Guess which one is Little Boy Blue

The Matriarch and Our John were very right to feel dubious about taking me along on their outing to the Bantam Swap Market at the Fairgrounds. Because right there in a cage in the middle of market madness was Little Boy Blue. I knew he was out there somewhere. So I brought him home.

Now you all know me fairly well, I bet you can guess which of these pictures is the Little Boy before you get to the big reveal at the end of the post!














I think we are safe in assuming it is not the snake! And it looked like the llama was choosing its own master. That pic still makes me laugh!

Yes you are right. Here he is  – meet Little Boy Blue.


He is a Blue Heeler, and his parents are working dogs.  I had a magnificent name picked for him but when he tucked his tired head in under my chin on the way home I said What’s the matter Little Boy Blue. And his name shot out of my mouth and became his. Nothing else would fit. So there you are in true farmers tradition he is called Blue. All afternoon we practiced with his name and he followed at my heels as I went about my work without missing a beat. Though the sheep scared him straight back across the yard and onto the verandah.


He has a little bed on the verandah with the other dogs. Big Dog has accepted him without question or even much attention. But when I am not looking TonTon has been showing him his teeth.  But he will get used to him.

Blue was perfect in the night. I went out and took him down to the toilet twice then gave him a drink of warm milk (I think they wean puppies way too early, this guy is only just 6 weeks old, so he will be getting lots of cows milk and eggs to fatten him up)  and after each toilet break he climbed back into his drawer with my boots (puppies are used to sleeping in a tangle – so the soft gumboots that he has been stepping on all day make a reasonable good smelling replacement) was covered in his blankie and without a sound went straight back to sleep. Without a SOUND!


Good morning.  What do you think?

The other wonderful discovery yesterday was a lady who grows her own trees at a very reasonable price, she has a backyard nursery close by and we will visit her to discuss plans for the Fellowship Forest. She will help me label them all for you, so each of your trees will have your name or the name you have requested attached. I have two gorgeous yellow barked curly willows so far! One for ViV and one for Eha.

It is raining outside this morning, which is a perfect beginning to a lovely day. Now i am off out to milk my cow, she has another baby to feed! You have a lovely day too! Lovely. Lovely.

love celi

89 Comments on “Guess which one is Little Boy Blue

  1. Oh would you look at that face and those paws. I think little Blue is going to grow into quite a big boy! I love the colour of his coat. He looks very gentle and how lovely that he settled in liek he has always been on the farmy – love it!
    Have a beautiful week ahead C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    • He is rather an extraordinary wee pup, he has immediately found the heels he wants to follow and has cottoned to his bed straight away Plus when he gets a fright he rushes back to the verandah, all these are very good beginnings! c

  2. Oh Celie, he’s lovely. And so good. But I thought you’d choose the llama! Next time?
    Thank you for the willow – I love them, and so did my friend Pat.

    • I shall put Pats name on this lovely willow then, I was going to ask you who you would choose for the first one. It will be planted today, being so nice and cool and damp outside! c

  3. Your new baby looks absolutely adorable. I’m not surprised you took him home with you, only that you left the others behind! I had not heard of Blue Heelers before but now, thanks to the wonders of the internet I know all about these Australian Cattle Dogs. My source says “They do best with a job to do.” I am sure this will not be a problem on the farmy… Thank you again for a wonderfully warm and witty blog.

    • Blue Heelers need a lot of coaching and like Border Collies they love to be busy with their work. I am hoping he will help on the farm with the animals, Ton is more of a leader than a herder! c

  4. Good morning Celi what a cute pup i figured you for a dog lover but that would be selling you short you love all animals enjoy him while he is young SAINTS

  5. Oh dear, I feel another portrait coming on! What a gorgeous wee boy. So glad it’s raining for you and finally it’s raining here too! Well, sleating really but anything wet will do!

    • I thought exactly that when I saw that shot christine, I hope The Big Dogs painting has not been lost in the post, or did I misunderstand. No worries at all if you are keeping him, but big worries if he has not arrived and was posted a while ago.. I will send you an email.. c

  6. The only real surprise here is that you walked away with only one pup. 🙂 How great is it that he slept through the night? Max kept everyone up for 3 nights.
    I woke up, heard the rain outside my window, and thought “Celi got her rain.” A new puppy and a soaking rain. This is going to be a good week. Have a great day!

  7. For a minute I thought you’d bought a pony! He looks like he’s going to be a wise old dog one day – there’s something in his eyes 😉

  8. So happy Blue is rapidly adapting!!! And that Big Dog has accepted him. Of course Ton Ton will have a bit of a harder time. He won’t have you all to himself anymore. Give all three of them a hug from me! 🙂

  9. What a sweet baby! Little Boy Blue fits him perfectly. He and Ton Ton will be the best of friends in no time. 🙂 ~ April

  10. You came home with only one new critter? Amazing restraint! Those were some fine geese. And a lovely pony. Blue is a good name for the little fellow. He’ll be helping Ton Ton keep you all in line in no time.

    • Weren’t those geese tremendous, but I am pushing the garden limit with the peahens so i thought it prudent not to introduce any more large birds.. this year! c

      • Celi, choose wisely if and when you get geese. You want ones with good temperament! (That means stay away from any variety with nobs on their bills.) It is also best to get them as hatchlings, and let them imprint onto you. They will be kinder to you when it is nesting time. (IMHO) 😉

  11. We had blue heelers also — they love having a job! When my father had Altzheimer’s and wondered away we would tell Shep to “find Pa” — and he did.

    I did giggle when I read that the sheep scared him straight back to the verandah. I will enjoy watching him grow. (I too, am surprised that he is all you brought home to the farmy)

  12. I was very glad it wasn’t the snake! I almost thought it was the pony though! Good choice with the puppy, so adorable.

  13. Oh my….He is just precious…..that’s all there is to it!
    And, aha….another wonderful pic to “steal” for my Farmy Desktop!
    Happy Monday, Celi 🙂

  14. How wonderful! A very smart dog he is. I don’t think my husband would have let me go along. I can’t imagine how many varied animals I would have if I had your room!

  15. Lol, I knew it! I knew it was going to be one of the blue heelers! Absolutely brilliant Celi. How lucky are you to be in a position to have a new puppy, (although the miniature horse would have been totally cool too…maybe next time) The farmers down the road from my cabin used to have miniature horses, (and pot bellied pigs and wallabies and African kit foxes), and their little colt, Cappuccino, would follow the children around like a puppy. So cute. Also love the fellowship forest idea. You know, as part of my master gardener diploma I had to learn how to graft fruit trees. Not a very difficult procedure at all. There is one MG I know who grafts about 2000 apple trees/year to sell on to nurseries and thereby can declare her smallholding farm status and pays much reduced property taxes.

  16. oh he is so adorable! look at those paws! oh my… i am sure everyone will love him. and he will get used to the sheep eventually 😉

  17. Precious, though you missed a great opportunity with the ball python!

    Puppies are weaned usually around 5 weeks, if mom is left to her own devices, so he’s not too far off. In our state, it’s illegal to sell pups before 8 weeks of age, though the paper is full of people advertising their 4-week old pups for sale. ARRRGH!

    Love your new baby!

    • I thought of you when I saw that snake, actually a woman was counting out her cash to buy him while he slithered all over the top of his box..he was very pretty, but i would rather have a turtle as you know!! c

  18. If I had been with you, one of Blue’s siblings could have come home with me. That would have been wonderful.

  19. You made a great choice! They are wonderful dogs as are Border Collies (but then having two Collies maybe I am prejudiced!). “Little Boy Blue go blow on your horn, the sheeps in the meadow, the cows in the corn”!! He’s a lucky boy to find someone as good as you.

    • I have been on a look out for another working dog so it was fortuitous. I chose him because he was the one who was sitting up tracking the passers-by.. watching what was going on, and also he was one of the biggest pups in the pack. his face also – nice markings plus one eye has white eyelashes and one black, making him look like he has a lazy eye… which I thought was sweet.. c

  20. I wondered how you chose this particular pup, too. He’s a beauty! No wonder you couldn’t leave the market without him.

  21. What a Sweetie Pie – that face melts your heart – Congrats on the addition – cannot wait to hear what adventures Blue gets up to on the Farmy! Happy Monday:)

  22. Little Boy Blue couldn’t be sweeter or more charming. The happiest days of my life were the day I brought home my dog or my cat and I am so happy for you, Celia. I bet the happiest day of little Blue’s life was yesterday!
    Maybe you would plant a tree for my little Arthur, asleep in my lap this very moment. He is a cat, at least 16 years old. We have a silver maple in our yard whose canopy covers it. I mentioned it a few weeks ago saying I measure it every year. I said. It was 88 inches . wrong! It’s 118 inches in circumference . (another senior moment!). My point — I can’t plant anything In such shade! Lots of potted flowers though.

    • I do remember you talking about that tree, glorious 118! you and that tree are cleaning the air for miles around.. what a feat. I will put Arthurs name on your tree, 16 years is an awfully long time…. we are heaving in wind today, is it windy up your way? c

  23. I would have such a hard time there…all of the animals would speak to me and I would want them all. In the beginning I thought maybe you picked up the horse for the little kids that come to spend the day with you, but when I got to the puppies I knew. And there he is. Ton-Ton is probably going to have a time sharing you, but since Ton is a leader the puppy will understand, I’m sure.

    Fuzzy is still the leader (although, Boomer is leading him now). Boomer is good for the Fuzz and Fuzz really is good for social Boom.


  24. Little Boy Blue is one fortunate dog. To find a home in Celi’s kingdom is the greatest gift an animal could hope for. We shall all blow our horns for he shall keep the sheep our of the meadow, and the cow out of the corn.

  25. Blue looks fabulous! So adorable. I’m envious you get to have all these wonderful animals in your life.

  26. welcome LBB……”blue”…how is Ton with his new pack member ??
    I am so excited to see him grow and learn about the farmy. Wait til
    the wee one come over…..lambs and puppies and chicks….!!

  27. How you could home with just a puppy after looking at all the critters? You obviously have more restraint than I’d have on a farm place 🙂

  28. Fell in love with the pile of puppies ( I think Blue has a smug contented smile: “I picked a good one” – and he has. He’ll fit right in. No doubt he was watching for you)

  29. You have just got another very loyal true friend for life, Gives the term “being blue” new meaning.

  30. What a darling! I love the name, and I can see that he is very happily settling in at the farmy.

  31. Oh he is adorable!! I love love love heelers. They make the best farm dogs. As a kid, I had a heeler we named Dog. Original, I know. I miss him so much. He had a special way of sitting next to you and communicating without words. I can’t wait to see how Blue grows and becomes a member of your family. You are blessed to have him!

  32. I had a tear in my eye when when I saw Blue’s pic on FB and I just knew! Did I see right in the pics that your Blue is a stumpy tail? I had a Blue too, for 14 years, but her name was Bo and she had very similar markings and the same one eye with white eyelashes and one black, but wasn’t a stumpy. My Bo found me. My then husband was looking at the pick of the litter but my Bo stole first my car keys, then my handbag, and finally my heart. I truly believe your Blue sat up watching, waiting for you to come along 🙂 Earlier we had a family Blue whose name was Jazza, and even earlier than that my Dad as a young boy had a Blue who was also Blue. I swear they are all the same dog just come to us in different lives. I love the look in Blue’s eyes but I have to stop gazing at the pics or I will cry…

    • How wonderful to have a dog that goes way back through your family.. I did wonder about those eyelashes.. he is the most dependable wee pup I have ever had, he has not wandered at all and is camping quite happily on the verandah.. as long as he can see us through the doors he is fine.. c

      • They are a spectacular breed of dog, I’m so happy for you 🙂 I love all the Farmy cast but it will be quite special to watch your Blue grow up, and see what he makes of himself. My Bo loved my Dad, and had a special thing of putting her head on his knee, which she did for no-one else. Both Jazza & Bo had the habit of butting their nose into the back of your knee to get your attention. I’ll be interested to see if it’s a breed trait and if your Blue does it.

  33. Homework ahead: hope I can find an image for ‘yellow barked curly willow’ and read up on it ! Absolutely thrilled to bits to ‘join you’ on the farmy! Big hug and thank you!! Did think it was going to be the miniature horse at first glance: beautiful animal! But Little Boy Blue would have ‘talked’ to me too: he is full of soul! Sorry, Tilly and Blue Murphy: you have just been replaced on my desktop too 🙂 ! Wonderful how he settled in . . . must have felt the vibes . . .

    • it seems they are called gold curly willows here, they are good strong trees too.. ! I am thrilled to have found one for you.. c

      • OK, done some ‘homework’: perhaps you have not had the time. Go> Mike’s Backyard Nursery [US] and see the fabulous 4 minute video on this beautiful tree – Salix x Matsudana methinks, also oft known as corkscrew willow. They are meant to be supereasy to propagate and super trees for swings for grandkids etc! Just NO nearer than 100 ft from habitation and water mains 🙂 !

  34. Oh, he’s perfect! Little baby Blue.
    Is it too late to be included in your tree planting project? I’d be thrilled to contribute financially… I just really like the idea of having a tiny part of a prairie in my name 🙂
    I am always so amazed at the SIZE of the place you now live – those huge long-views… Take my breath away.

    • Don;t worry about the money you can buy me a coffee next time I am in NZ! What kind of tree do you love the most, I am guessing one that has flowers ..I know you love pohutakawas.. c

  35. What a little precious… I always feel sorry for them when they first leave all their brothers and sisters – glad he has your boots for comfort!!!!

    • I think they panic when they find themselves in an empty flat bed, so the least I can do is make it soft and lumpy.. TonTon was put on babysitting duty and that helped him settle fast. c

  36. Yet another hardworking, beautiful sweetheart for us all to fall head over Blue Heelers in love with, eh! Great find, my dear!

  37. This was the only one who fit the description! He’s adorable. I’d have a hard time getting the rest of my work done, though.

  38. Oh, I love Little Boy Blue and I can see why you took him home! I love your blog too and so glad I found you. 🙂

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