Daisy’s Naughty Face

Daisy is not always nice. But she is slowly increasing her milk production again. 

Ever so slowly. She was smelling sweeter yesterday too.  I personally think she has been a little off colour. She has had other symptoms indicating a heath struggle. But she is improving. It may be that because they are eating the grass so low now that she ate something she should not have.  The fields have been checked and I did find a few baby hemlocks popping up. Gone now. Though as a rule a cow would not eat them, it is hard to get them to eat the good weeds.

Some people in town were on a tree chopping mission which is miserable for the trees but means firewood for us in another year, or s,o once it is dried. In fact these trees were on a property previously owned by is family so there was familial determination not to waste the trees chopped down by the new owners of the property.  

We hate to see any tree go down and have never had to cull a tree for firewood yet. All our wood comes from opportunist gathering after other people have called in the tree choppers. Better that the trees keep us warm than end up as ignoninious wood chips.  There is an equation I have not made: green house gases released by rotting woodchips compared to a well managed fire.  The father was discussing it the other day but we have not come to a conclusion yet. 

Hairy and Mama. 

Daisy and Queenie playing.

The Daily View.

Did you notice that the lilac behind the little magnolia has also lost its leaves. We are having very strong winds yesterday and today. Bendy Tree days. It will be interesting to see what our View is tomorrow.

The low temps are not accurate as I did not reset the maxi/mini the day before yesterday. However if nothing else it does demonstrate the  extremes in temperature changes we can experience in 48 hours.

Good morning everyone. I hope you are having, or have had, a lovely weekend.

My word count is still growing. Nanowrimo with its lack of rules is a wonderfully free medium to work within. However I do think that my actual writing is improving. Many of you have asked when will you see this book. Well it really is just the draft of a book. Much of it is indeed exploratory.  There is a lot of blocking where I have just set down a part of a chapter, then gone quickly to the next one before it all falls out of my Paddington Bear head. There is a terrific amount of dialogue.  I shall begin the rewrite, I would like to call it an edit but it will be a rewrite, on January 1st, using the same daily schedule.  So sometime next year I may have a few passages ready for reading but the book, as books do,  will take some time. In fact I am not even sure what the ending will be yet but that is the beauty of Nanowrimo, I am given permission to just forge ahead and see what happens.

Have a lovely day.


33 Comments on “Daisy’s Naughty Face

  1. hi celi! did you see the pic of the cow i posted yesterday…a reel looker! we are going to be 74 today and then dropping 30 degrees. glad daisy is smelling better…haha! joyce

  2. well Daisy is looking in fine fettle today what with that pink tongue hanging out.
    I’m fascinated how you are writing, some people I know have such a specific plan and ending, others barely write 100 words a day, and there you are tip tapping on the keyboard, jumping around and not knowing exactly where it is taking you.

  3. Greenhouse gases or not, we need heat and burning replacable wood has definitely got to be better than using those irreplacable fossil fuels. So yes, utilizing any fallen/culled trees is a must in my book.
    P.S. Love the photo of Hairy & Mama sharing the water! I can imagine him sidling up to her and saying, “Fancy a drink Love?”

  4. I have to know– when you say Daisy is smelling sweeter, what do you mean? Her breath? her body odor? Her milk? Also, are Daisy and Queenie related? It is so cute how they play! Happy Sunday, Ceci.

    • mainly her breath but also her pee and poo .. I know that is a wee bit gross but you often know there is something wring from the smell of an animals wee.. sorry, i know that is icky.. but there you are.. c

  5. That is the way of trees here in the North West. So many trees that people chop them down and leave the lovely wood by the roadside. When I bought this rickety 1920’s house, my one priority was a wood fire fireplace; believe it or not, a luxury here Vancouver houses. (Sometimes we’re too eco friendly for our own good) The fireplace works a treat but I haven’t had this house long enough to go thru one of our great windstorms. I wonder how the old girl will do.

    • I love to get your advice, and shall do exactly that, it is possible that with the lack of grass and increase in drought hay she needs more groceries! c

  6. Well, she may be naughty, but Daisy sure has a lovable face. 🙂 Warm and windy here today, too, but changes are expected soon.

  7. Such a fine, fine photograph of Daisy. She is making a wonderful statement. A happy Sunday to all on the Farmy. Hugs, Virginia

  8. Great shots of the farmy-mates, Celi. Is that a gourd hanging over the near end of the woodpile? Have birds used it for nesting? A number of years ago, a grandson of one of Zia’s neighbors was in scouting. He hollowed out a couple and they could be found hanging around the area.
    Another warm, windy day today. Watch out tomorrow!

    • yes that is a gourd, i have them hanging in different spots, tho the wind gets them, but the one outside the front window always has birds nesting in it.. I had a really good crop one year!! c

  9. The clarity of the dayview is absolutely amazing: no pollution and that cold in the air! Daisy: methinks she is entitled to blow us an occasional ‘raspberry’ after all the photography she endures 🙂 !

  10. C, I suggest you do a search on YouTube for “rocket stoves” and/or “rocket heaters.” Those that are well designed are proving to be HUGELY more efficient than conventional wood stoves(heaters), and generate as little as 1/10th of the pollutants. I’ve just built one, and have found that to be the case. Truly phenomenal efficiency by comparison. And after it heats up, there is literally almost nothing but steam being ‘piped’ to the outside air! Also great for heating your water as well…if you coil some copper tubing inside the stack. In fact there’s at least one video that shows how to use it (at the same time) to run a small, very simple steam engine that can be charging your otherwise solar-powered batteries (not to mention pumping water) on those days when the sun don’t shine. Anyway, take a look. I think you may find the idea VERY interesting! 😉

  11. Glad to hear Daisy is improving, I love that first pic of her with her tongue out! You take the best pics of all your animals and birds.

  12. Love today’s photos, Hairy and Mama’s heads together, as well as Daisy and Queenie–and Daisy’s naughty face. teehee

  13. What a marvellous voyage of discovery the writing is! I love the feeling of discovery, not quite knowing where I’m going. Daisy’s portrait is really funny.

  14. Amazing photos Celi, especially the first one of Daisy. Hope all is well.
    Regards Florence x

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