A Hammer and a Nail

I took my hammer and nails and worked on fences most of the day.

Hello Minty.

There will be a lot of people in and out of the farm and the house while I am away and the last thing I need is a runaway pig taking advantage of an open door. So I have Poppy proofed the Dairy Mistress paddock for the big pigs and Tima-proofed her fields for the little pig. light-018

Hullo Tima.

Queenie and her flerd will have the run of all the back fields that have been locked up for a few months nowso there is piles of feed.



Hello Aunty Del.

I have never before had this much feed in the fields at this time of year.  And if the killing frosts hold off for another month or so and they usually come at the end of November – well,  except last year) then we will go into the winter in good shape.  In fact there is so much grass growth that yesterday I had to take the weed eater to the West Barn and trim under the low electric fence wires. light-034

Hullo Son of Neanderthol Man.

The barn chickens have their feed blocks upstairs (with Alison’s undead chook and her brood of chicks) and downstairs with these runaways and the peacocks and guineas.

What I have to do before I leave is get the No Shooting signs back up.  I do not want any hunting through my fields when I am away. The dogs will be in full on guard mode and so it is best if hunters stay away.


This was our sunset last night. It is getting to that time of year.


And now I must fetch my hammer again and finish what I started yesterday.  I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farmy


PS. Tomorrow I am going to announce the next Fellowship Book so you can think about it while I am away.  I will set up a page for you to register your interest in writing for it. You will have much longer to write this one and the men can write too I hope, I am VERY excited about it! We have so much fun ahead.


43 Comments on “A Hammer and a Nail

      • Do you hate the leaving? I usually enjoy the rare trips I get but oh my, how I HATE the leaving. My imagination works over time thinking of all the awful things that could befall my home and animals, like they wouldn’t happen if I were here!

        Your Tima is looking quite svelt and lovely, it makes me feel a bit guilty as my Percy is, um, somewhat portly.

        Much as I hate to think of it I would almost welcome a killing frost for John’s mare, Sally. She’s required to wear a grazing muzzle to keep her weight down as she has had a bout of laminitis in the past. At this point the grass is eaten down to where it is kind of difficult for her to graze with the muzzle but with the daily heavy dew the sugar content is much too high for her to go without. I tell her I’m terribly sorry every day when I put the muzzle on but she looks away and won’t acknowledge my apology.

        • my calves have a similar problem. runny bottoms and have to spend half the day inside.. they are a trifle piqued!.. poor sally with her muzzle. c

  1. You’ll have to tell Poppy and Tima that the fences are pig proofed, though perhaps that might be like an invitation to escape from Colditz… 😉

    • Poppy’s favourite thing is to bash at the gates in the hopes of rattlinng the chains off their hooks.. but I think Tima likes her new big enclosure, there is tons to eat in there.. she is such a good wee piggy – when she is outside that is.. c

  2. Minty pleased to be home and in her old haunt The Car Bar 🙂 The farmy magic is working on Skelator/Marzipan too, looking good. Laura

  3. The Farmy really is going into lockdown while you’re away… You are going to be missed by man and beast alike. I shall miss my nightly fix, but you’re going to have such stories to tell when you get back.

    • I intend to blog every day from home.. showing you the sights and describing the sounds and smells of home.. I will take you with me in my capacious handbag.. c

  4. Will you ever stop..you work on and on and on….your break in NZ will be nust the thing to recharge your batteries. We love you Miss C

  5. There is so much to do before you leave on a trip, isn’t there? And so much to do when you come home. But for now just think about that lovely trip to NZ and the hopefully lovely rest you will have for a few days. Can’t wait to hear what the next book will be!!! I am hooked on the first one and even giving one away on my blog so you know that if I can do the next one—I am in! Have a great day, Ce!

  6. I’m excited to see what the next book will be about too!!! Nose to the grindstone for the next week Celi to prepare, and they you can have Big Fun in New Zealand with ‘No worries, Mate’!!! xoxoxo

  7. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your chickens the last few days. My yard is infested with grubs! I’ve been out there raking up dead grass and collecting the grubs to take to the local chicken feed store, wishing your feathered friends lived close by. So far I’ve collected 22 lbs. 22lbs! From about 600 sq ft! I’m wimpy and can’t bear to kill critters who are there by right, but death via circle of life is another story. 22 lbs of grubs is a gross, gross sight though.

    • Lacey, that’s awful! It’s amazing your grass was alive at all! I’m glad you took them to the chicken feed store to be properly eaten by chickens. My chickens LOVE grubs.

  8. Do you have a checklist to make sure you’ve gotten everything done?
    Maybe you’ve mentioned it, but I have missed it—will John be going along?

  9. Amazing that your killing frost is not until the end of November. We had our first frost, quite early, just a few weeks ago. Typically it occurs about this time in September.

    I adore that last sunset shot. Adore.

    Excited to hear about the next book project.

    • we get the little frosts, but the killing frost is the one that kills the grass as well, then everything is dead from the ground up and we go brown.. The tomato killing frost is another thing altogether they will come soon, but so far we are still picking!.. c

  10. I love when we get to go on walkabout with you around the farmy. Now that we have checked on most of the cast, I shall get to work. 🙂

  11. Love your sunset. My setting sun is moving out of sight, I bid it farewell last night and may not have it in my skyline again until March/April. It sinks in line with my bungalow and my neighbour has an extension that hides it.

    Happy hammering as you close all the loopholes over the next few days. I hope you are practising your upside-down writing for when you are down under! 😉

  12. I find time just before a trip, even short ones as the G.O. and I often make but require preparation for as we seem to pack & haul quite a bit of stuff to our house, has peculiar properties. It stretches out waiting – zzzzz… and then contracts – zap – and there is much to be done. Then when we are away, it contracts – zap – and disappears – zip!

  13. Best wishes on getting it all together Celi! I am intrigued about your new book. I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in New Zealand. That country has been on my bucket list since college to visit. I can’t get my family to buy into that long of a flight, sigh… One day…

  14. It’s a lovely time of year …both of your places. Know there’s a lot to do now ( keep repeating to yourself “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do”). Good idea to plan a “transition” time at a close hotel. HAve a great time!
    gathering tools for the next assignment

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