Nothing Short of Brilliant

We are well on our way to the first Book written by The Fellowship.  I am lost for words. But you are not.  You are nothing short of brilliant. My goal is 100 essays or poems or lists about your experiences with menopause. There is a wealth of information and sharing so far.  So, share more, and keep ’em coming.  We are already half way there.  If you are confused go here and let me know if you want to be involved. I really want you to be involved.sunshine-050

I am tired too .. yesterday was glorious.

We had sun, the grass greened before my eyes.

Daisy milked 92 pounds on good clean hay.sunshine-072

And Tima learned how to walk the ramp past the steps and out into the world.

sunshine-031 sunshine-021 sunshine-043 sunshine-074

I hope you all have a wonderful day, we are off to the bantam swap this morning  after the milking and I promise to only come home with a peacock! Laugh!! Yeah right.

Love your friend on the farmy


40 Comments on “Nothing Short of Brilliant

    • Yes, it seemed an easy fix, I cannot stop her following me everywhere so this way she could see me and take a rest, plus she is safe from everything, even busy body dogs.. morning mad..c

  1. I’m sure that all the fellowship are waiting with baited breath to see what you come home with this time!

  2. i can’t wait to see what you bring home. tima sure is fitting into the farmy!

  3. I can’t wait to meet the peacock, the four pea hens and the chicks you come home with! And the calf. And a little buddy for Tima. Because that’s how I shop!

    I look forward to reading the book on menopause. I’m not there yet, and I know I’ll learn some things.

  4. I saw Tima’s dirty nose and thought, uh oh, she needs her outside bed soon and then there it was. 🙂 I am amazed at how healthy, strong and filled out Miss Poppy looks. She is well on her way to being a contributing member of the Farmy. I look forward to hearing about the swap in the morning.

  5. That’s one book I’m interesting in reading. I’m 49 and I think right now I’m going through the 40’s crisis. No red convertible for me, no, just a huge bad temper and an overwhelming sense of unaccomplishment (is that a word?) Anyway, next stop will be menopause, and I’m afraid is going to be legendary! Haha. What wonderful idea Celi, thanks!

  6. I love the dirty snout shot, and of course the tuckered out photo as well! Good luck coming home with just a peacock. Oh, the excitement…!

  7. My Mom had a hysterectomy at the age of 43 so I don’t think she went through it. Her mum lost her period in her 30s and my grandmother’s sister never got her period and never could have children. My mother’s sister died at 39 so I doubt she was even close to starting the ‘pause! I have no history either so your stories will be very useful for me too.

    I may just have to take on your mum’s attitude about her age! I could be 49 for the next 9 years, and then I’ll be 59!

    • Oh but you do, after a hysterectomy. Sudden and unexpected. HRT is vital at that point. And you need to take even more care of your bones from then on! I’ve written my piece for the menopause book, and – though very positive at the end – it contains an AWFUL WARNING about avoiding osteopososis.

  8. Awwww. Just look at that little Tima and her fat tummy. Tima and Poppy, how cute is that. Wow, that Daisy is just a milking marvel. Do all Ashyers give that much milk? You could open a cheese factory….not just a couple of rounds, either. All that whey…. Wish I l lived closer..would surely buy a plonker from you. Can’t wait to see what you bring home from the swap meet today. You really lucked out when you found Boo. He is one dog in a million.

    • I think daisy is a bit above average, I had to buy an extra big bucket, and it is possible that when the grass starts to grow she will milk even more.. which is a terrifying thought. c

      • Well, you can make milk soap, like Cleopatra used to bathe in. Good for the complexion. More plonkers!!! OMG all that ice cream, too. Daisy lives in a place where she is well cared for and gets the kind of food she is meant to have. You are doing everything right, my dear.

  9. Nose kisses for the birthday boy. Love the little tuckered out piggie 🙂 Funny it’s called meno….pause…when our cycles don’t pause, they stop….hmm must look that up. I loved Linda’s explanation for why it’s a hysterectomy, sounds right, put us all in an asylum 🙂

  10. Ok, it comes from the Greek …..meno from menses, and pausis…a cessation…I can get on with my day now that I know that 🙂

  11. Beautiful lady ~ what is an appropriate final day for ‘submissions’ for the book? Have JUST two minutes ago switched to a ‘new’ computer with new software for me and it will take a couple of days to know what I am doing! OK??? Am a bit in ‘la-la land’ 🙂 !!

    • I would say a couple of weeks, no great hurry yet. New computers take time to get used to, so that is fine!. I will email once I have set a date.. c

      • Thanks and a hug! Should be in your box end of the week, methinks!! It’s just so much more a sophisticated system and it is taking me awhile to find which buttons to press 😉 !!!!! Have a few talents – IT is not one of them!!!!!! Hope you came back with a four-legged friend or Kupa # 2!!!!!!!

  12. It sure was a nice day, Celi, just perfect for peacock shopping. I hope you were successful. Those hens need a protector and you need some chicks. With all today’s sunshine, you should be seeing more green this week. I read your comment about Daisy’s milk production going up once she starts feeding on grass. Hard to believe she can produce more than the 40 pounds she’s giving now. She’s incredible! Hope you have a good night and that you’ve good news for us tomorrow. 🙂

  13. Dearest, my menopause post will go up in just a few hours (Monday). 😀 Your farmy darlings are looking so marvelous; can’t wait to see if the Duke gets a fine successor. Here’s hoping. xoxo!

  14. Poor little Tima – making her walk the plank. A piratical thing to do.
    Looking forward to another peacock around the place!

  15. women going through menopause should be made to be in the military then the military would never be messed with; cause the others would have the life squeezed from their limbs after they have been ripped from their bodied

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