These warm days. These summery days. Any one of these warm days could be the last one. So I luxuriate in the hot sunshine of these long gypsy summer days.  Yesterday I tried to file the feeling of the warmth radiating right into my bones, tried to keep that feeling high in my memory so I could easily retrieve it during the cold days of the winter ahead.  That lovely all-encompassing heat throughout one’s body. There is no telling when the weather will start to drop down into winter. So I just enjoy it while it lasts. The weather is such an important discussion between humans. When we are at a loss for a conversation we can always talk about the weather.  It is our safe space. But also critical for life so is probably one of the most important conversations.

Now that I mention it the rain begins to fall outside the windows as I write this morning.  If there is rain in the forecast at all it will rain when it is time for me to start working outside. Sigh.

I comfort myself that it is still warm so the rain contributes to pasture growth.  And the more grass I have the less hay I have to feed out.  So a nice drop of rain is very acceptable.


Wai must have been hiding in his bushes watching Tima chop down the corn stalks because now that she is locked up in her field down the back, he has taken over the decimation of her corner of the cornfield.  This land belongs to John’s uncle who does not live around here and as is par for the course in this area he has rented it out to a cropper. The cropper rents hundreds of acres so hopefully he will not notice this little corner of pig thievery.


My truck and trailer waiting patiently for another hog to sell.


Even the babies were out in the sunshine yesterday. Today it might rain but tomorrow I will open their garden gate. These three have the vegetable garden to play in next. In another week or so I will get their electric fences up and Molly can get in and clean up the last of the tomatoes and aubergine.

Look at these ears!


The piglets have not inherited their mother’s ears!

Did I tell you that all the new piglets are gilts?

I have guests coming to the airbnb today.  I will put a new picture up for you on thekitchensgardenretreat instagram feed.  Just as soon as the light comes. I really do enjoy getting the coop ready for people to visit.  It is like dressing a set on the stage of a little theatre.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Tuesday 10/10 90% / 0.36 in
Periods of rain. Thunder possible. High 69F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

Tuesday Night 10/10 100% / 0.6 in
Thunderstorms this evening followed by occasional showers overnight. Low around 55F. Winds ENE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

6:59 am 6:19 pm
Waning Gibbous, 73% visible 10:22 pm 12:16 pm







20 Comments on “THE LAST ONE?

  1. Yes l think it was…here in Bulgaria Autumn comes in one swoop. One day was warm and sunny..the next drab,cold and damp…then it rains and tjen it will snow. Bye bye Summer..see you in 2018

  2. There’s supposed to be a heatwave coming here – there’s no telling with the weather these days.
    Wai must be in pig heaven on earth.

  3. Summer is lingering long here as well. Beautiful shadows in the evening, when the coolth (is that a word? Sure do like the sound of it) descends. Happy hosting!

  4. Naughty pigs 😉 It’s so good though to see Wai behaving (misbehaving) like a healthy pig!

  5. Those girls are setting new style with their backward curling ears for sure. 🙂 Laura

  6. All gilts. How nice. One less procedure to worry about. It was 22 degrees on our front porch this morning. Brrrr~

  7. Wai must wonder how a critter’s life can change so dramatically! In his case from the depths to the sublime. I can’t wait to see if he’ll enjoy pumpkins.
    Those piglets have the sweetest velvety ears.

  8. Good to see Wai out and about like a normal pig. What an amazing recovery. 👍 And what beautiful looking babies, ears and all! 😀

  9. Pig thievery… I love it! I hope your weather holds out. We have chilly temps today but it will begin another warm up into the 80’s as the week goes on.

  10. Wai (picture #2) : “What corn? I was just walking by and noticed something in there on the ground.”

  11. Hmm! I am said to be a pretty good driver, but I’d have a frisson up-and-down my back if I had to make your long thing behave also . . . but do hope another hog will soon be on the way out and some more money in the wallet . . .

  12. I can feel the warmth radiating from those photos. What a good idea to lock some sunshine into your pictures to warm you in the long dark months. Maybe I should take some photos of rain for the Dry… Speaking of which, we’ve had virtually no rain for 4 months. Now, when we are making a 3,500km round trip south on the motorbike, the forecast is for rain, rain, thunderstorms, and more rain. Go figure…

  13. I love the sun seeping into my bones, and yes, skin, in sensible conditons & amounts. Vitamin D is essential to our wellbeing. And I detest chemicsl sunscreen. We finally have rsin but the outlook is uncertain according to the experts. We get what we get!

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