Disturbing Images

Followed by some very beautiful storm images.

The images of Wai are the disturbing ones. So skip straight down to the storm images if you like – I won’t mind

Wai the pot belly rescue pig has arrived and he is so much worse than I had understood.

This poor wee pig looks like he has been baked. His skin is hard as a nut,  and  slowly cracking and peeling off in thick canvas-like swathes.

His tiny feet holding up an enormous bulk. He smells like he is rotting. Although he walked about wagging his tail, and did make himself a Sheila-like bed of the straw, he has not eaten anything. He drinks a lot of water which is good but he shows no interest in food.

Tomorrow I will go and buy some Veterycin which is a spray that keeps an area moist while it heals – this will be perfect for this boys skin. It is expensive but I have used it with great results before. We have to keep him well lubricated so the new skin can heal and the old skin can soften and come off without causing more problems.

I cannot see his face, it is completely submerged in fat.

He smells very bad.

He has diarrhea,  probably from all the medications.

This is going to be a long process. But something makes me think this pig is a tough one. Let’s see what we can do.

Once we have the veterycin, (that we spray on 4-5 times a day) Rosy (my new wwoofer) and I will trim the skin that is hanging off – this will help to make him more comfortable. And we need to find a balm, that we can afford, that we can rub all over the hard areas a couple of times a day.

Anyway – despite it all he seems quite happy and walked about more than anyone has seen him walk since he was rescued. Then he pushed all the townie blankets aside, pulled the straw into a bed with his little hoof and burrowed into it for a sleep. Good pig behaviour.

I think I have my work cut out for me here.

Now for the beautiful images.

We even had hail yesterday.

I still do not have a phone so my instagram feed is stalled. Soon I hope. It is a bit of a nuisance not having a phone.

But look at this!

I hope you have a lovely day.


Tuesday 06/20 40% / 0.07 in
Partly cloudy in the morning. Increasing clouds with periods of showers later in the day. Thunder possible. High around 85F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Tuesday Night 06/20 20% / 0 in
A few clouds. Low 59F. Winds WNW at 5 to 10 mph.


103 Comments on “Disturbing Images

  1. Oh, sweet Wai! Such a tough recovery ahead of him. I love that he’s wagging his tail and getting comfy (or as comfy as possible) in his bed of straw. I’m sure he’s ecstatic for a chance to be a real pig, and I hope you’ll soon have him in good enough shape that he can really enjoy it properly.

    • we have to be very careful about sunburn and weirdly the vet he had last has recommended not to use coconut oil – we have to be careful about not reintroducing infection. His spray on suntan lotion is quite oily though. c

  2. It sounds as if he’s less depressed already, which can only help. I know you’d need industrial quantities of it, but pawpaw ointment is brilliant for all skin conditions, and I entirely cleared up the weeping eczema my niece had on her hands with it. I wonder if it might help Wai.

  3. Read the label first for the pawpaw ointment, a lot of brands contain petroleum jelly, a petrochemical by-product. Maybe some nice fresh aloe leaf from the garden if you have any.

  4. Since his skin doesn’t appear, in the photos at least, to be horribly infected, I think you could go with the TSC vetericyn, not the veterinarian strength if you really felt like you needed it. Wonder if Corona makes a spray or if you could thin it down to a paint-able consistency with something like olive oil. What about a spray on aloe vera or something similar for burns?

  5. I was wondering if Udder Balm would be helpful, not sure of the ingredients though. Coconut oil does wonders for my skin so I would second that opinion. Love that Wai made his own bed last night! Has Boo met him yet?

  6. I have used my trusty sunflower cream on my daughter’s eczema , it was originally developed by the National Health Service in Salisbury to treat burns victims. I have shared your post with them and asked if they can give you advice as they are experts and have given advice to people before, They have passed my request to the relevant department and hope they can give you some suggestions as to an affordable cream. You can find their website and Facebook site to see the cream they developed and now sell to fund Great Britain’s NHS.
    Regards Lorraine Carmichael

  7. Poor guy. But he doesn’t look like a goner to me. Good luck with him, he might just surprise you. And the storm pictures are stunning!

  8. Poor old Wai! I’m glad you have an unexpected woofer to help out. He will certainly take time.
    I’m glad he’s in his natural home finally. He certainly seems to recognize it.

    Pics are glorious!

  9. I make my own “mushers” balm that might work great for this poor little piggy. Bless you for taking him in! My balm is a mix of bees wax, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Melt the bee wax and add the other two to make the balm the consistency that you’d prefer – I make mine rather stiff. Then, while it is still a liquid, I add peppermint and tea tree essential oils. I put it on my dog’s feet as well as on my own hoof like feet. Zim’s Crack Creme is also very good.

  10. My heart is breaking. I am so sad for the state he’s in. But so glad he is home now. He is lucky to have landed in your lap.

  11. Ouchy, I can’t bear to think of how painful that must be. I would second the coconut oil inside (in food) and out. Maybe his system is re- adjusting to eat less because he isn’t alone and so depressed anymore. The Farmy deserves that beautiful rainbow arching over it 🙂 Laura

  12. I’m sure there will be lots of advice, even from me 🙂 I would think bag balm would work fine on the skin. If you look beyond the ugly bits and the fat he seems physically quite strong and I think young. His legs are straight and so is his back, both real good signs.

  13. Such a lucky pig to have been rescued by you…..I had a chicken once that I didn’t think would ever walk again…..but she did, although I had to move her from spot to spot all day long, every day, to keep her out of her poo…after a month of worrying, she stood up and limped over to the food bowl. And it wasn’t long after, she was walking normally again. This pig is so very lucky to have you to nurture him back to health.

  14. I make something similar to Lacey for use as a bag balm for the house cow…..beeswax, coconut oil, Shea butter and grape seed oil that I’ve infused with calendula flowers.
    Pigs have a remarkable ability to heal themselves – I think the skin will heal up fine…..the struggle will be figuring out how to keep him eating while still dropping all that weight. I would also have some concern for your hot temperatures as pigs only sweat through their noses- it might not hurt to see if he’d like a big shallow tub of water to lay in.

      • I think they’re much like all other pigs- couldn’t hurt to have a try. It’s possible he’s never been given the opportunity.

        • Yes, I will try – since I brought him inside for the daytime (out of the sun) he has pretty much just lain on his bed. His food and water untouched – hopefully he will perk up in the evening when he can get onto the grass again.. c

          • Years ago I had a breed sow develop an infection after littering out. Stopped eating altogether, lost a lot of weight. I was so worried about dehydration I went and purchased a whack of watermelons and sliced them up. They’re mostly water, and the sweet appealed to her. Weeks later we were trying to make a decision as to whether we should do the ‘responsible’ thing and end her suffering, hubby went our for morning chores and found her happily filling her face with grain – like nothing had ever happened. I have faith your little pig will survive this. 😊

  15. Oh my – poor baby. jojoba oil maybe? Mix of jojoba with cocoa butter? Vitamin E oil? The suggestion of bag balm also sounds like a good idea…..

  16. Gosh, we certainly needed the beautiful pictures after seeing the condition Wai is in! Thank you for those! I, like you, think he is a strong pig and will slowly come back to be healthy. Will he stay on the farmy? xo

  17. I would try Vermont’s Original Bag Balm. You can buy it in any feed supply store. It is used for cows teats, to repair chapping. It is wonderful stuff. Believe it or not, I use it on my hands during the Winter when my hands are cracked from dryness. It works wonders over night. We wish poor Wai a speedy recovery. The people who inflicted the pain this poor boy is experiencing, should have the same done to them! I HATE abuse to any living person or animal.

  18. Hi Lorraine, That looks painful! It seems like your friend is keeping the pig out of the sun to avoid any further damage, which is very important. A vet would be able to advice best but we would suggest using an emollient or barrier cream, such as petroleum jelly, on human skin (pig skin is similar). Once the area has healed and the skin has stopped peeling, then a good quality moisturiser like My Trusty sunflower cream will be beneficial. Try and avoid creams with perfumes while the skin is sensitive.

    This is the reply I got from NHS Salisbury Laser clinic, hope its of use

    • Thank you Lorraine – we are using bag balm? Petroleum jelly would be cheaper again! He will only be outside in the evenings and night times but he is only happy when he is outside. Poor old boy c

  19. There is much work to be done for Wai but he could not have a better person to do it. In the past you have worked miracles and you will do so again. Love and care go a long way to healing…

    The sky pictures are beautiful but not as beautiful as Wai. xxxxxx


    Sent: Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at 1:23 PM

  20. Amazing sky pics, you are so fortunate to live there! So glad to meet Wai. I’m sorry for his suffering. It is good to know he made his own bed in the straw. I’m glad to see all the suggestions for helping his skin heal.

  21. Love you sky pictures but Oh.my.piggy.heavens. That poor brother of mine. What the heck in tarnation! I just bawled seeing him. I’m so glad you rescued him. You have a heart a gold and I know in no time he will be feeling so much better. I’m sending him bunches of hogs and snout kisses from the Hotel Thompson ❤ XOXO – Bacon

  22. I also wondered about lanolin as it is natural and not perfumed. If Wai’s skin appears to be burned how about silvadene cream used for burns. It helped so much after my husband had a terrible reaction to tape after his hip surgery.
    Bless you for taking on this poor pig. He does sound happier already making his bed and chomping on weeds.
    Spectacular storm photos.

  23. oh my heart breaks for this pig-how could people be so awful? I would like to donate some $$ to help. Do you have a go fund me site or POBox that I could mail to?

  24. Poor dear piggy. What a sad mess. BUT a DOUBLE RAINBOW full of HOPE and blessing for that little pig’s healing!

  25. Poor little piggy, but he is in the best possible place now. I must admit it did make me smile thinking of you trying to spray him with suntan lotion, good exercise for him, not for you though you have more than enough! Sky pictures are stunning.

  26. Poor Wai! We use SSD cream on our outdoor animals with wounds, mostly to keep the flies away. Flies in a wound are bad news.

  27. Celi, do you have a paypal account where we can donate toward the cost of the expensive salve that works best?
    Experiment (as best you can) with using your hands, a clean rag, a spray bottle, etc–my neighbor has a PBPiggie and while he LOVES to have his face cleaned/eyes cleared by hand, if she involves a rag, he’s running for his dear life. He also loves a good belly scratch, like a dog.
    I know he’s supposed to have sunscreen, but is there any way you can avoid it until his ouchy places are well healed? Maybe only letting him out in early morning and late afternoon?
    I would imagine flies are going to be a problem as well. It’s like you’re dealing with a pig that has been burned. 😦
    Continued good, healing wishes for all of you involved. He’ll be so much better off now that he’s getting care and love and will have other pigs around. They are herd animals, after all.
    A pox and the plagues of Egypt on the previous owner!!

    • Yes – he is only going to be out in the early morning, late afternoon and all night if he wants – he does look like a burn victim doesn’t he. My PAYPAL donation account link is below, scroll down into the black area below the comments. Thank you so much for donating – he needs all the help we can rustle up.. c

  28. Starting out with a monster who could do this, and the oh so sorry state of his victim, followed by multiple suggestions of healing help and finally a rainbow of hope. If anyone could save this poor piggy, it is you. For you have the heart, knowledge, intestitnal fortitude, and will to give it your best shot.

  29. I see a snarling animal’s face in that first storm photo which was precisely what I felt seeing these photos of your poor Wei… But then I though such negativity can do no good here. Best wishes and much love to all of you to come through the other side of this.

  30. Shocking (the poor piggie) and stunning (the skies). Best of luck with the pig – if anyone can get him through it will be you! : )

  31. You are so wonderful and generous to take in this very sad case; this pig certainly has the will to live so although you do have your work cut out for you, this will be one grateful animal when all is said and done.

  32. Wow. I wonder if Wai is wary about eating because of how the rat poison made him feel. Could that be why he also has diarrhea? It does look like he was left out in the direct sun, and his skin is burnt. I just can’t comprehend how anyone could mistreat another living creature like this. My bet is he will realize soon that he has a friend in you, Celi. Bless you.

    • They say the skin is coming off because of the poison but it is all very weird – my pigs are fine in the sun – but he really does look as though he was put in an oven and crisped! I agree that he might mistrust food? But he is a pig and he is fat so he must have eaten quite a bit in the past. I wonder if his insides are not messed up. But the vets say that he is fine. Anyway – it is a conundrum – we will carry on and see what happens next. He does not like me that is for sure – he hunches into his bed and growls at me. c

      • I agree, his stomach must hurt in some way for him not to be eating.

  33. I think he will come to love you devotedly, Celi, like a rescued dog does, and pigs are so intelligent… With all the other suggestions have you thought of manukau honey? when I fell backwards pulling a boiling kettle over me, and scalding stomach etc… the manukau honey the nurse used every day cleared up the scalds and pain like magic. I could send you a jar made from the bees and the trees in our forest if you felt you could use it…love to you both …

  34. Holycrap. Poor Piggie man, what a life to get to a point where you are living crackling! I’m not quite sure why you took him on, but I do hope your magic works on him.

  35. I had to skip down to the storm images(!!); but I read the comments, and second them all. Sad story, but bad days are behind for Wai, I believe. It is so heartening to know that persons like you and the rescue lady make up for the disturbed among us. Your spirit is catching.

  36. Poor Wai. I hope he makes a full recovery. He’s in the right place now as l know you will give him the best care.

  37. I can’t help but think that poor Wai piggy realizes he has arrived in hog heaven. Those tiny feet! Who would let him get so huge and then try to poison him? I’m glad he’s with you. And this storm pictures are truly gorgeous. I love that rainbow.

  38. From everyone with a shred of empathy for creatures everywhere, thank you. Here is a link for a homemade salve that gets used here on every one, human and not, who has dry skin or a burn or a scratch or a scrape though it does contain coconut oil: http://www.backdoorsurvival.com/diy-all-natural-simple-salve/. And here is a link for chemical free products: https://www.equiderma.com/pages/about-us. While the site is directed towards equines the products are good for all, I use the fly spray on all my critters and myself. They do have a paste for sunburn but being a paste might be difficult to apply. I had a potbelly as a house pig for many years. While he didn’t have a wallow he did have a kiddie pool and he spent a lot of time in it when it was hot out. I think the idea of watermelon is a good one, it would help keep him hydrated as well. Maybe a bit of ACV in his water if he is having digestive issues (perhaps due to his meds.?). ACV also takes the heat out of sunburn. While it may sound funny – BREATHE! Often times in tense situations we don’t breathe deeply and tighten up. Deep breathing is encouraged while riding horses to keep the rider relaxed (singing or reciting anything out loud also forces you to breath). It’s truly amazing how consciously relaxing yourself while dealing with animals also relaxes them. I wish you the best of luck with that poor creature – surely there is a special place in hell for those who abuse children, old people and animals.

  39. As long as Wai is hydrating himself and wagging his tail and throwing off his old life and sniffing around he is clearly showing there is a desire for life there’ A few days without food will not matter an iota: he has plenty on him to ‘burn off’! Remembering how to make a piggie bed and having a normal sleep . . . . hour by hour and day by day . . .

  40. I have gone to the woods to ask for special healing for Wai. My heart breaks to see his condition. Sending positive energy and healing to Wai… and wisdom for you to help him.

  41. J & D > Wai is a channel for your love. Practical love. That’s where love is put to the test. Even if Wai dies from his injuries, it’s the love and practical care that make Wai‘s own life more meaningful, and elevates your own. Only if Wai‘s suffering is too great to bear and there’s little hope of improvement should Wai be put down. Our hearts and hopes call out to Wai – and to you, Celi.

  42. Pingback: A for a work in progress | thekitchensgarden

  43. Wai is a lucky, little piggy to have an angel like you in his life. I’m sure he’ll do fine with your care.

  44. I just now today started going back through your posts to find out about Wai. I guess we started following each after he arrived. Well, we followed each other before when I had the previous blogs, but time went by and then I had to start all over and find everyone again. I always enjoy reading your posts and so going back through the ones I missed to catch up was a great journey. It s so terrible what happened to Wai and from more recent posts, he was one lucky fellow to have found you to help him recuperate. The photos of the clouds are AWESOME! 🙂

  45. Looked again, thanks to comments from today. Now I appreciate better your pairing these sets of images.Tempted to resort to cliches (port in a storm, stormtrooper, etc.) But Wai is an original. So are you, especially in your determination and love for life. Don’t think I’ll ever get over Wai. My guy.

  46. Hello, I have 2 potbelly pigs and one has skin that looks just like this. I’ve been searching and searching and this is the only post that matches the condition of the one who’s has suffered the worst. Do you have any idea what caused this? Also, did the treatment end up working on Wei?

    • This pig suffered burns. And yes! He is still still doing well but I need to put lotion on him every other day. In the evening so he does not get sunburn.

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