Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…

..With Pigs. Yes you read right.  Queenie Wineti my sweet little Hereford heifer was caught picking a fight with a small PIG. It started out as such a soft and gentle misty day.

The animals all slept in. The peacock added his new found calls to the usual barnyard noises. I went to bed with a band and woke up with an orchestra I thought.  He is like an entire horn section with a few rogue string instruments chiming in.

John turned the compost, steaming in the cool morning haze.  Honestly I love compost. It  smells so good when it is this hot. 

I shifted the electric fence so that Hairy MacLairy could clean up a patch of land that will be sown in  buckwheat.  The ideal would be to put the pigs in there to root it up but we will wait for Sheila, I need a pig who will follow me and behave herself as we shall soon see.  For the moment we will let Hairy (well HairLess actually) eat it up. 

Then I made a small pen with a creep door so that the lambs could eat their extra feed in peace without their mother stealing it all.  Lovely as she is, Mama is a sheep after all.  

John picked the rest of the radishes.

Which I pickled to have on hamburgers for dinner. (very tasty) … It is just a regular fridge pickle made with coriander seeds and leaves and a little fresh ginger, onions and  garlic. We will eat it in a week. I was at the kitchen sink with all the windows open when I heard a deep woofing sound, in fact it sounded a lot like a cow barking, then a shrieky piggy sound. I watched TonTon bolt for the pigsty followed closely by the guineas. Fight I thought, capping the jars and drying my hands.  The guineas always make a bee line for any fight. I am not sure if they are policemen or hecklers. Usually it is a rooster fight but this one sounded different.

As I was putting on my gumboots I heard a loud wack, then cackling guineas, crowing roosters, more strange grunting sounds and then the absolutely incongruous sound of Kupa slowly calling out.  Shut uuup! Shut uuup!.

I rounded the corner of the barn and there was Queenie backing up and ramming the pig sty fence with considered and considerable force. And from the other side of the  pigsty fence the black and white piggie  was doing EXACTLY the Same Thing, screeching and wiggling practically bouncing up and down on the spot with piggie fury.  leaping back at the cow.  I am not even going to begin to speculate what they were saying to each other.  Do you see Daisy out the back of that shot clearly saying.  “Ooo  Hoo Hoo I am NOT the one  in trouble this time!” 

Very Bad behaviour.  Not cricket At All to pick on a piggie 600 pounds smaller than you are Queenie! Though I think this pig was giving as good as she was getting.  Anyway, I went through the barn and out the other side and Queenie  was called out of the field,  that adjoins the pigsty, and she was sent to the Black Hole of Calcutta (the darkest pen in the barn) so she could have a Think about her Behaviour. Now she is in the Rat House Paddock.  Most inconveniently I might add, as all the good grass is out the other side and I shall have to take her hay,  which is now in short supply, until this rather surprising problem is solved.

No fence will take that kind of pounding. She is a heavy little pitbull of a cow.  I shall have to rethink the sty. I have asked John if he has any corrugated iron at the workshop. Maybe if Queenie cannot see the pigs she will not be so intent on battering down their walls and ripping them apart.  Trouble in paradise!

Good morning. It is early early. Most of you are still asleep. We are off to the Bantam Swap to look for a hen for Kupa.  Don’t say anything though. I don’t want him to be disappointed. She has to be a well bred, bright eyed, articulate peahen with a reasonable vocabulary for Our Kupa.  I think they should at least be able to talk to each other.  So I am going to be picky. Of course it is probably all about the feathers if I were to ask Kupa. But I do not want some simpering piece of disapproving fluff tottering about. We want a good hard working friendly country pea hen.

You all have a marvelous day. I shall take my camera.  So you can see what I see, but tomorrow.


PS. I am not sure if WP is still having the comment problem but if you do get time to comment, don’t forget to uncheck the little ’email me comments’ tick below the comment box, so you are not sent unnecessary messages.

That was a confusing sentence even to me, but I am sure you know what I mean. Good morning.

70 Comments on “Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…

  1. That compost is a lovely sight indeed! I hope you manage to broker some sort of peace in the barnyard. In the mean time, I am looking forward to seeing what the day brings you!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do with radishes! We’re always unable to eat them fast enough fresh, even though I only do small sowings. You’ve now provided me with the perfect solution, thankyou!

  3. That’s what I call a compost heap!
    The radishes look fabulous, I need to sow more and I need to find a good veggie burger recipe. I’m hungry now and it’s only 11 am.Morning Celi!

  4. Angel picked her first radish yesterday! “Oooh, Grandmom! It’s RED! Can I do it again?”
    She was less enthusiastic about the taste…
    Hope your trip to the Swap is a success!

  5. i’ve never heard of a cow and a pig fighting! i hope you find kupa a mate. i can’t wait to see the photos! did you make the rhubarb sauce?

  6. Amazing behaviour – just like children! I had no idea that fights break out between breeds. Is this common? Good morning to you all! 🙂 Young-son-John and the-beautiful-Gaby due to arrive any minute for Sunday lunch … and dinner …. and I suspect Monday brekkie but I’m not sure about that. Time will tell.

  7. Morning Celie, That looks like the makings of a pretty good feud. I hope you can sort them out – we can’t have less than perfect peace from the farmy, now can we?

    I’m glad you’ve also issued the WordPress uncheck box warning. Even though I’ve been meticulous in unchecking every one today, I’m still getting spurious email notifications from ones that I commented yesterday, despite deleting every one from my subscription comments settings. Grrr,

  8. Pickled radishes sound wonderful and how gorgeous they look in the jar! I wonder why Queenie is so irritated by the pigs?

    Can’t wait to see Kupa’s new wife…wonder what he will think of that!?

    Have a lovely day ~ April

  9. I just found your blog and am so enjoying your photos and writing! I live in NJ, and just now getting ready to plant my garden for this season. Gardening is one of my passions! I will be adding you to my google reader! Have a great weekend!

    • Morning Kathy and welcome. Thank you so much for finding us. The garden is a perfect passion, time in a garden is therapy! c

  10. Good luck at the swap today, Celi. I hope the hen you find not only has the requisite charm and breeding but has at least been nominated for, if not won, a Nobel Peace Prize. Sounds like your farmy could use a peacemaker right about now. Have a great Sunday. A friend scored some seats so I’ll be back to Wrigley this afternoon. 🙂

    • my usual pickling spice goes something like this. 1 cup of cider vinegar, 1/2 cup water, 2 teaspoons of salt and and 2 tablespoon of sugar and then whatever spices and herbs I feel like. This is a fridge pickle. Otherwise I would put it in a water bath for a while. have as lovely Hong Kong day! c

  11. Cow and pig fights — what next? Were the other pigs ignoring the situation, or coming to the aid of their brother or sister? Good luck at the swap — I look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

  12. How funny. I wonder if putting them in the same space with supervision for 5 minutes might allow them to sniff each other and maybe make friends 😉 Good luck with the peahen.

    It seems like WP might have reverted to the tick box unchecked. I complained to them by email yesterday about the issue which was a real PITA.

    • I take the WP thing back – it would seem that one has to untick the box once and then WP remembers for the setting for a specific blog…

      I urge anyone irritated by this new development to email support@wordpress.com – they are actually quite friendly 😉

    • I can imagine but with enough of you complaining i hope it goes away soon, i am still unchecking boxes this morning.. morning mad.. c

  13. I’m not at all certain cows are Very Good at having a Think. I suspect they mostly end up thinking about chewing. Of course, the little pig probably shouldn’t have called her a fat cow in the first place. A “stupid sow” retort always ends in a fight, especially if one doesn’t bother to do a gender check first.

    I’m thinking you should have named the peacock Coltrane. If you’re going to have a horn section, you might as well have the best.

    • (laughter) Fat cow! Stupid sow!! perfect! and yes to Kupa being a Coltrane, if only i had heard his voice before his naming! maybe there will be a Coltrane somewhere in his future! c

  14. Celi, what drama at the farmy! Cattle ramming pigs? What is the world coming to!
    Thank you for another compelling episode of TheKitchensGarden….

  15. How strange, that your little cow should take such a dislike to the pigs! Your compost is gorgeous, it brings back memories of chilly early mornings on the farm in Zimbabwe when I was a child. We kids used to stand on top of the heap, digging our cold bare feet into the steaming, warm compost. as you say, compost smells wonderful. Hope you had a great day, C!!

  16. Well, looks like there’s a snaffu in the ‘all’s peaceful on the farmy’ picture. Hope those two work it out, or that Our John can find some corrugated iron to separate their sights of each other.
    The element here that breaks the “peace on our farmy” is Goliath the Goose. He has become a bit of a problem, as he attacks anyone, including me!!!, who comes close to Jack. He adores Jack and is insanely jealous of him!!! We are trying to work it out, but it is a problem! Suggestions welcome!!!

    • Oh mercy, that does not sound good. We had a duck once that took a liking to ANY hen.. we took him out to a big pond that had other ducks and released him.. there were no chickens out there and mine were safe once more .. but I have no idea what you can do with your goose.. c

  17. Oh my – children will be children I suppose! Am so glad we can all comment again safely now we know what to do….

  18. That wee WP problem is doing my swede! Well, there’s always one and Queenie seems to be your one. Hehe. I loved your description of the kind of girl that Kupa should be looking for. As for the guineas, I’d go with hecklers. 🙂

  19. Oh Queenie why would you do this? Are you jealous of the attention given to the new members – even as I say this I have to smile since she is too cute!
    And those pickles have me mesmerized and waiting for a burger 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. Pickles and peacocks and pigs, oh my!! Sometimes I think you are living in a children’s book (I mean that in the best way). Love your stories and the photos…. I must find different ways of saying that! 🙂

  21. Glad to know I’m not alone in the avalanche of “notify me comments” and thank you for the reminder to un-check.

  22. Enchanting post. An “Oh Dear” tattered nerves day for Stubborn Piggy and his agressor, Jealous Jr. Cow, and then not only enchanted, love the idea of shopping for the hen, good that it doesn;t have to be educated in England or something like that, and then, then, then, be still my heart, the radishes, and i wanted to get my computer ax whIch I wear on a leather belt around my waste, to chop into the food. But alas, alack, reality held me back!

  23. Favourite-ism anxiety? Queenie! As the numbers grow, it is a worthwhile challenge to practice inclusion and acceptance! Love, Soul Dipper.

  24. Such bad behavior at the farmy. Hopefully they will learn to live and let live.

  25. Oh, I hope you find the perfect lady friend for Kupa! I love the names you give, Black Hole of Calcutta, e.g. and your entertaining writing in general. 🙂

  26. I hope it was a successful day at the swap. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a smart, sassy beauty for Kupa. 🙂 I wonder what set Queenie off. Maybe it was just one of those days.

  27. HairLess…tee hee, that made me giggle. Um, sorry Mr. McLairy. What a row between cow and sow…wonder what that was all about? So if I wanted to try my hand at these amazing sounding radish pickles, would I need to heat the vinegar mixture first…and is so to boiling…before pouring it over the radish and putting in the fridge? I’ve actually never made a pickle…but now I want to!

  28. If I may double dip, Celi, I’ve told a friend about you – she’s setting up her little farm in BC and just acquired three lambs and a week-old rejected calf. The four are bonding nicely and June is feeding the calf very successfully. I told her about you finding one little lamb terribly bloated so she wants to read up about how you dealt with that. Here’s June’s blog: http://morrisbrookfarm.wordpress.com/

    I so admire both of you!

  29. Pickled radish what’s good idea, I wanted to do cucumber bit have missed that season so will pickle something else instead. Your animals, just like a squabbling family one minute and friends the next

  30. Beautiful images (both written and photographed) and I am definitely making pickled radishes, especially since I can actually grow my own radishes in window boxes from my tiny London flat! Thanks.

  31. Hi C, what a wonderful life you lead supervising and being in charge of all these animals and their personalities. There is a movie in this for sure. Something like Mary Poppins merging with Dr Doolittle. And yes, I’m still having lots of issues with WP. When people comment I only get their email not their URL so in order to then comment on their blog, I have to google their blog which is extra time-consuming. I hope this is all just temporary xx

    • Oh No how boring. I am thinking of going Dot Com do you think this would make a difference?.. c

  32. So much to digest here. But first, I have not heard of pickled radishes. They certainly make for lovely photographs.

    And that pig and cow fighting…hmmm…never heard of that either. No one’s talking yet either, I suppose.

  33. Pitbull of a cow! Wow, that’s strange – maybe she’s bored, or wondering about this sudden proliferation of other creatures – how funny! Lovelovelove that capture of the radishes, close-up (in the jar). Your images take my breath away.

  34. Never considered making pickles from radishes, much less putting them on burgers. I must try that!

  35. Hmmm, Queenie seems to have decided that pigs are not to be tolerated, or that Daisy is getting lazy in the mischief-making department, or something. Hope everybody settles down as needed! 😉

  36. Pingback: If growing radishes was an olympic sport I’d be a gold medal winner | Promenade Plantings

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