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Sine Wave on a Slope

I was reading about weather patterns yesterday morning and ‘like a sine wave on a slope’ was a phrase I read. And I liked the sound of it. They were talking about the earth cooling down slowly into the winter – then warming slowly… Continue Reading “Sine Wave on a Slope”

Sheila has trotter trouble

The day before yesterday Sheila pulled up lame, by that afternoon she was not walking at all. This happens to Sheila sometimes, she had been out in the field and I think she trips on the ruts, or the coming rain upsets her bones… Continue Reading “Sheila has trotter trouble”

A Fine day on the Farmy

It was a grey chilly day.  Almost no direct sunlight.  It is funny how even the tiniest shaft of sun can lift our heads. Yes, this is the same peacock. The Duke of Kupa’s train is growing so fast! This has surprised me, I… Continue Reading “A Fine day on the Farmy”