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Yesterday I took two loads of cattle across to the other side. (Five in all) Tucked in with the two black cousins was the little black bobby. The grass has been allowed to grow over there and should keep them busy for the rest of the summer. And the little bobby almost immediately settled down with his herd and went quiet.

I know it was quiet back over this side. Lady Astor made not one sound all night long. The quiet was full of bliss. And we all slept all night long.

Sleep is such a leveler. We all need it and we are all deeply refreshed when we get a good night of it.

While the Black Mariah was chugging to and fro Molly the sow was offered a ride and came home too. Her girth is beginning to show the signs of pregnancy so she may as well be back here under my watchful eye.

Sheila my big fat pig. 

Also, yesterday, four of the smaller pigs were finally collected. They have gone off to another farm. Now I have two groups of six pigs fattening in two seperate fields. This is the mob size I prefer. 

The flies were out in force yesterday, sticky and annoying. They preceded the rain which we will have on and off for the next few days. 

Sorry about that long portrait image – (not too good when reading on a phone screen) but it was just too sweet not to share.   I think I will take this into the zazzle shop and make a magnet of this one. He can hang on the fridge. (There is a shortcut to my shop down below the comments. Below the newsletter sign up button. Just press the zazzle button). I create new products in there every day – I am focussing on cards this week – so there is always something new to see. 

I am trying to download the wordpress app (which I did not know existed until a few days ago) and for the life of me I cannot remember my apple password. I cannot even remember changing it!!

Aren’t passwords irritating? Everything on the internet needs a password and lately they seem to be failing and then I have to reset them with a new password and there are so many rules about capitals and how many numerals and how long and whatnot and I scribble it somewhere and then that scribble on page gets lost through the cracks of time (and the cracks in my brain). And I am back to square one.

I was in a book shop one day and saw a slim little book like an old fashioned telephone number book but just for passwords and I thought to myself how unsafe! Now I wish I had made the effort to get the little book and keep it up to date.

There must be an easier way! My brain cannot hold that many passwords.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

Weather: Thunderstorms – Poor BooBoo.

Monday 08/28 80% / 0.24 in
Isolated thunderstorms during the morning becoming more widespread this afternoon. High around 75F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 80%.

Monday Night 08/28 60% / 0.07 in
Scattered thunderstorms during the evening. Partly cloudy skies after midnight. Low 58F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 60%.

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  1. Passwords can be irritating indeed. There was a story in the news recently about the man who advised us all to use different characters and numbers and upper and lower case letters. He said he was sorry. He was wrong. Now he advises that the best thing to use for a password is a long phrase that you’ll remember easily. It appears that the random passwords are much easier to hack than a long phrase.

  2. In the scheme of things, writing down passwords in a book is more safe than not. Most of the risk of passwords is in the actual internet with key loggers and hackers of various stripes. A burglar would have to break in, find it, steal and use it for the password book to be risky in your case.
    This is not true for people who live in risky home situations, of course. But I think you should make a nice little notebook on zazzle and call it passwords. 🙂

  3. Your phone probably has a notebook app on it. Keep your passwords there. Always at your finger tips.

    • Just make sure to password protect your phone (haha) – a lost phone in the wrong hands, oh my! 😉

  4. Try the MiniKeePass app on your phone. It safeguards and keeps all your passwords and then you only need to remember 1. I love it.

  5. Good morning. Sweet pictures today. I don’t know if it is just me, but I don’t see a zazzle button below the comments. There is the phrase “Do a Little Shopping”, but no button.

  6. What lovely photos today. They’re always good, but today’s I find really communicate the personalities of the animals.
    I too loathe passwords, but we are stuck with them, I suppose. The idea of one password-protected app or document to record all your other passwords is a good one, because most of us can remember one password…

  7. Yes, thank you Celi!! What is it with all of the BS about passwords lately?? Certainly nothing I’ve done either, so what the devil is going on, hey?! So glad it’s not “just me” (or my imagination ):
    Your little stripey fellow is so sweet (and looks so forlornly deep in thought there; )

  8. Your friend’s conversation I think was correct. Something ill is brewing sadly. Too much unrest and bad will.

    Today is the first day of school in our area. I have one little miss (friends) who will start kindergarten today. Stepping from a baby to a child. It must happen, but there is such an innocence before they start school. A trust, that sadly can not survive in this world. (boy am I melancholy today – more TEA, yes I need more TEA)

  9. Love the hidden rooster and then…out he pops at the end, wanting to have his face in a picture as well!
    Good morning Sheila, and Miss C 🙂
    BTW, passwords are one of the banes of my existence, and I fear in my case, not all that secure as I don’t really follow all the “rules” but I have heard more and more lately about that long phrase idea. Next time I change the lot of them I will try that trick.

  10. I used to have one of those password books. It was VERY useful. But then I discovered one of those online password management tools. I was leery at first but it came recommended by many top computer magazine writers and friends. So I tried it. Now I only need to remember one password and the programme looks after all the rest. I can open it online and launch sites directly from it, or I can have the app on my Chrome window and it will automatically fill them in for me. It means I can be on any computer, any where and be able to use all of my pages without having to memorize all the passwords. Quite like it!

  11. Password Hell. Yep. Been there, done that. I use a password app and I try to use something that’s around me for everything. I also keep a small notebook. Keeping it up to date is important. Course that works for awhile. You know. Anyway the animals all look content and I agree, the kitten is sweet. I hope your blissful sleeps charge you up for the season ahead.

  12. Hello you. There is an easier way. You get an app called Keychain….or maybe it’s already part of your operating system. Use it all the time. Big help.

  13. We all have issues with passwords. I have to write them all down. Which, of course, defeats the purpose of having passwords in the first place. Anyway, thanks for the post.

  14. Ah, Miss C – I’ve been trying to sign up for your letter., but can’t even get past the ‘reCAPCHA business – says I ‘Failed’. I have tried since you offered this page and it won’t allow me to sign up. I have nothing under the “Go Shopping” page – it’s darkened out. I’m SO frustrated! Can anyone help? And I AM human!

  15. Hi Cecilia, (I always want to break out in song when I say that name…Your’s is the first blog I’ve chosen to follow. Luv it, girl!. I’ve just started a blog in WP, and I’m so remedial even though there are tons of resources to try and learn. Would it be ok if I ask you a few questions about how to do a few things that will make my blog better? Heck, I don’t even know if it’s “out there” yet. Very frustrating. Any help you can spare from your busy, wonderful farm life will be appreciated! Thank you, and I look forward to following you!

  16. Loved the kitten photo. Properly posing. As for passwords, I have a program called Last Pass on both my phone and computer so I only need to remember the one. My son set it up because I kept forgetting them. ;( Glad you finally got some sleep.

  17. Those pictures, those surprising eyes: they tell stories of patient sadness , repressed anger (or is it indifference), intense interest, and nosey neighborliness– in that order, if my eyes don’t fail me. Or is it just my imagination? But how else can we relate to animals. I’m not asking, just saying. The farmy has been giving answers all along. And not only with photographs. I keep paying attention to the conversation here as well. Learning how to relate to all life. Happily,

  18. These farm pictures are wonderful! As for passwords- LastPass is good, but I started using KEEPER. I have used it for a year; you only have to remember your device screen lock and the Keeper password you set. And you can sync it between devices.

  19. Re passwords, I do write them down but I have all the variations of one word and substitute that word, so if my password was Bambi with a capital b and three numbers I would write upperdeer123, I still know what it is but it is a bit more secure than writing the actual word. I can then write variations of this word with whatever is required ie lowerdeer?12, like that, oh I hope this makes sense, anyway it stopped me tearing my hair out!

  20. My husband found an app called LastPass and it’s great for storing passwords. And it syncs between tablets and phones. You need a password to access it. Or your fingerprint. It’s been a lifesaver for me as everything nowadays requires a password.

  21. Dear Ones, keep me in your “thump, thump” thoughts, whatever phrases you utter to the sky or wherever; i have a mass on my kidneys; need financial protection prayers, unity for my family; they are stressed somewhat, and clarification; it will be what it will be; i love you all; just got out of hospital and today on my way for nuclear stress test. old gal keeps busy; total love

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