Yesterday I spent most of the day down the back with my bucket of wire and clippers and Camera house and the two dogs and the phone channelling podcasts. heat-012

Lady Astor who is muddy and scratched up and refused a photograph out of disgust found her way out of her field three times in the last 24 hours. Yesterday morning, my bloat prone milk cow was right out the front walking briskly through the corn when I spotted her – looking for all the world like she was off to check the letterbox for mail, right down by the road. I called her and she literally wheeled like a horse pulled up hard: then digging in her back legs she took off at a gallop towards me right through the alfalfa hay.  Throwing up clods of wet earth  behind her. Big udder swinging. I turned for home and once she reached me she slowed and followed me meekly up to the milking room. heat-010

Luckily she left calling cards of smashed down corn stalks and manure plus the ground was pretty wet so she was easy to track. But goodness me. She is in heat and in a mood.  Interestingly Aunty Del did not follow her. She stayed in her field like a good cow. heat-008

One of her escapes yesterday she climbed over the pen gates within the barn- ending up in another part of the barn licking Txiki half to death.  (And with her long out of shape udder all this fence jumping is terrifying).  And no cow has ever done this before. (Except for Daisy who used to jump electric fences – do you remember?.  But that was years ago).


Anyway, after stringing white electric fence wire above the fence all around that large area,  I can only hope she will stay in. She has company and food. I don’t know.  A cow is in standing heat for about 8  – 24 hours. (Every cow is different). So by this morning, she should be over it. But Lordy this cow is being a trial.


I have had to shut Wai’s gate too. He is leaving the barn earlier and earlier, shape-shifting his way out, under cover of the dark mornings, to go rampaging out in the cornfield.  Ton finds him for me each time but he is getting less and less likely to follow Ton back out of the field so I have chained his gate up.  Pigs push gates from the bottom so a latch at the top is useless. I chain all pig gates right at pig nose level.

It is still early morning black dark but I can hear Wai from here bashing at his gate trying to open it.  He will be annoyed with me. But he cannot eat corn all day. That is not good for his diet.

They have been combining the crops around here.  Although it is still too wet in these fields close to the house, he cannot learn to roam into the field too far.  I have no warning when the machines come in. heat-016

The sun rises at 7am now. I begin work IN the dark now.

I hope our days are lovely.

love celi

WEATHER: Soggy and cloudy and silent.


Thursday 10/12 20% / 0 in
Overcast. High 64F/17C. Winds light and variable.

Thursday Night 10/12 10% / 0 in
Mostly cloudy early, then clearing overnight. Low 52F/11C. Winds light and variable.

7:01 am 6:16 pm
Waning Gibbous, 51% visible Not Available 2:13 pm


32 Comments on “JUMPING COW

  1. He has no shame, that Wai. You have a tribe of rampant individualists at the Farmy, no two ways about it. And I’m pretty sure The Fellowship wouldn’t have it any other way. My Farmy apron arrived the other day and I have been wearing it all day long. I love it! It covers well, it’s tough, splatter proof and the pockets are perfectly placed 🙂

  2. That crazy woman, aren’t hormones just incredible? Good luck with it being over and done with; )
    Oh no, don’t want to imagine what’d happen if he were in the path of one of those crop-chewing monsters! ):): But perhaps he’s trying to replace the missing fat layer on his back… ; )

  3. Aunty Dell is smart, she can see the grass is greener on the farmy side 🙂 Laura

  4. So. Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon. Not so far-fetched after all. I love your weather description. Fits the images perfectly. I am here with my coffee, in my LOVELY FARM SHOP ESPRESSO CUP (which I love!) pondering your soggy silence and the work that lies ahead. Peaceful, post-prandial pause.

  5. Everyone looks happy and peaceful in their photos this morning. Happy Thursday, I think…. My where is the week going? It was just Monday wasn’t it?

    • Oh dear – that does not bode well – or possibly my infrastructure is falling apart and they are escaping due to that. I need work done on these fences desperately

  6. I remember Daisy jumping and running wildly. I don’t think anyone could imagine a cow running that fast ever. All the photos are just so charming. Can’t get over Lady Astor, though. Hope she calms down quickly. And that Wai!! You have a classroom of adolescent delinquents!

    • Thats right – she ran off straight down the bank. She is the reason all our fences are so tall. I can’t even remember how I got her back that day. She would not come when called I know that.

  7. What was that song by Scot Joplin … “the cow’s in the corn”….

  8. my goodness me your Farmy animals have minds of their own! So independent and somewhat defiant ?
    Have a splendid day and evening!

  9. Hahaha, she was probably scared to death to find herself in unfamiliar surroundings. My goat Otis will leave his yard if he can get the gate open but then he freezes in terror to find himself in strange surroundings. Fanny goat on the other hand has no problems going where she shouldn’t. He will come (with relief) when called, she exhibits immediate deafness. I also wanted to tell you I have gotten myself one of the mattress toppers you recommended and you’re absotively right! No more numb arms in the morning. My John is finding it comforting too.

  10. Oh those breakouts take up so much time, not getting the animal back, although that can be a trial, but constantly refortifying the fences. And if they are determined such as when on heat you have to do it over and over and never get anything else done.

  11. It is scary thinking about one of your animals roaming the corn fields this time of the year. Combines are HUGE machines.

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