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Mr and Mrs Flower.

Yesterday, after milking the cow and feeding the goats and the cows and the big pigs and the little pigs and the chickens of all descriptions, John and I loaded two dog crates into The Matriarchs jeep and went to the Bantam Swap. Do… Continue Reading “Mr and Mrs Flower.”

Finding Godot

We went to the Bantam Swap yesterday to find Godot. After losing our beautiful peacock in the winter, the girls were left without a mate. The Bantam Swap is kind of like a flea market for animals.  People pay 5 dollars or something for… Continue Reading “Finding Godot”

Guess which one is Little Boy Blue

The Matriarch and Our John were very right to feel dubious about taking me along on their outing to the Bantam Swap Market at the Fairgrounds. Because right there in a cage in the middle of market madness was Little Boy Blue. I knew… Continue Reading “Guess which one is Little Boy Blue”

Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…

..With Pigs. Yes you read right.  Queenie Wineti my sweet little Hereford heifer was caught picking a fight with a small PIG. It started out as such a soft and gentle misty day. The animals all slept in. The peacock added his new found… Continue Reading “Queenie is sent to Coventry for Picking Fights…”