Charlotte not much improved: vet today.

Peaceful day on the Farmy.  Later in the day the sun came out, and the wind dropped right away.

Poor Houdini can’t even have her dust bath in peace.

Mama has been doing a fence inspection

and is not impressed.

Charlotte is still limping dreadfully. I had to stay out of the barn yesterday as every time I checked on her she tried to drag herself up to see what was going on.  If I feed them seperately she does eat quite well.  At one point I fed Sheila then sat in front of Charlotte as she lay down and ate from a bin lid.  She ate everything too. 

And she is getting up to go to the toilet outside and drink her water. And seemed better in the afternoon. But I am not convinced she is improving. I shall call the vet again today. Sheila on the other hand is excited and busy and desperate to get out, but I cannot take her for a walk alone, it would upset charlotte too much, so she has to stay in as well.

The Daily View is still the same.

And the temperatures are still dropping at night though quite pleasant in the day. 

Good morning. Though the farmy was quiet yesterday the keyboard was not and the story roared away picking up 8,818 words so far.  As Bulldogsturf  advised me, just get as many words down as you can right at the beginning. Then I am committed. After that story will take over. So I am going with the flow. And I am loving it. Just letting the story take me where it will is so much more fun than trying to jam a story into a predetermined time line.

I will let you know how it goes with Charlotte, we have almost no chance of getting a vet to visit just for one pig.  Industrial hog farming has changed the perspective of an animals value.  And I am not seen as a real farmer so I have even less clout. And my favourite vet is a cow girl. She does not do pigs or sheep. And I have even less chance of getting the poor pig  up into the stock trailer to visit a vet. We will see. Fingers crossed.

But this is farming and we will keep on working at it. You all have a good day.


75 Comments on “Charlotte not much improved: vet today.

  1. Good morning Celi, interesting about the vets, well not of you actally need one! I realise how niaive I am about these things…… an animal is sick, it needs help……
    And I spy TonTon in the daily view, hope the day pans out for you and Charlotte

    • Yes the vets are just too busy. We need more. It is a huge job for just one vet. But he will do a phone consult so that is what i am after. i just know he will tell me to wait and see though.. c

  2. We have a dearth of large animal vets around here, other than for Fancy Horses…There are lots of small farms – mostly dairy cows – and their vets are swamped. Hope Charlotte heals soon…
    Happy writing! Sounds like you’re off to a roaring start!

  3. Poor Charlotte — her appetite is still good at least — my father raised pigs for many, many years, wish he was still here to ask advise from. Does the Old Codger know about pigs, or does he know another senior you could ask? Congrats on how well the story is going!

    • No the old codger does not do pigs but i am bringing in the big guns today. First the vet, then I will call the breeder.. we will see what they think.. c

  4. Oh, my goodness! 8000 words! You are way past me. Good going!

    I do hope Charlotte gets seen today. It’s sad that a single animal is not considered valuable anymore. Seems like one vet commitment is to prevent animal suffering.

    • i think half the problem is that they do not have the time. So a big farmer with lots of ongoing work will get the first call.. I am trying to get some numbers under my belt, there is no school today.. sigh.. noise. i am not a good writer in noise! especially tv and radios. c

  5. Sorry to hear Charlotte is still out of action but it is a good sign that she is eating and drinking and keeping up her good toileting habits, something she might not be able to do if she were in a really bad way.

    My sick pig (her name is baby pig, her sister is fat guts) has improved over the last 24 hours. Last night I really thought she would not make it through the night, there were the awful symptoms as described yesterday but also she would not drink milk and as you know a pig that refuses milk must be in a very bad way. Fat guts on the other hand couldn’t believe her luck!

    This morning she looked better, still wobbley and frothing from the mouth a bit, but she got up and ate a bit of breakfast. It has been hot here so my lovely neighbours made sure she got water whilst I was at work and tonight she seems much better. Her nose is cold and the frothing has stopped and she ate her grain, milk, mollases and cod liver oil and seems much happier.

    I phoned a vet who “does pigs” but is not very local. He said it was probably poisoning or some rare problem with her intestines related to a feed. Either way he assumed I would not want him to come out as it would cost more than the pig was worth and i guess he is right, another reality of farming. He said pig farmers usually only get the vet when they think the disease is notifiable, otherwise the big concerns manage the vetinary stuff themselves (by using shitloads of preventative antibiotics i would imagine).

    I spoke to another small time pig farmer who also suggested it might be good to feed charcol tablets in cases of poisoning, I didn’t have tablets but I did have charcol in my woodburner and both pigs were very interested to eat it so who knows?

    So there you have it, we are oceans apart but have a very similar experience as far as small time pig farming goes. Sorry about the long comment but good to share the knowledge.

    • I am very grateful for the comment,it is good to know in case I have a similar problem and it is true about the cost of a vet visiting. We had a cat called FatGuts once and I am thrilled that Baby Pig is getting better. That must have been a terrible worry.. I had forgotton about the charcoal. we used to take them for the trots.. good tip.. have a good day..c

      • thanks for the tip about the molasses, is that to encourage them to eat cos it smells so good or is there another reason?

        • oh it is good stuff, high in iron, calcium and potassium. As you know it is a by product of processed sugars, basically they strip all the good stuff out and then SELL people the white powdery left overs! and the real good stuff is the molasses. The cows and pigs get garlic, real cider vinegar and molasses in their feed daily, especially in spring and autumn. Beet shreds are another good feed for pigs too. Plus molasses is so sweet! But syrupy and not good to work with when using a cameRA!!c

  6. Our next door neighbours are both vets – he does small animals and a few cows. He’s frightened of horses. She does nothing but pigs, working for just one farm, so obviously its pigs that are farmed intensively here. A herd of a dozen cows is considered a reasonable size.

  7. Sorry, I got carried away and pressed the post button before I’d sent a get-well hug for Charlotte, and a good morning to Celie.

  8. Phew, at this rate you will have completed the challenge in just over 5 days! Would the Haagh farmer not be able to assist or give you some advice for Charlotte? Poor Piggy hope she gets better real soon. Laura

  9. I am really impressed with the way you look after those pigs. They seem extremely nice pigs and are deserving of someone like your good self. Mama appears to have the cage of a massive champagne cork around her nose – you should keep an eye on her drinking:)

  10. Oh no, our poor girl isn’t better today and what a bother that you can’t “just” get a vet in for one little piggy or even worse get her to one. Oh dear C. Sending positive thoughts and healing energy.
    🙂 Mandy

  11. I have the same vet situation (or lack of) with my goats. No problem with my horses, though. There are so fewer large animal vets than there were years ago, and they’ve become so specialized, it’s hard to get one to make a farm call for a small number of animals. I’ve learned to do most of my own vet care for the goats and thankfully haven’t had any major illnesses or injuries to deal with. Hope Charlotte gets better.

    • Morning SilverMoon and welcome to the farmy Lounge of Comments.. at least we are lucky enough to be able to talk to each other in this crazy internet medium, it is amazing how much knowledge is out there stored away in our own blog friends heads!

  12. I really had hope for better news of Charlotte today, Celi. The vet situation must be pretty frustrating. Lucky for Charlotte she’s on a farmy with you there to look after her. I hope, at the very least, the vet can advise you over the phone.
    Have a great day, Celi. It’ll be a sunny one but I’m afraid the warm ones are behind us. Don’t forget to write today’s quota. (Ha! Like that would ever happen!)

    • Sun is good all the animals are out in it except for charlotte, the fire is going inside. Of course i called the vet and he is out all day.. poo.. c

  13. Wow, Celi, is your computer smoking? : ) What a great start! I tend to write the way you described–no outline, at least not a strict one. I do sketch things out a bit, and I *think* about it quite a lot, even when I’m not writing. I love it when the story takes its own turn, or a character does or says something I didn’t anticipate. Good for you! On a sadder note, poor Charlotte. Good luck with her. Maybe she’ll improve today.

  14. Back to my earlier comment…giving a pig a shot is horrible…like you say thick hide and all, but it can be done. My first attempt broke the needle, the pig got upset, I panicked, the vet came out and LASSOED her NOSE of all things (which upset me and the pig) hooked her to a post and gave her the shot. Both the pig and I were glad the vet left. The bill wasn’t too bad. After 24 hours the pig and I were glad the vet came!


    • Horrible, poor piggy. Well i called the vet and of course he is OUT all day. Not a vet to be had. The girl said something about pain relief that she could not give me until she had spoken to him anyway. So onto the internet I went and I can give her aspirin! Who knew. So I did, mixed with a banana and honey. I sneaked a look a wee bit ago and she is sitting up again. She is always worse in the cold of the morning which does make it look muscular. Now we wait and see again.. c

  15. Good morning, c and the farmy animals. Poorly animals are such a sad sight. I’m sending all my good thoughts toward Charlotte today.

  16. Disturbing about the piggie… hope she comes right… have vets now become like doctors, bigger than their patients, in the old days they got paid in chicken now they won’t come out unless your a big farmer, unbelievable…
    Glad the writing got off to a flying start, now your ahead of schedule and will finish early… giving you lots of time for editing and maybe small rewrites… Proud of you… nearly 9000 words.. well done…

  17. Sure wish you had James Harriot around to visit Charlotte. It is criminal the lack of medical care for large animals! Is the U of I any help at all? They certainly SHOULD be.

    • I would have to get her up there and she cannot step up at all, and driving all that way in a stock trailer would not be wise.. I wonder if i can call and talk to someone up there tho.. will see..good thinking c

  18. Poor Charlotte. Snuggles and good juju to her. And YOU GO GIRL! So proud of your word count. I am still inspecting the NaNoWriMo fence (perhaps Mama is too?) to see if I wish to take the plunge, but now, time is a-wasting.

  19. Oh, poor lil Charlotte…I was hoping that she’d be better today but will keep my fingers crossed for recovery….Wow, yes your keyboard must be smokin!! You’re off to a great start!! Congrats!!

  20. Mama’s face always makes me smile…such an expressive sheep! I do hope Charlotte improves greatly today or you can get a vet out. How frustrating…and I’d never thought about the fact that a vet would be less inclined to visit a small farmy versus an industrial horror. You’re going to have that book written by the end of next week…I can feel it! 🙂

  21. Poor Charlotte. I’ve carefully read all the comments. We are not just talking about pigs we are concerned about Charlotte – who happens to be a pig. Sending prayers to the patron saint of animals. St. Francis of Assisi. Virginia

  22. I’m reading later in the day, hoping for good news of Charlotte, but it sounds like it will be awhile. I wrote five pages this morning, but most of it is dialog so I don’t know how many words I’ll get out of it. I’ll count them and the post the results on NaNoWriMo.

  23. Aw poor Charlotte. Has she got something in her foot do you think? In that case, you could try poulticing which would save negotiating with the vet. 🙂

  24. Wow, that’s a lot of words for a day! It’s good to get “ahead,” too, in case something comes up and you have to miss a day here and there. The little chicks are so cute. Mama is pretty as ever. Wishing the best for Miss Charlotte.

  25. Go you with NaNo, what a start 🙂 Not knowing much about Charlotte’s (as Virginia is quite right, she’s not just a pig) but dabbling in home remedies, the aspirin was a good call – I once saw aspirin used to treat a sick gold fish (Baby Panadol would have been my first choice but needs be…). Rest is good, plus for sprains or bruising: arnica, or for joint injury: glucosamine – both adult dosage I would say for Charlotte.

    • I read about that glucosamine for pigs too, i might stock up on some and give her a dose for a while.. good call thank you ella D.. c

      • No problem, I’ve used it successfully on an arthritic dog, plus humans with assorted ailments 🙂 Don’t go past the arnica if you can get some, as I have used it to treat lame dog, same dog 😉

        • is that the tablets? or the cream, (arnica) the thing is i do not know where the problem is though i seriously think it is in her hip. yet she holds up her foot. c

          • The cream is more for bruising, and I think for Char you’d been need far too much to apply topically. For animals I have used pilules & drops, or there is also a spray. If you can put the pilules in her mouth, or spray or drop so much the better but otherwise drops in water. I’m only suggesting arnica as it usually works within a few days whereas glucosamine takes a little longer. I would suggest adult dosage, I guess by weight. It may well be that rest will work also but just take a while longer. Interestingly just in the supermarket and branded joint repair (glucosamine) products for dogs caught my eye. I googled & sure enough there is, but look also what I found… holistic first aid remedies for pigs! I swear you can find info on anything on the web 🙂 Give Charlotte a pat from me 🙂

          • Just thought…given orally arnica will find & heal energetically, and the glucosamine aids joints to stengthen and repair… both perfect for hips but they effect in different ways and time frames.

  26. Hi C
    I know it is a worrying time when an Animal is unwell, I found it strange that its hard to get a vet out. I think the daily view changes everyday. Just as ‘The Father’ is charting the temperature I am save each daily photo and I see changes 😉

    • I called the vet and no go! Love that you are saving the daily View. This month things changed dramatically. Soon we will drop into four months of grey.. ah well.. see you soon sister.. not long now.. c

  27. I’m sorry Charlotte isn’t better! It takes a bit to get our heads around country vets – in suburbia, folks just drive the animal up to the clinic and sit in the waiting room – not what happens in rural areas! I hope she’s on the mend soon.. x

  28. Good morning. Maybe a visit from the pet will be a good thing just to make sure everything is okay. Take care and stay positive. BAM

  29. Oh poor Charlotte, and no vet – not even a student vet who will come? So glad to hear of the big word flow; it sounds like fun.

  30. I am always surprised to learn more about “how it goes” for you as a “non” farmer…so many of us are devalued in status by some arbitrary line…and dollar signs, of course! 🙂 I’m glad that you, as most of us in the blogging world, I believe, are intrinsically motivated by different joyful noises! I am pleased to hear that your writing has taken a prolific leap from imagination to paper. I knew it would! 🙂 Big hugs going forward…and a special hug to dear Charlotte! D

  31. Vets can be so difficult to get. I just love your pigs (well, everyone else too) so I hope Charlotte feels better soon.
    Happy writing.

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