No-one escaped yesterday. Phew.  My fences held.  Everyone stayed home. But it was a staying home kind of day. No sun. No wind. No light. No dawn. No dusk. Just Day. Dusky day all day. grim-day-004

Lady Astor was nice and quiet – her hormones have settled back down. So she was allowed back out onto her grass.

The plonkers. There is one of these plonkers who has no respect for the electric fence and every morning is on the wrong side of the fence digging up the field. The moment I come out with a  bucket she ducks back under the electric wire with a little yelp and races back to the bowls.  Naughty pig. Yesterday she hung with the pack though. No wandering for her yesterday.  It was a waiting kind of day. An in-between day. grim-day-011

Molly’s Three are doing exceptionally well. They found the edges of their pen and the hot light creep very fast.  Some litters just terrify me with safety concerns but these three are doing very well. The littlest piglets still make use of their light in the night time but it is almost time to turn it off in the day.   The days will remain warm for a while yet. (Highs of high 60’s and high 70’s this coming week). They certainly are big enough to do without the extra daytime heat now. These wee girls are huge with all the extra milk they are getting. I never hear them drinking – there is no need to fight.

They are very cautious with their big field mouse ears that hear everything.


The red light is so garish in a coloured picture. Black and white is better.

Here is LuLu. grim-day-023

Yesterday was completely still and deeply damp. There was no breeze at all. The air hung about apprehensively, non-committal to daytime light. The dogs and I brushed through tiny droplets of water that hung in the misty half-lit air as we worked. (Boo ghosting beside me, tied to my trousers with a long piece of orange baling twine due to the fact that he is on his, every-other-week, No Run week).   We felt damp but were not wet. Haunted wet. Like walking through memory wet. The ground squelched under us, the birds on branches; huddled.  Every sound open sea amplified then shuttered then open again. LIke my ears were turning on and off. Ton’s belly thickening with mud from going under fences. The day felt like it should be cold but it was not cold exactly. Ambiguous.  Someone walking over your grave kind of shivery cold.   I kept putting my warm layer on and off. My emotional self putting it on and my good sense taking it back off again. And so still. Everyone stayed as put – close to home.

I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: There may be a little sun today.


Friday 10/13 0% / 0 inA mix of clouds and sun. High 73F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph.

Friday Night 10/13 80% / 0.2 inCloudy skies this evening followed by thunderstorms late. Low near 60F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

7:02 am 6:15 pm
Last Quarter, 40% visible 12:22 am 3:02 pm



42 Comments on “GO HOME, STAY HOME

  1. An adventurous rebel pig… there must be a reason to take the bite of the electric fence. Maybe the grass IS greener on the other side of the fence, or maybe the mud a little more mucky.

  2. That amazing pic of Lulu looks like a painting…did you retouch it? And I love seeing the baby pigs…

  3. Uh, blah color day. We call those Black & White opportunity days as there is not enough light to shoot good color photography. Lady A’s utter looks huge and saggy. (much like me without my support garments sadly….) Is she drying out any?

  4. I was wondering about Boo’s routine! One week on and one week off so the healing can occur. I’ve been trying so hard with Dolly to keep her on a leash, but she looks at me so sadly……yes, no doubt I’m projecting, as my John insists, but I can feel her desire for freedom. Fortunately when off her leash, which is still not often, she just runs in short spurts. Of course we yell, “Dolly! Don’t run!” But she pays no attention. I am constantly watching her back left leg, and I’m almost afraid to be too optimistic, but she seems to be doing really well, sometimes walking with no limp at all.
    I am so thankful to you and the Fellowship of the Farmy for all your tips and advice! It has made all the difference! XO

  5. We have had a couple of grey wet days here too, nothing as romantic as yours though. The rain is much needed here and greatly appreciated,I do prefer the sunny days! Hope everybody stays where they should be for the weekend 🙂 Laura

  6. Sunny here in Chicago after a long spell of rain and gloom. But the rain much needed. Lulu is such a pretty cat. And I love Dennis’ markings. Do the cats ever meet up? It seems like a moot question if the dogs ever chase cats. They are clearly above such nonsense. Poor city creatures have no jobs and are 😑 bored as a result.
    Lovely evocative writing, Cecilia.

  7. Same sort of day here too, and warm! Just don’t know what to wear. 😀 Have a fab day!

  8. Sounds very much like Oregon’s ‘almost winter’ days. Everything is on a lower key, a bit slower, and quite muffled. I loved those days – it felt like anticipation!

  9. You’ve perfectly described the weather sensation here today, except we’re hot 🙂 Rain at last, lots of it, after 4 months of nothing. The air is dense with moisture, it’s almost hard to breathe it, and 72°F at night, 86°F during the day… a little dull greyness would be very nice 🙂 Lady A is such a handsome cow, but she needs to go to Rigby & Peller…

  10. Poor Lady; her bag looks so out-of-sorts ): And those uber-cute wee piggies who perhaps also hear so much more because there are so few of them to make a racket? Or that terribly intelligent plonker who knows the grass truly IS greener on the other side of the (!electric!): fence…
    Hate this time of year, this constant darkening loss… Now psychologically treading water; waiting for Dec. 21 and the coming back of the light.

  11. The piglets with their field mouse ears are adorable! Glad the day went without major events. It’s cooled down here too, perhaps fall is upon us.

  12. Did I miss something, or are you not writing the blog everyday anymore? I miss seeing the blog on a daily bases. Thanks.

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