Local food love and a few pages to visit.

Look who came to visit the Kitchen’s Garden.  Milkweed is a protected weed in our gardens but it is not flowering yet Miss Monarch. You will have to settle for salvia.

Today being Saturday, I would like to introduce to a few new blogs.  Actually I have quite a long list of exciting new blogs for us to visit but these few will do for today. 

I will start with My Darling Lemon Thyme. Emma is a New Zealand woman living in Australia. She creates beautiful food!  She a generous discerning designer of tastes.  I love her food and her Kiwi sense of humour.

Talking of Kiwi sense of humour.  The Wool Blog.  Another New Zealander, this time living in London.  He is cool. I mean, he has that wry not harsh but quirky sense of humour which makes me laugh out loud.  He works in the wool industry and his writing is refreshing, informative and fun. 

Nature’s Nurture. Sarah lives simply. And she genuinely and passionately wants us to, as well. She has great tips and recipes for  cleaning, eating and  living in an environmentally friendly way. I hate that term, we need to find another one. How about environmentally loving or world loving or just plain SENSIBLE.   Sarah has great tips for running a sensible sustainable home.

And now another Sara. This Sara wrote to me with a rather stunning proposal after the sheep were sheared. Her blog is called Punkin’s Patch  and she is crazy about sheep and wool. She has asked me to send her some of Mama’s fleece  and she is going to spin it into yarn  for me.  She is very fond of Mama. I would love it if Sara could create us a page, as a guest blogger on The Kitchen’s Garden, so we can all see how she does it. The link I am sending you to, has the most extraordinary piece of weaving made from her own wool.  Mama’s fleece will be in very good hands.

The Waiting Artist. Marianna has a sweet light hearted blog.  Last week she introduced me to her breakfast bread. She does not know that I am on a mission to recreate the old Vogels thin sliced raisin bread that we used to buy in NZ, in the 90’s.  I miss this bread so much out hereon the prairies. I made her breakfast bread the other day and it is as close as I have got to Vogels so far. Thrilling!

Now Daisy, you have no manners. Didn’t I teach you to close your mouth when you chew! Really she is just showing her appreciation to The Matriarch for  finding  a new supply of fresh vegetables.  My mother In law has gently cajoled, and slightly bullied with a smile, the ladies at the local grocery store into giving The Kitchen’s Garden all their old produce, instead of giving it to the dumpster.  So yesterday as a special treat Daisy had onions and celery. The pigs are very partial to old bananas! And Mama woofs down the lettuce leaves.  Now that is a sensible sustainable idea!

Good morning. Look at the time!  It is almost 6.30 and I am still only half done with my chores.  So I am going to get going. But first I must tell you. Last night Kupa cried out in the night. You know the one. The screaming baby one! I had to laugh. Nothing wakes Our John AT ALL.  But this sound had him rising up out of bed before he even had his eyes open!

“Kupa” I mumbled into my pillow.

“The peacock?”,  he said, “is that The Sound?”

“Yup.” I said and went back to sleep.

“At night?” he grumbled, as he lay back down.

Giggle. We are so naughty! And evidently the pea hens are louder!  I have not told him yet! Oops Mama is calling. I had better get moving.

Good Morning. Have a fabulous weekend.


58 Comments on “Local food love and a few pages to visit.

  1. Seeing the monarchs return is always a welcome sight. There was an interesting NOVA special on PBS showing their 4 generation migration up into Canada and back to Mexico where they winter. These fragile little beings are far stronger than one would think. So, Kupa found his voice, eh? Maybe he just longs for a hen & will quiet when she arrives. Yeah, right! Have a great day, Celi!

    • It was a haunting sound in the night. Tho to me, it felt a little like a fat man with a funny hat and a bell calling “Midnight and All’s Well! ” morning john.. c

  2. Have a great day, Celia! I would love to visit all these blogs but I ma having serious problems with my Internet connection – does not link for more than 20 minutes – so frustrating!

    • yes, you sure would miss her.. such a beautiful butterfly.. I shall be stalking her to get a better shot though, when it warms up there will be many of them in the gardens, more and more each year actually..it is the flowers of course.. morning rosemary c

  3. Too funny, the way the body reacts to the Crying Baby sound, even decades after there was one in the house! The coyote were close-in one night last fall, making sounds like a lost toddler crying…I was at the window before I even knew I was awake, peering out into the dark. Took a minute to realize what I was really hearing!

    • Their sounds are amazing aren’t they. I can see why coyotes are sometimes compared to sirens. Getting mothers to walk to their windows.. morning honey.. c

  4. Poor John! Maybe Kupa’s calling out for a bit of night-time romance and might pipe down when you find him a nice hen! Well, perhaps John could fall for that bit of dubious reasoning!

    • Excellent suggestion christine, i reckon he will fall for it (wicked laughter) can I tell him you said? ( more wicked laughter!!).. c

  5. Wonderful about acquiring the dumpster-bound produce for the stock — I wish more people did this. Maybe Kupa was reminding you to go to the swap and get him his mate.

    • poor fella, it will be interesting to see how he behaves when i bring her home.. hope i can find her that is!! c

  6. haha oh, Kupa. I’ve heard peacocks before and it is indeed a startling sound to say the least :). Have a good Saturday, C!

    • And a lovely weekend fro you too Ksenia.. we have a heavy dreamy mist this morning, it is very weekend like..c

    • after a while i won’t even hear it, the farm is not always a silent space.. morning marcus1 c

  7. Good mornin’ c.. I haven’t been here in forever and hope to catch up on all this weekend.. busy practicing cello for the concert tomorrow. Thanks so much for your lovely links.. I always enjoy meeting your friends, they’re the best kind!! xoxo Smidge

    • Keep practising honey, we will be in a quiet phase for a few weeks (I hope, touch wood.. etc!).. c

  8. This dumping of food into the dumpster just makes me mad, so I am glad the nice ladies at the grocery store obliged your mother-in-law. When I once witnessed a bunch of bananas being tossed into a dumpster at a convenience store (and these were most certainly not rotten), I contacted corporate headquarters suggesting a donation to the local foodshelf. Couldn’t do it, they said. Regulations, you know. Argh.

  9. Hi, thanks for the shout out! I’m so glad to be introduced to your blog, as we are working towards owning our own piece of land and developing it into a small farm as well! Looking forward to learning lots of great things from you 🙂

  10. Maybe Kupa was calling to the Full Flower Moon…I know our cats sure have been! Great, and kinda scary shot of Daisy…I wasn’t sure who that was! Wonderful to be able to use the veg for the animals. And all of these blogs sound like so much fun to visit, thanks for telling us about them. Happy Saturday!

  11. I always love your blog recommendations, thank you! And a recipe that reminds you of Vogels bread? I’m trying it today!

  12. haha! i live directly in a large city and there is a guini fowl on the loose in one of the neighborhood and it is freaking people out with the noise it makes!

    • ours make a huge amount of noise on the spring, i can imagine people wondering what that is!! c

  13. Oh my! More good suggested readings? I may be getting very close to my tipping point…but I can’t resist! So thank you! I can just picture you busy today with all your acts of love. When the pea hens were our neighborhood visitors I actually “had words” with a few neighbors who complained about the “noise” and the mess…well, the mess was a mess 🙂 But it came with the joy of experiencing these wonderful creatures. They finally moved on, and I think they just didn’t feel welcome. Such a pity! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I somehow know you will, Celi! Debra

  14. As soon as I “Met Mama” I knew I’d enjoy your lovely blog and I was right. Your photography is wonderful, your stories well written and a good read, especially when they have a happy ending like Mama’s :-). I love all sheep, but especially a sheep with “character” and when I couldn’t find any reference to spinning on your site, I thought you might enjoy that. To hear you have a wheel coming in the future is even better news :-D. Looking forward to “meeting Mama” in person…or wool.

  15. Ah so John has finally heard the real sound – the fog-hornesque bellow!! It’s wet and cold here today, and its a case of indoor gardening, I feel sorry for the bees in this kind of weather

  16. Hi C 😀
    I laughed so hard reading this post!
    Thank you for waking me up so happily and off to check out your recommendations! 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  17. Pat on the back for your MIL. No store needs to be throwing out produce when there are farm animals around! Kupa is lucky that he doesn’t live on my island. New-to-the-Island people get very upset with roosters, never mind peacocks and hens. Noise pollution, they shout. Realtors often forget to mention the neighbours… City folk often don’t ask.

    • Well all i can say about those people is that they should get out more.. imagine having a life where a rooster crowing is the most dreadful thing in your life! c

  18. I’m missing your photos as only the first one is loading. But I love reading your stories, and hearing of Kupa’s first cry. I guess you will learn not to hear it, and hope that the hen finds it irresistible

  19. Hi C, thanks for letting me know about these new blogs. I’ll have fun hopping over to their sites. And I loved your comment on my blog about Napier. What a beautiful little town. Your life where you are now sounds and looks so amazing but I bet there are days when you miss Napier xx

  20. Good morning! Thanks for introducing your friends. You are a patient lady my dear friend… any peacock that woke me up in the middle of the night would be on my last good nerve.

  21. Oh my! I can only imagine your John’s reaction to Kupa. That’s quite some alarm clock you have there!

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