Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.

Yesterday, I called the vet to talk about The Shush Sister Charlotte, who is still walking very wonkily.  And not often. She lists to the side like a sinking container ship. 

But the vet was out for the day and would not be back until Monday.  No-one could help me there. Hmm. 

I called the breeder, no joy there either. By then I was feeling a bit annoyed with them all. So I decided to take things into my own hands and looked on the internet and discovered that pigs can take aspirin. Who knew!  One and a half per hundred pounds. So I  gave her three with some honey. Charlotte woofed it down then went back to her corner. Whether it was the aspirin or just that she is into her third day of recovery ( I refuse to discuss anything other than recovery) but she did move about a bit within the hour and she stood up to eat later in the afternoon.  Putting her foot down when she was eating.  

This is what I wrote to The Father:  Poor wee Miss Pig. I gave her three aspirin this morning and weirdly I think she is picking up, I will give another three this evening.
The vet never called back.  He was busy today.  His nurse said give it a few days.  I called the breeder he said  said oh geez I don’t know.. give it a few days.. No-one ever says what to do if nothing changes after the few days and how few those days should be!!
But she was up wacking sheila out of way when it was lunch time. And ate her food like a starving child. When she is well again both these buggers are going on a diet.

So I think she is ever so slightly on the mend. The mornings are the worst for her though.  Stiff I suppose. Ella Dee has suggested arnica and glucosamine. So we will find those too. I swear, between us, using all the knowledge the Weblog family has, and the support and good thoughts from you all, I think we can pull her through ourselves.  (That was a muddled sentence but it is too early in the morning for me to untangle it and I am sure you know what I am saying!

The Daily View, a month ago –

And yesterday.

The night temperatures are dropping. Twenty Two F. That is something like minus 4C. Chilly. 

Now I am going to go and grind up some aspirin for our girl (the hardest part is making sure it is Charlotte who gets the pain relief not that Sheila, but so far so good).

Daisy has new milking cups as part of the ever lasting mission to get the most comfortable and efficient milking system for the winter and these cups have a wee area at the top of clear plastic, so we can see what quarter is  giving how much milk, it is pretty neat actually.  They arrived yesterday.  Daisy does not care. Daisy being Daisy just eats, whips me with her tail and tries to kick the cups off when she decides she is finished.  Which is usually about the time she is finished but I prefer to take them off myself thank you very much Daisy.

Have a lovely day.


PS. Yesterday I wrote 3, 656 words, good words too I think, which brought my big total up to 12, 487 words. And I found that yesterday I was writing better too. The actual content is improving. I am not allowed to edit but I can already see where I will be deleting, adding and reworking  when January comes along.  But the story is fun. We just found the husband in a freezer in the back of a removal van!  Fantastic.  Ah well, we did not like him much anyway!

PSS. If you have a teenager saying what shall I do with my life tell her or him to be a vet. They will never ever be out of work.

79 Comments on “Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.

  1. Very pleased to hear that Charlotte is stomping about as a pig should do. Excellent. And well done on your word count. I’m snowed under with that U of Penn writing course, plus November Poem-a-Day Challenge, so my hopes for NaNo are mere wisps of smoke now. I think it’s too late to catch up with everything else on my plate. Happy weekend to you, c!

    • I truly think you have enough writing to do at the moment, don’t even think about this challenge. It is just tons of fun anyway, not serious.. c

  2. Oh good news indeed – aspirin does work wonders for many things, after all it has very homeopathic origins. And hopefully with the arnica she´ll soon be back on her trotters! Your advice to teenagers made me chuckle as we were saying the same thing the other day but substituting the word vet for plumber/carpet fitter/plasterer/tiler – at least, they seem to be eternally busy where we are working right now!

    • Oh i remember that from when i lived in London, the builders had to be booked months ahead and as for the plumbers.. i think they should teach plumbing in school so you can do your own!! c

  3. so so happy to hear that charlotte is responding to the aspirin. maybe it is just a bad sprain? i hate it when our animals are sick and we don’t know what is wrong with them.

  4. Well the painkiller has got to be helping something! If it’s muscular, you could try fish oil as well but I’ve never heard of it being given to pigs before! Hmm, I’ve just remember another remedy which might work in this case but you’d need to find a Chinese medicine place, dragon juice/tiger balm. It’s antiseptic and a muscle rub and just about everything else. You’re writing so fast! It must be kind of frustrating not being able to go back and edit stuff. 🙂

    • Actually it is a joy, no worries about punctuation or spelling or even good paragraphing ,, it is all about the story.. I will go back and mark it once I have it all down.. c

  5. Morning, you are up bright and early. I guess the story line should read ” this little piggy ate aspirin”
    Wonderful to hear about the flow of words too. off to make parkin, it is bonfire night (well soon it is)

  6. Great news about Miss Charlotte’s improvement – the wonders of a simple aspirin! Hope she continues and you don’t need the vet (if he would come, that is).

  7. So glad you’ve found some relief for Charlotte’s problem. Remember that aspirin is an anti-coagulent, – don’t let her cut herself and don’t keep it up for too long. I wish I could send you my neighbourly pig-lady-vet.

    Wowee for the Nano total. Tillybud is doing well too – we were chatting this morning.

  8. Hi Celi! I hope Charlotte gets better soon. While I think a visit from the vet is definitely in order, it sounds like you have a good solution for now. Chinese medicine (either topical or internal) can be helpful depending on what the diagnosis is. Yes, vets will always be in business. As will ER doctors and surgeons! Same work, different species! Btw, you have inspired me to get back to writing.. I’m attempting a children’s novel that I’ve been thinking of for a while now… I’ll be lucky if I get 25,000 words down as my only writing opportunity is when all the kids have gone to sleep for the night…which is not a regular occasion!! So far I’ve managed the 1700 words in a day…we will see how it goes!

    • I think that is absolutely wonderful.. writing a childrens novel is perfect. When i am writing usually, I just make sure to write something EVERY day, even two hundred words,, not editing that does not count.. Some new content, even written while stuffing food in your children’s mouths works.. I am thrilled to bits, keep me up to date and let me know how you are doing.. c

  9. Celi, I just remembered that Bernadette, the bigger one of our two pigs DID have an issue with one of her legs and that she limped off and on for awhile. We just watched her and she got over it. Jack said that just like a person she may have laid on it wrong or pulled a muscle somehow, and just needed some time to get over it. I’d forgotten about it since it’s been months since that happened. So, I hate to sound redundant of the vet and breeder, but waiting a few days for whatever it is to heal up is a good idea. Also, not letting them get too fat is a good idea too. 🙂

    • I am more than happy to wait a few days and she gets over it.. that sounds like a wonderful outcome. FOUR pounds of grain each and NO MORE, from now on. I am such a sucker for a little poor me pig face! How are you going with the breeding!?

  10. MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) another natural antiflamatory used by race horse trainers,and usually in conjuction with Glucoamine, might also help! Glad Charlotte is feeling better. Hello Hairy … these 12,487 words are fiction ……. right? 🙂 Laura

  11. Vets, hmm, don’t get me going! I find it strange about your cow vet though. Surely a vet has to train in all animals. OK, some may specialise, but the basic knowledge and threfore a starting point to diagnose another animal’s condition shouldn’t be too difficult. Maybe vets are trained differently in America.

    • My vet sister-in-law trained as a large animal vet – she like horses best but did cows, too. It is specialized. Due to illness and age she now does small animals/pet but doesn’t like it as much – farmers/ranchers have a different mentality than pet owners. It’s actually harder to get in vet school than med school. A good field if you like working with people and don’t get discouraged about pet owners who put off pet care until things are so bad.

      • Sure it’s more difficult to get into vet school – more species to cover! When we first moved to Skye, our local vet treated everything; cattle, horses. sheep, pigs and of course the usual pets. I guess that’s why I find it difficault to understand why Cecilia is having such trouble having poor Charlotte’s condition diagnosed by ANY vet. (It has to be said though, that our current vet ain’t quite so hot!)

        • vet school sure isn’t for everyone, but maybe there needs to be more places and some grants to train more vets. The same actually applies for doctors too I think. We only get a doctor out here once a week, on a tuesday. I think the bigger issue is the shrinking of services to the country folk. this goes for Post offices, internet connections, cell phone coverage, grocery stores.. all of it.. c

  12. This will make you laugh Celi. Yesterday I wrote 11,378 words, but NOT on my NaNo novel!!! Wrote them as a response to affidavit and my own affidavit and description of my day in the Supreme Court law library including the woman crying hysterically over her forms, a man up to his armpits in stacks of papers and a young Indian woman looking to divorce out of an arranged marriage. (Ex wants to stop child support) And it was the easiest 11,378 words in my life! Now if I can just do that with my novel. But at least I know what easy writing feels like. 🙂

  13. It is wonderful the advice one can get from blogging friends… our one dog was not well a couple of months ago… and a friend said we should try an antihistamine… within hours the dog perked up and the following day was right as rain and has had no relapse… who would have thought to give a dog one of those, read the pamphlet in the box and it actually mentions dogs…
    Glad to see the word count is climbing so fast… so if you hit a wall for a day now it is not going to be a panic station… glad the piggie is doing better again who would have thought aspirin…

  14. Bravo Celi on your word count! Now about those aspirins. We know the famous reply of a phoned Doctor. “Take two aspirins and call me in the morning” . Perhaps there’s something to it. Sending get-well kisses to Charlotte, and a happy week-end to all on the Farm. Virginia

  15. Glad Charlotte is improving. With the way you’re writing you’ll be able to do two books. Excellent job, Celi! What a change a month makes of the view. All our leaves are gone now. We’re still without power and phone here. Baked Irish Soda bread and biscuits in the wood stove after it died down to coals. Very yummy! I’d never made it before. We’re using the generator a couple hours a day for freezers so it allows me to check in! Have a great week-end!

    • You really are living old fashioned, so good to see you and know you are all alright, i cooked on a wood stover for years, i wish we could find you an old range with the little ovens, that would be just the thing.. c

  16. LOVE all of your pictures!! I hope Charlotte gets better fast, it’s a good sign that she was up to get her own food though!!!

    • She never stopped eating even though for a few days i had to hold it under her head as she ate lying down.. much better now though.. c

  17. So relieved to hear that lil Charlotte is much improved…and I bet she is too, along with her mama! 🙂

  18. Can I suggest MatronofHusbandry [] for a recommendation of, at the very least, which homoeopathic books to acquire. (The reading list on her site is mainly cattle but she will know which Materia Medica’s are user friendly.) The contact details of her Naturopath might be handy too (real phone consultation); and if you gave MoH your detailed observations of Charlotte’s case, MOH might suggest which remedies she would look up? Also, there is online MM stuff here:
    MoH – worth an email, I reckon.

    • Thank you carrie, that is all stunning stuff, I do pop in on her every now and then and especially when Daisy was due to calve. She is a stunning and talented woman. and I had not thought of getting in touch with her, thank you.. i shall.. c

  19. I would poo-poo on the vet, but I’ve found that even when they call back I don’t usually get a straight answer. Hope Charlotte continues to recover.

  20. Hope Charlotte is doing well. Inflammed something that the aspirin is helping.
    Is it any wonder ranchers and farmers got so self sufficient with illnesses and wounds ( animal and human!)

  21. Oh oh, I’m in big Ka Ka. When the very busy Celi writes in November, what the heck excuse do I have?

    Isn’t it fabulous having the Internet for quick reference? It saved me one weekend when my hot water tank was blowing up and not one plumber would answer his phone. So glad there is improvement – I really dislike that state of constant unknowing and concern.

  22. Poor Charlotte, and poor you Celi, left to fend for yourselves (again!) when it comes to the care of your animals. Aspirin for miss piggy makes total sense to me…pigs and humans being quite closely related and all – (and not just at the dinner table.) And I have to ask, third picture down, is that Charlotte who’s smiling with her whole face, all squinty-eyed? How do you not fall in love?! (Well, of course, that’s not even a question!) x

    • Yes that is Charlotte sitting down and Sheila giving me the eye saying do i have to stay in for another day! ANOTHER DAY!! Poor Sheila.. c

  23. We are glad that Charlotte is improving, very worrying when our ‘keep’ are not well, But after all aspirin ( Salycilic) comes from willow.. and it’s such a useful drug.

    • Which reminds me i need to go out to the big farm and cut some more willow for the cows and pigs and sheep to chomp on.. that willow bark is good stuff! c

  24. I’m SO happy Charlotte is feeling better. It is a good sign that she has continued to eat. When one of my animals would not eat it killed me with worry.

  25. I tend to agree that rest, your ingenious presciption of aspirin and lots of TLC should be sufficient – the arnica and glucosamine would serve to alleviate longer term effects… And, the Weblog world is indeed wonderful, I can’t think how we would exist without the forums, information and community 🙂

  26. I discovered on the fifth dog out of our seventeen, that they all recovered from speying or any other op by giving them pain relief – ie aspirin, – on the vet,s advice. It always worked like a charm- they literally sprang back to normal.. And when I went to stay with a friend in Wales, and she thought her old lab was never going to recover from her cancer op, as she was still lying miserably in her basket a week later, I insisted on giving her aspirin. Within two hours she was up, nosing her way into the drawing room, and pushing out the younger dog to get to the fire.
    So it looks as though you may be doing the right thing…..Do you have any friends who do reiki or shiatsu – that works on animals too….
    My cleaning lady just happens to be doing Reiki on a pig at the moment! She /the pig loves it

    • I am glad to read about that dog because this is how it has happened with charlotte.. quite amazing, i was not sure whether it was timing or the aspirin, I have learnt something today.. something good..

      • Oh Good !!!! Bully for Charlotte !.
        Seriously, it’s really sad how demoralised animals get when they’re in pain…thank heavens vets now recognise this, and give them painkillers …

  27. Glad to hear charlotte is on the mend, small steps (literally) in the right direction. Very good to know about the asprin. I have two areas for my pigs, one where I feed them and they have access to their beds, water and a wallow, and another much larger area of pasture where they free range, they have not beein going to the pasture since baby pig got sick so I am now wondering if she was bitten by a snake.

    • Mine have exactly the same set up.. but to get to their beds they have to leave the field and follow me down the drive like good piggies and then into the barn. they have never run off though i am waiting for them to. Bitten by a snake, that would be nasty, but Baby Pig is better now?

      • Yup I can’t tell you how relieved I was too see her and fat guts scrap over the last bit of dinner last night, back to normal now. Like you I don’t know much about this sick pig business. This is the 2nd time I have had a sick pig but both times they have gone down hill pretty quickly and seriously but then come good again relatively quickly. I have to say reading this blog has helped immensely, what a wealth of knowledge and support, I am benefitting from it all in a 2nd hand kind of way but appreciate it just the same.

  28. I’m do glad your pig is doing better but careful with the aspirin, it’s hard on the stomach. If she horks up something that looks like coffee grounds, stop – she’s bleeding somewhere. I can’t believe the problems with getting a vet out, I’m going to have to send my whole clinic candy or flowers or something. They’re always there (or here) when I need them be it for one animal or many, no matter if it’s a horse, donkey, goat or of course my late potbelly Roosevelt, and they always, always call back. They even have an email option for general questions. I believe the vet school here in Wisconsin is offering all kinds of prizes to lure people into large animal practice, there is definitely a shortage but I hear small animal practice is more lucrative.

    • I love the idea of an email for questions.. good advice about aspirin being hard on the tummy. When i gave it to her it was in honey and peanut butter and with her feed and milk. and 12 hours apart. She is looking so much better tonight that i think we have run our course. i think that the place i go to is just snowed under and i am considering going to another town, but any town with a vet is miles away anyway.. It just takes them so long to get here, they don’t have time .. take care sherry.. c

  29. Well, I began firmly believing in integrated/alternative medicine way back when you were almost considered a fruitcake for speaking up 😉 ! Aspirin in short term good, arnica could help [I still think it is a hip/back/weight problem?], glucosamine takes too long to work if it is OK on anmals, Tiger balm terrific, but for her size, OMG, win the lottery first 🙂 ! Let us please remember that a contented body has a tendency to heal itself: and Charlotte must feel very loved 😀 ! ‘Sheila’ and ‘bugger’: does US understand?

    • they are on a learning curve, and you are right about happiness, happiness means relaxation and that must be good for a bent muscle, she has had a lot of stroking these last few days.. c

  30. Late to the party …
    I hope Charlotte has continued on the mend. If anyone could will an animal to better health, you’d be the one to do it, Celi. Well, there was St Francis of Assisi but he’s harder to contact than your vet.
    I hope tomorrow’s a better day.

  31. So glad to hear that Charlotte is being helped. I wonder if sports rub works for pigs? I’m just back from the bach, so can catch up on your blogs again (out there, on dialup, they take 40 mins to load!) Sounds like the writing is going really well. You are riding the wave!

  32. Good for Charlotte! Glad to hear your writing is coming along well. A lot of change takes place outside in a month.

  33. Glad to hear that your Charlotte is on the mend. Our pig, Greta Garbo, hurt her leg 10 days ago and we did the aspirin thing. My husband just made slits in apple halves and shoved the aspirins in there. We think our piggie got her leg caught in a cattle panel. When the vet came to do the AI on the goats he told us to cut back on the aspirin so as to not hurt her stomach lining, but she was already a lot better after 5 days. I never had a chance to blog about it as the storm was on its way. I hope Charlotte continues to do well!

    • Ah, excellent idea to put the aspirin in the apple, if I need to do this again I shall do it that way.. thank you, Charlotte is loads better this morning, I think she might be able to come out into the field for a wee walk when it warms up.. Good morning.. c

  34. Pleased to meet you Vet C! Hee hee. Good for you taking matters into your own hands – bet you saved yourself on what could have been a hefty vet bill too.
    🙂 Mandy

  35. Awesome work on your NaNoWriMo!! Good job – keep it up. I love that you don’t give up on your animals and you track down whatever they need. They are blessed to have you (and I’m betting you feel blessed to have them!) Oh, and I love that tree house. Awesome.

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