continue Reading “Rain on The Wet Skunky Dog in The Golden Leaves of Autumn”

An exciting development

We had all these plans for yesterday. I even made a list. Silly me.  Three things intervened.  Firstly it rained. Hard.   An inch fell. I am not complaining about that.  Then  the milking parlour pump spat the dummy. It did a proper job… Continue Reading “An exciting development”

‘Success is the ability to go from one failure..

… to another failure, with no loss of enthusiasm’. Winston Churchill.  I love that one, it describes us all so perfectly.  It certainly describes this cheese as it proceeds with its  metamorphosis from cheddar to puddle. Ah well. Churchill also said something about ‘success… Continue Reading “‘Success is the ability to go from one failure..”

The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!

The gardens this year have largely been a disappointment. Crops like the potatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, butternuts, pumpkins, and beans have either refused to fruit or  curled up and died due to that extreme heatwave we had.  But the aubergine, beetroot and capsicum all in… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!”

It rained and it was a good rain

Shortly after the camera and I and a new friend took a tour of the grounds, the skies opened and it poured. Though the term the ‘skies opened’ is questionable. As we walked around the skies closed above us. Then lowered down.  There may… Continue Reading “It rained and it was a good rain”