Finding Godot

We went to the Bantam Swap yesterday to find Godot. After losing our beautiful peacock in the winter, the girls were left without a mate. The Bantam Swap is kind of like a flea market for animals.  People pay 5 dollars or something for a parking space and they rock up with trailers and trucks, are all set up by 5am and  sell sheep and goats and cows and piles of chickens and even fertile eggs,  and ducks and dogs and pigs and etc. I even saw a donkey. We walked up and down every row, cold in the late dawn, our arms folded against the chill, inspecting every cage and every trailer and it was not until right at the end of the last row, after I had quite given up on finding Godot who  Pania and Tui had been waiting for, when I bent down to look in a big dog crate and said, There, there you are.  He looked at me and waited. I will show you Godot in a minute but first I will show you what I did not buy. Or at least have not bought yet.



I wanted this alpaca very badly, but there you are. I can’t have everything.


And here is my surprise. I was surprised too, mind you. Here is Godot. Up in the peacock palace already. Godot is  a white peacock. Just imagine how beautiful he will be when he roams free. swap-058I could not believe my eyes when I saw him.  The man who sold him to me was knowledgeable and kind and gave me some good tips.  Isn’t he gorgeous.

And here is Carlos Garcia. (Well he was such a nice healthy bird how could I leave him behind.)


What is exciting about these birds is that they are very young, born last June, so we can watch them develop their mature feathers. Carlos Garcia will change dramatically over the summer. They will not be fertile this year though, so no chicks yet.  Already Pania and Tui have gone into the Peacock Palace with them, (It runs the whole length of the barn up in the loft.) So it is safe to start planting in the gardens now.

The plonkers came yesterday too. Two to fatten up on milk and eggs and oats.

The corners of the little  farm are filling up as we start the race again. The race to get enough food in the larder for the winter.


I hope you have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


95 Comments on “Finding Godot

  1. Wow, white peacocks are stunning, so beautiful. Evie, my 5 year old would like to tell you that her class pet is a hermit crab named peacock, named by her. She took one look at the white peacock and said ” wow, Celi must be rich”! We now have to go look back at boo and the other peacocks before school.
    Have a great day,
    Lori and Evie

    • I AM rich! Rich in the head! Tell Evie that Peacock is a perfect name for a crab. Tell her I think she must have a wonderful imagination to come up with such a name. Lovely. I love it when I hear that kids are popping into the farmy too.. c

  2. For a minute I thought you’d bought a turkey! Nice looking peacocks and cute little plonkers 😉

  3. That last image is priceless.
    Is that love at first bite (aka peck).

  4. I had to laugh. Because of your header picture, what showed up on my screen was “Finding God” the ot was on the white feather and you couldn’t see it. LOL.

  5. When I saw Godot’s feathers in the header I wondered if you had found a white peacock, but wasn’t sure there was such a thing. Both are beautiful birds! Will Godot and Carlos Garcia fight with each other when mature — hopefully not. What breed are the plonkers? Loving all the pictures of all the creatures of the farmy! Have a great day C.

    • I’m worried about the fighting thing too. Cockerels would but perhaps peacocks are more tolerant?

      • No they are not fighting, they are just boys yet. The guy said they are all together at his place. I will keep a close eye. c

  6. I know nothing about peacocks but the blonkers look my grandfathers pigs. My brother still gets his pig from the neighbor and makes a great salami. I just gave some to the nurses that took care of my 91 year old mom .

  7. Godolt and Carlos Garcia absolutely wonderful , fantastic , humongous, what other words can I find to describe such beauty. Two more plus some plonkers to join the farmy family…. it makes me so happy….and it will keep you busy and out of mischief ( I hear you ‘ the chance would be a fine thing’
    have a great day with all those babies lots of love from Bulgaria

  8. sorry Godot I spelt your name wrong…put it down to my dotage

  9. So weird. I was thinking about your bird before I opened my email, and, remembering that you liked “Waiting for Godot”, was musing that you should name him Godot when you found him. And you have. And he looks like a bird named God(ot). He’s STUNNING. I’m sure Carlos will be beautiful too. Right now, he looks a bit of a teenager. Something mischievous about that bird. The plonkers already look good enough to eat. Nice haunches. I’m very fond of the turkey too. And the alpaca…would you keep him for the wool?

    • I would have loved to bring him home, but I did not take the trailer, If I had of taken the trailer I would have brought that donkey home too.. so all I took was one small box.. I wonder if the alpaca wool would blend with the sheeps wool? You could knit something great out of that!.. c

      • You read my mind – I would have bought the donkey as well! I understand they are great protectors and are often found in with sheep, goats and cows. My next door neighbor would have bought the Alpaca she is infatuated with them.
        Love Godot, he is so regal, and Carlos will grow into a handsome male too I am sure. Well you certainly have a full house now! not expecting any more are we?

          • Oh Celi, I just came in from putting everybody to bed and of course had to spend quite a bit of time loving on Winston (my mini donkey). You would love having one they are so affectionate, he plops his chin on my chest and begs me to scratch his cheeks and chin and ears and loves having his head hugged. If my jacket has a zipper he pulls that up and down. He lives with my two Nigerian dwarf whethers, 4 chicken hens and 2 Rouen duck hens and the kune kune will start out in a smaller pen within that paddock until he’s big enough to join everybody. I’ve only ever lost one chicken to a hawk ( and there are an awful lot of them around here) and never had any problems with other predators though the pesky raccoons mess up the bird feeders in the adjacent back yard. I hope to get a harness and cart for him this year. You’d better take your trailer next time you go to the swap – hahaha.

      • Alpaca is not really wool. It has not much crimp, and I blend it with wool from sheep. It makes a beautiful yarn. Alpacas are wonderful guards for sheep against predators.

  10. Your new additions are lovely! I do think that alpaca should have come home with you—–maybe later????

    • I have the land across the creek, but am still working on that. My uncle owns this land we are using (the house and 4 acres are ours but surrounded in his fields) we rent the 6 acres off him for 250 an acre, a year.. bit of a shame that our house in not surrounded in our land but there you are.. I will make it work.. c

  11. Exciting to see what the Batum Swap provided!!! It will be wonderful to see the beautiful male peacocks grow into maturity!!! And good on you for not being swept away my any other critters! I know it must be hard!!! xo

  12. So, my husband and I attended an alpaca expo in a neighboring town on Sunday. I wanted to bring one home, too. And we live in town. They are adorable and their fleece, oh, so soft.

    • The one let me pat him and you are right, very soft.. marvellous really.. but not this year! I have to keep telling myself.. c

  13. I have a friend who raised Alpacas in Alaska. She and her husband are in the process of purchasing 72 acres in Missouri and she is already shopping for alpacas.

    The new peacocks are beautiful. We saw some at Baker Creek in Missouri yesterday. One has the most beautiful velvety blue neck and was strutting around with his feathers spread out in all their glory.

    We also saw about a dozen wild turkey as we were out looking at property, although hubby has plans to raise our own turkey one day. I think some turkey roaming your little farmy would be quite fitting. And don’t forget some ducks and geese 🙂

    • I am thrilled that you are looking at properties now.. how exciting! Yes I have a few ducks coming next month.. c

  14. I was surprised when you said you resisted both donkey and alpaca! Did you regret cleverly leaving the trailer at home? 🙂 Donkeys are very good guard animals… Lovely birds..

  15. You were more disciplined than I thought you would be! That’s a good thing, my friend. All good things come when the time is right. You have quite a bit on your plate already. I have always loved donkeys… maybe someday I shall have one, but I’d have to make sure they got on well with deer. Daisy deer, after all, is queen of this place!

  16. Probably a dumb question, but will Godot remain pure white including his tail feathers? Beautiful birds and glad you had a successful trip.

    • No it is not a dumb question, they are all white always, there is a wee link in the text that will take you to pictures of mature ones, these will be in for a while, (until the vege gardens are established at least) this is why they have such a big high run. c

  17. You did well and were very disciplined in your purchases. Well done, I look forward to all the new adventures. Hopefully tonight, I’ll get started on my promised few words for you!

    • I have sent out the first email, just a minute ago. I look forward to your words! Thank you.. c

      • I have just finished reading the email. I intend having an early dinner and getting down to business tonight. This is well overdue, we need to open up , share and in doing so, help our sisters, daughters and granddaughters.

        Bless you Cecilia for giving us the push to take part.

  18. I have never seen a white peacock, can’t wait to see him fully grown, I would love a donkey, maybe one day, they can’t be on their own though so maybe two of them! Now that’s a thought.x

  19. Ah that I could have been there…like you the donkey and the alpaca would be coming with me. They are both huge protectors of livestock and deadly enemies of predators!


  20. So, in the looking ahead column. Will Godot’s chicks be white? Is ‘chicks’ the correct term?

    And, yes alpaca blended with wool is very nice. Alpaca fiber is not as elastic as wool, so blending it makes a wonderful knitting, crochet or hand weaving yarn — warm, soft and with a slight halo.

    • Good question. I asked the man and he said that 75 percent will revert to blue peacocks, (or piebald) and 25 percent will be white. So that might be exciting!.. c

  21. Oh Cinders, can you just see an elegant vase filled with those beautiful white Godot feathers?? 🙂 He is just gorgeous as is his brother Carlos. It will be interesting indeed to see how they get along and if they will choose one of the girls each or both! Ha! Did you know Alpacas hum? They do!

  22. Hi Celi

    Just wanted to comment that you can not have only ONE alpaca. They are herd animals, and need at least one other for company. Other animals don’t count.

    I love reading your blog everyday, and thank you for your diligence! It starts my day, long after your have started yours.

    Nancy in NH

    • Thank you Nancy. I think we will leave the alpacas and llamas to others. I have rather a full house at the moment! c

  23. Oh I’m happy for you, Celi. I see Carlos Garcia has that gorgeous royal blue neck and who knew there were white peacocks in this world. Will his tail feathers be all white too like a lace curtain?
    I can imagine wanting the donkey. There’s something so heart-breaking about donkeys. Of all animals they are the most abused, I feel. There is a charity called Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue that tries to save them.

  24. I think you should have bought that 2 headed goose…but really? You passed on the alpaca? They’re good for keeping the coyote away you know.

  25. Well, of course you got a white peacock! You knew if you would have taken the trailer, you would have stuffed it full like Noah’s ark. lol The two swans were beautiful…. I would have wanted to buy every animal at a swap like that. We don’t have anything like that here. Godot and Carols are beautiful…just beautiful. It would seem that all your animals get along. Our roosters get along, so I would suppose the two male peacocks would, also. They are young and will adapt. Good job!

    • I have no idea, I had better ask Julie.. she is an aussie blogger who has peacocks, i will check.. c

  26. Good move not to take the trailer. So much temptation. I’m pleased that Godot found you and vice versa, his feathers will be lovely (and saleable?fashion/millinery/weddings?) as well as just beautiful wandering around with Carlos Garcia.

  27. Have I missed something obvious, no-one else seems curious……why Carlos Garcia?…….a handsome name to be sure. A productive shopping trip….I think I couldn’t have resisted the turkey, donkey and llama, it’s good to know your limits. I went once to an Amish auction/farm sale with my daughter, a wonderful experience……ooh the animals we could’ve taken home, but settled for just 6 chickens as she lives deep in Ohio suburbia.

    • Ha ha, no-one has asked but i will tell you. Ever since i got my new phone number (when I shifted to the US) I have been getting calls asking for Carlos Garcia. A collection agency… endless. time and time again. I get mad, I laugh, I explain, I am patient and then I am furious I have done everything I can to stop them – even threatened the company with the police, but every 6 months or so the calls start again. So now when they ask to speak to Carlos Garcia I am handing the phone to my peacock! perfick!.. c

      • Oh that IS perfick! Talk to the peacock. I thought maybe CG was a hot shot footy player or daytime soap heart throb, and everyone but me knew who he was !

        • I love your sense of humor. I’s sorry, but Carlos is out in the barn and can’t be disturbed right now. Can I take a message? What a hoot.

      • I am having the same problem but we have had the same phone number for over 60 years-the person used our number to apply for loans that she never paid back.

      • Oh that’s too funny, maybe you could get him to shriek into the phone? Bet that’d stop the calls.

  28. Welcome, Godot! What a beautiful bird! I wonder what the peachicks will look like. I imagine they’d be either white or colorful but wouldn’t a mix of the two be something? No two chicks would look alike. Well, we’ve at least another year before that question is answered but I see the potential for more calendars! 🙂
    Have a great evening!

  29. LOVELY! Is it me or does that Alpaca look a little like Justin Bieber? Am sure he/she would be better behaved. 😉

  30. Oh how beautiful that white peacock is! You really scored! It looks like he’s right at home too, but then again, who wouldn’t be? Your blog looks gorgeous on the computer (I usually see it on my phone), I love the image at the top, just gorgeous. Hope you have a lovely evening.

  31. What a joyful post! And the farmy is going all classical, is it not!! A good chance for us to do some homework 🙂 ! Your new additions are just wonderful . . . may they all be happy one with the other! BUT, having a small alpaca farm just a few hundred meters down the road – oh I DO wish the alpaca had been able to follow you home! I oft just stand leaning on the fence watching these beautiful beautiful animals!! Am laughing about how Carlos Garcia got his name ~ when I moved in here many moons ago I began getting peculiar phone calls always from the male gender asking for ladies with exotic names 🙂 ! Well, it seems my phone number was one digit removed from a ‘cathouse’ and written on some pub toilet wall!!!!!!! Long over, but a very good excuse to pull the plug on my landline ‘ven I vant to be alone’!!!! [Greta Garbo for the younger ones 🙂 !]

  32. Coupla handsome guys joining your flock! I can’t blame you for any inclinations to include each and every other great creature you meet in the farmy. I would be tempted to have about ten of Everything if I possibly could figure out how to do it!!

  33. How ownderful – have never seen a white peacock! Have some family in Nelson who have just adopted 5 alpacas from a pal who had too many and couldn’t cope!

  34. How exciting. The farm is becoming quite populated suddenly. Will the white peacock have a colourful tail?

  35. When I saw that white tail, I had a feeling you’d found a white peacock! I do hope the two males aren’t competitive when they become of age. Alpacas are adorable to look at, don’t know much else about them; and a donkey would be nice, too.

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