The shiny path

Aunty Del and the biggest bobby watching the milking.

I was driving back from the West Barn when I saw rain coming.  Out here you can literally see the rain coming.  Can you see that shiny patch approaching up the road?

That is a line of rain. If you look to the left you will see it stretched right across the bean fields. That is the edge of a rain storm as it hurried towards me.  About 5 seconds after this – quite slowly really – the rain hit the car. All at once. Pelting me with rain.

Which reminds me of my poor friends in Houston – who are no longer there after having been evacuated. Refugees from a storm. I am so sorry.  It is shocking to think this is haappening in the same country while –

– the cows across the way were lying quietly in the long grass . 

Water always finds a way my Dad used to say. I have never experienced a flood – it must be terrifying.

Manu is the only pig over on the West side until Christmas when Poppy comes to stay with him. My sows are taking turns so I have one litter a season from now on. 

My hay rack/wagon has been fixed again and is sitting tight waiting for the rain to finish. Still hoping we can begin the haymaking process this Friday. Touch wood.

The coolness prevails.  Next week we begin to dip into the sixties in the day time. It bodes ill for the winter  – but I am not thinking of the winter yet. As far as I know it is still SUMMER.

Today we begin to prepare the back field for the six remaining little pigs from Poppy’s brood. As soon as they are out of the barn, we clean up the farrowing area and Molly can go into the barn and settle in there in preparation for her next farrowing which I am thinking will be in about three weeks.

It is not raining so far this morning. Hopefully it holds off until after chores.

I hope you have a good day.

Love celi.

WEATHER: Maybe no rain at all?

Tuesday 08/29 40% / 0.03 in Partly cloudy skies during the morning hours will give way to occasional showers in the afternoon. Thunder possible. High 77F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 40%.

Tuesday Night 08/29 10% / 0 in Mostly clear skies. Low 57F. Winds light and variable.


22 Comments on “The shiny path

  1. We have had the strangest summer here in Dordogne. A few isolated weeks of 35+ and a few weeks of grey, cool, drizzle. I too hope that it will last at least another month😃

  2. We are cool in the Virginia mountains also, your rain found us in the wee hours of this day and has set in for the day. Our culvert is still plugged, the state sent the work order to the local office 10 days ago but nothing has been done, I fear for our newly repaired driveway if we get more than gentle showers. Farm on til the weather sends us out of our fields and gardens. Walk in peace, Cell.

  3. How lovely and green your world is right now. Here, at the end of the Dry, all the grass is brown, the landscape looks bleached, trees are tired and limp. One good rain and all that will change, but for now, the clouds we see approaching are dust, not rain…

    • Thank you – yes – a number of people are having trouble – I am not sure why some people can use it and not others – samantha is on vacation now for a week so here is the link for you – I hope you find something you like – let me know if you have any suggestions – I try to add something new most days.

  4. Manu is such a handsome fella! Thank you for posting his picture. The cast is rather large and I forget sometimes about them.

    Had a dream last night that I was raising Dexter cattle over at the home place….. Wondering if that is a wishful heart or a plan that is brewing up in the cranium somewhere… There is 5 good grazing acres with a pond that never dries or freezes…. hummmm…..

  5. Whoa! Temperature in the 60s next week in the daytime?!?!? That is too crazy! Let’s just choose not to believe that weather report!!! We are getting temps in the low 80s, which is super pleasant summer weather! And the lake is still wonderfully warm enough for swimming! For at least a couple more weeks anyway! 🙂

    • Wa is doing well – we are till strugglng with the open wounds – but slowly slowly the good skin in closing in and healing. The flies are pretty bad still.. poor old chap..

  6. Weather and climatic conditons are quite rightly always up for consideration… we have smoke clouds here. Many, too many, 50+, winter burnoff fires are burning across NSW. Some are barely under control, the dry conditions are dicey. Fire permits have been brought in early, from Friday, but we’ll be on bushfire alert until we get rain… which I’m sure the Texans would be happy to move on.

  7. Great to have an up-date on dear old Wai…. congrautlations to you both on his progress… we are slowly sinking under rain and clouds here in our podocarp rain forest.. but at least the kowhai are out and the cherry blossom filled with tuis, so we know spring is almost here…
    The tops of the mountain are shrouded in mist, and I said ( joke) we had better rope ourselves together when we go out, or we may never see each other again !!!

  8. The road in the rain and the evening barn pictures make the place feel lonely. But peaceful is probably what you felt then, except for the concern about haymaking. I doubt that it is likely one feels lonely among those animals. What with their unique names and legible expressions — including movements and sounds– they would bring even an introvert outside to play. Which reminds me to ask, was the bobby, whose eyes are popping with curiosity, being respectful enough there in the barn window. Aunty Del is giving that sideways so-what-else-is-new look.

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