breakfast in the fog

By myself…tables-and-chairs-005

because no-one else here is as moved by fog as much as I am, but thats ok.


No-one else finds delight in moving amongst the blanket of droplets that remind me of the sea. But thats ok.

You see,  no-one else here, the people who grew up on the plains,  realises that the sounds in the fog on the plains, are very like the sounds that sift across the waters of the ocean in the fog.  So when I sit alone in the misty mornings, it is a little like sitting on the sea, in the early, early morning.  And as you know I grew up on a beach by the sea.  So I love the fog on the plains. But no-one else needs to have to understand this feeling of mine. I am allowed to own it all to myself. We all have different beginnings and that is a good thing.


So my love of the drifting dripping mists is like a beautiful secret. And you know what? I know I am married and all that but I am actually perfectly happy eating my home made muesli and yoghurt with a big mug of hot, hot coffee, out in the garden, on the edge of a vast field, surrounded in nothing but heavy fog and swirling cats and dogs. Not needing someone else to understand me is a good thing.

Today Jake is coming out early to shadow me across the fields so he can learn how to  manage the farmy mornings while I am away.  So I had better get a wriggle on.


Aunty Del and the sheep are back in the home fields, ( the sheep actually RAN into the Black Mariah for their ride home – Aunty needed to be coaxed) and Our Queenie has gathered her flerd back up and is content again. Queenie was feeling quite forlorn without Daisy. When a one ton cow starts following you around the farm pretending to be interested in everything you are doing you know she is feeling lonely.


Did I tell you that I think  Marmalade is pregnant? I think. Though I know very little about pregnant cats.

I hope you have a  lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy,




59 Comments on “breakfast in the fog

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  2. I think it’s just as well Queenie isn’t inclined to try and curl up in your lap for company… It’s that foggy time of year here too. I know what you mean about the sounds; there’s something far-off and lonely about sea sounds, and you get the same mournful effect in fog. What I love most, though, is the pearly light of the sun through the fog as it’s just coming up, all pinks and lilacs like the inside of a shell…

  3. Lovely pictures C and beautiful words too,another brilliant post on your really excellent blog,I am so glad I found your blog,Have a brilliant day.
    Cheers from downunder.

  4. I love to look out on foggy mornings (we had one today) but I need to stay indoors as the fog goes for my chest. This getting older lark is a bore! Especially since I am just a little girl with wrinkles. 😉 Have a good day, doing, thinking and planning!

    • Oh I like that, little girl with wrinkles! I think I’m a teenager with wrinkles.

  5. That is a very attractive fog! Queenie must be pleased – it must be boring standing all day in the same field with no one to talk too. Marmalade will be taking her kittens to Nannie Boo for baby sitting duty 😉

  6. As long as you don’t start hearing fog horns! Or see a big ship pass you by LOL.
    Have a great day.

  7. I love fog too, now that I miss it. Mine came from the cold North Atlantic as a kid I hated it because it always rolled in, and you could see it coming, to ruin some summer day. It’s wishing fingers would creep in around everything you couldn’t even see where you were walking sometimes. You would love it!

  8. I totally relate to this. If you’d asked me what my favorite “symbol” in life was, or what “thing” held a special meaning for me, I’d have told you: fog. I’ve written about it too. But I don’t think I’ve ever captured it as well as you have here.

  9. I love the fog too. And the soft rain – not the frog strangling – cow pissing on a flat rock – torrential down pour we often get, but a gentle soft rain of tiny droplets. I have been known to walk in rains like that when there is not thunder or lightening. We get them once or twice a year here in Texas.

    Poor Queenie must be lonely. I’m glad her ‘flock’ is back with her. Have a lovely day!!!

  10. Foggy mornings make me somewhat lazy , I am sure you would love to just sit and enjoy it but there is much to be done to prepare you for your wonderful trip!!!

  11. I like the mystery of fog, not being sure what might or might not be in front of a way it is creepy

    have a great day miss C

  12. It takes all sorts! Fog to me is fear – a throwback to being lost in the fog within 200 yards of home, aged about 9; and the chest-heaving horrors of London smog in the 1950’s, where all transport ground to a halt, and I didn’t make it home from a school Christmas dance and six of us slept on the floor at a friend’s house after a hair-raising struggle.

  13. I know what you mean about the quiet, yet unique sounds of low lying fog. I too grew up surrounded by water, on an island. I tried to move away from the water once, but didn’t fair well., hence, I live in a coastal state where the ocean is a short drive, and there are rivers all around. How did you break from having the ocean close by?

  14. How exciting to have kittens on the way! Cats getting pregnant just sort of happens, no matter what unless they are spayed, and the vets say that earlier is better. And they are really not much trouble at all, and having kittens can be wonderful! Something else to look forward to!!! xo

  15. Foggy here this morning as well. I love how all sound is muffled and the mystical change that fog brings.

  16. I get the fog thing! I grew up in Oklahoma and so it’s wind for me, rather than fog. Now i live in East Texas where it’s usually still and humid, and I can remember when we first moved here I kept complaining that there was “no air” until I realized what I missed was the wind. It’s been twenty three years since I’ve lived in Oklahoma, but to this day whenever there’s a change in the weather and the wind that comes along with it, I run outside just to breathe and enjoy feeling like I’m home.

  17. We occasionally get mystical foggy mornings up here on the ridge. When it lifts from our road we often see “mystic lakes” in the valleys below. I love walking in it with the dogs. My books arrived – thank you. Joy

  18. “the fog comes on little cat feet…..” I always think of that poem by Carl Sandburg in the fall here in Kansas in our Flint hills… “it sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on.” ……. I love foggy fall mornings, too….. Have a happy Day… Hugs from Kansas.

  19. This mornings fog on my way to Celi’s Post Office was magical. It was high off the ground and I was driving under it. As I passed a house I could see the bottom and the top of the trees and house but the middle was hidden. The sun not quite over the horizon was a glorious pink. I love when it is that color!

  20. We may have a drought and little rain, but we frequently have foggy mornings or early evenings and I, too, find them magical. I can understand how the fog ushers in some tranquil, home-filled thoughts. Your photos are beautiful!

  21. I always love your photos, but today’s are absolutely stunning. You’ve captured the fog so well both visually and written down. I’m a huge fan of fog as long as I’m not driving in it- it can been so relaxing

  22. I have really enjoyed your posts about your fog, almost romantic. Fog in my back yard is spooky and a bit unsettling. I also used to loathe commuting to work in it with thousands of other drivers going much too fast on the freeways 😦 So pleased Queenie has her flerd back, I was wondering how she is doing without Daisy. Laura

  23. The marine fogs drift through our fields in the early morning. They are the first sign of autumn. At night the freighters play a symphony of fog horns as they travel the river at the bottom of our road. I Love It!!

  24. What is a flerd that Daisy had? Never heard that term before. I have mixed feelings about Marmy being pregnant. As a member of the local Humane Society, I know there are many little kittens looking for a home that could be adopted. They only have a certain number of days before they are euthanized because nobody wanted therm.

  25. Aw, bless poor Queenie. I hope she and Del are good mates. How long before Del’s old enough to start “working?” I understand your love of fog. I love any grey weather: fog, overcast, rain, all of it. And wind.

    • Auty Del can calve at two years old if she is a healthy big cow, so not next spring, but maybe the following summer.. we will see. I calved Daisy way too late the first time – she was closer to three. c

  26. I love the fog. I’ve lived my whole life on the prairies, too, but those times I’ve found myself inside a cloud on the side of a mountain or on the edge of the sea, it has felt so much like home. Thanks so much for this. 🙂

  27. Touching photos of the fog, Celi. And I learn something from you every single day–looked up “flerd” and learned it is a herd of cattle and sheep and that the lambs will follow the cows when threatened–and that in order for them to get along to begin with, they have to bond early.

    • that is interesting, the bonding thing, I guess mine do know each otheer well, my flerd is getting along very nicely now, I can almost feel Queenies relief. She is not at the barn door every time I turn around now.. she is out there grazing again..

  28. Also –in today’s crossword puzzle was the hint oat-rolled cereal. The answer? Muesli–I never heard the word and figured it was wrong and would have to wait until tomorrow to find the correct answer.

  29. Queenie Mum must be delighted to have her flerd back. You give the fog an ethereal presence and beauty.

  30. Fog seems to bring a kind of peace with it, dense with calm and quiet before it lifts and presents a beautiful day. I too like to sit with it sipping coffee, enjoying its sparkly gifts. I wonder if Marmy’s kittens will add more gingers to Farmy’s feline contingent… Nanny Boo where are you? 🙂

  31. Poor sad Queenie. Some people think animals don’t feel but I know they do. When my sweet old gelding’s mom died he would follow the path where she was dragged to her gravesite (burying a horse is a ugly process), with his nose to the ground. Then he would reach the gate and stand staring mournfully toward where she disappeared. It broke my heart anew every time he did that. He took to hanging around by the fence whenever Rosie the pig was in the yard, just for the company. He finally starting eating again but was never his sassy teenage self after that.

  32. Your photos are always so beautiful! We had some fog roll in the other day and even though it was in an apartment complex, I still loved it. I always love it when the fog comes in. It makes the world so mysterious.

  33. I think once one lives near the ocean or on an island particularly, it’s difficult to live away from ‘big water.’ I don’t think I’m alone in feeling this way. Enjoy your fog, dearie.

    • It is difficult, but I have to say the Bigness of this environment makes it easier, mostly I miss the scent of the sea and the sounds.. c

      • Yes! Me too….the salt air, the clanging of the halyards, the mournful sounding of the fog horns warning “Peril!”, “Danger!”, “Ground!” I miss the blinking lights of the lighthouse…:) Even the greedy gulls following the Blues feeding and spitting up chum. The marshes, the fiddler crabs and eel grass…:) I grew in the most heavenly place on earth…for me.

  34. Fog is always so laden with mystery. Soon you will be beside the sea, I’m guessing, and you will breathe a great big sigh.

  35. I love the fog on the plains! I too grew up on the salt water and all I am lacking is the fog horn and gulls….but I do have the mist rolling across the fields and the geese honking on their way south and the ducks too! Mallards! So far in from the coast…:) I love to sit out in the mist and smell the moist air. I miss being out on the bay in the morning and it felt good to read that you do too! Kittens soon! I remember Marmalade! Is she a mommy now? Wonderful photos! 🙂 Have a great day! We are harvesting the beans. I am waiting to unload. Busy busy!

  36. Daydreaming of fogs (which I haven’t seen for a number of years) and a hot cup of coffee, looking forward to the sunrise and the gentle touch of the breeze. Your post evokes memories….love it!

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