A Fine day on the Farmy

It was a grey chilly day.  Almost no direct sunlight.  It is funny how even the tiniest shaft of sun can lift our heads.

Yes, this is the same peacock. The Duke of Kupa’s train is growing so fast! This has surprised me, I thought he would wait until late winter. But already he is working on his show plumage.

Charlotte was definitely up and about yesterday, limping and  cranky but fighting back.  A huge difference from  the other morning when she was still in her bed, while I sat beside her scratching her ears, her head laid down and not moving.  Just her eyes.   I was even feeding her by holding that bowl under her head.  But there is no way she was laying about yesterday.   The moment I appeared in the door she was up and hobbling across to see what I had. She had aspirin again yesterday but I will discontinue it today and see how we go. Aspirin is hard on tummys. I am going to collect some willow branches for them instead.

I have begun to gather all the post Halloween pumpkins off people’s porches for Daisy and the chickens.  I have heard that pumpkins are a very good natural wormer for chickens.  And as you know Daisy will run across a field if she sees a pumpkin being offered. 

Always with the roosters. 

Big Dog still wears his coat every night and yesterday wore it all day too.  This was a very good decision. I would put one on Charlotte too, if I did not know she would eat it! 

Quiet, fine recovery day. 

The Daily View.

Our temperatures are fairly stable and cool.

NaNoWriMo. 16528 words so far. I feel like my mind is being taken for a run every day. As though I am in training. This is excellent exercise for the imagination. A thorough workout.  I am finding it a bit harder to write with the house full of people and all their noise, which is interesting. I definitely write better when I am alone and it is quiet. Senior son suggested that I just put head phones on but with no music. This also deters interruption. I will give this a trial today.

Have a lovely day



53 Comments on “A Fine day on the Farmy

  1. What a relief that Charlotte seems to be on the mend. I am glad that at least some pigs have a good life and caring owners like you, it is tragic how many of these intelligent animals are kept in concrete pens and never see sunlight. Must have got to your post quickly today, this is the first time I haven’t seen hundreds of comments there already!

    • Morning Emily, Loved seeing your bees in Italy post, I believe all animals need some natural light even when it is cold outside .. the worst thing for any daylight loving creature is endless artificial light. We are lucky with the barn that even when the weather is nasty there are plenty of doors to open. c

  2. Lovely, lovely day yesterday…I *do* wish I could just give Daisy those pumpkins on my porch!
    I think we’re going to put the carved ones up on the wall, by the wildlife camera, to see who comes to dinner!

    • I have always wondered why it is that there is at least one or two junked cars behind every barn around here. Did they have too many cars? I think that the american people really love their cars, for me they are merely transport. hmm. c

  3. I am so impressed at your NaNoWriMo progress already. I had a friend who always put on headphones to prevent people from talking to her on the bus etc. Worked like a charm, apparently. I bet it would make your head feel more silent even if it weren’t.

    • Senior son said that often he will put his headphones on at work, then get busy on something and forget to turn the music on and even though he is sitting in grand solitary silence still no-one would ever bother him. However I need to get a pair of those really big intimidating ones! my traveling ones might not cut the mustard.. c

  4. Hooray for Charlotte, and for flowing words. Willow branches: would they have the same anti-coagulent properties as aspirin? The idea of you in silent headphones is appealing

    • Thank you honey and thank you for your wise advice, though i can’t seem to slow down now that i have roared off from the starting gates! Maybe i will have time to work on a wee edit after a few weeks! c

  5. Gathering the Halloween pumpkins? What a great idea!!! I know our chickens, and most likely the piggies would love an addition to their diets!!! Thanks Celi!!! Hope the headphones work. Maybe even mellow music would be nice to keep out the sound of the weekend rumpus! xo

    • Oh yes, the pigs love them .. though at home pumpkins are grown as cattle feed.. I have always had trouble with people putting food on their doorsteps as decorations! c

  6. So glad Charlotte is doing better. I told Hubby we needed to plant Willows. They can be used for people as well but I need to do some research on amounts, etc. Chilly here also. High 30’s to low 40’s and low to mid 30’s at night. I sort of prefer when there isn’t a big swing in the temps. Happy Sunday!

    • It is a remarkably scary sight, she is huge and also carries a lot of milk, so her udder goes one way and her stomach the other and i have no idea how she remaims upright but she is very fast if there is a pumpkin!

  7. That’s certainly good news on the Charlotte front. I really do hate to see an animal sick or hurting. And I’m glad to read your writing is going so well. I may borrow Senior Son’s headphone idea to block out the political ads. I voted 2 weeks ago and this stuff is driving me nuts!

    • Every day now I get about 10 or so phone calls with nothing on the other side. i can only imagine that it is more political advertisements that is being blocked by us having 1960’s dial phones.. though they still ring! c

  8. I was so happy to read all this good news….Charlotte improving, Big Dog still liking his awesome coat, new tail bling for Kupa, your writing still smashing away and pumpkins all around for everyone!! :))

  9. Yes so happy things are going well for all–Charlotte especially and oh that face of Big Dog–Great Dane I’m thinking with some Dalmatian –and of course his coat of only a few colors–it is touching that he loves it so. And I would love to see Daisy running for a pumpkin too, even though it is scary. Does Bobby Blanc love pumpkins too?

    • Bobby Blanc eats just about everything, he is what I call A Good Doer.. I do love an animal that loves to eat.. c

  10. One year I put all my pumpkins on the compost heap. The next year my flower garden with adrift with pumpkins. I am still singing to shush shush Sweet Charlotte. Happy Sunday. Virginia

  11. My friend uses that headphone keep away thing too 🙂 and it works like a charm! she gets very few interruptions when she has her headphones on.
    Glad charlotte is getting better

    • cmbwgunther.. that would be great! I know you are having a busy weekend but tomorrow both you and i will get cracking again!

  12. I don’t know…even when I am home alone, I find many distractions–things I should be doing. I write at home–and in the gazebo in summer. But in fall and winter, I head to the nearby university to find a corner away to write in focused time.

  13. Good job on the word count! I remember the feeling you describe, everything you do weaves in and around your story. I’ve never seen the backside of a peacock. Thanks for sharing what I’ve been missing! lol

  14. I’ve started using headphones with Mr Misky around here all the time, and it didn’t help much BUT then I found some white noise to play through them, and that really helped! Good news about Charlotte. xx

  15. And it’s a great wormer for sheep as well. Our girls love them! Good luck on NaNoWriMo. I didn’t sign up this year. Too busy this time of year!

  16. Glad Charlotte was feeling better…I have some catching up to do. I love the shot of the thermometers. They are just interesting and appealing to look at. Hope it was a great day today.

  17. Wonderful idea about the pumpkins, I had forgotten that they are a good natural chicken wormer. With regard to the willow leaves, sometime back in one of my husband’s hunting mags there was a story about a very old bear that was shot, when it was skinned they found a abscess in one of it’s teeth and the bear had a wad of chewed up willow leaves in the infected area. Amazing isn’t it? All the critters here, chickens, ducks, goats, donkey and horses will come stampeding when they see one of us coming with a big old willow branch, by the time the goats get done stripping the bark off it looks like an old bone lying there.

  18. Hopefully the Vet will be available if the cutback in aspirin bothers Charlotte. Hmmm…wish my cat would eat pumpkin. He is allergic to flea medicine. He’s sure is a high maintenance animal – I’ve been so lucky with pets so I guess one out of dozens is nothing to fret about. Animal Husbandry is definitely a good field! If I had time, I’d volunteer at a vet office because of all I could learn!

  19. Being a born and bred greenie, it makes my heart sing to know all the pumpkins you can reach are being recycled: the animals know what is good for them, don’t they 🙂 ! Congrats on your word count [lovely insurance!] and tell Big Dog that coat really suits him: lovely colour combo 😀 !

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