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In-side the cloud

Yesterday the warmth brought a heavy mist and I worked within the cottony echoey warmth of a wet cloud all day. The pigs loved the misty warm weather – they were outside in their field almost all day. The view from the clothes line… Continue Reading “In-side the cloud”

breakfast in the fog

By myself… because no-one else here is as moved by fog as much as I am, but thats ok. No-one else finds delight in moving amongst the blanket of droplets that remind me of the sea. But thats ok. You see,  no-one else here, the… Continue Reading “breakfast in the fog”

Time with it’s Laws

Morning. Evening. Time will move along. As we move along in its clear wake from gentle cool spring into an unknown summer. The laws of time are rock. Our rock. I hope you all have a lovely day. Your friend celi

Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…

..With Pigs. Yes you read right.  Queenie Wineti my sweet little Hereford heifer was caught picking a fight with a small PIG. It started out as such a soft and gentle misty day. The animals all slept in. The peacock added his new found… Continue Reading “Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…”