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The clouds sat on our heads like bubbling pot lids yesterday while the winds raged beneath. 

Getting Going

Yesterday I could not get going.  It was so freezing cold outside   – hovering around 20F (-6C)  – not that cold compared to what is coming but the wind was screaming and it felt so much colder – I was driven back  inside, straight after… Continue Reading “Getting Going”

The Big Yawn.

This is what Sheila thinks of it all.  “Bloody Rubbish.” The calenders have arrived. I started with an order of 10. I am not sure how many will sell. They cost 19.99 each to have printed, and they really are rather beautiful.  So, as… Continue Reading “The Big Yawn.”

Daisy puts her foot down

It rained, no snow but big slushy droopy mushy plops that looked like they had been hurled out from the murky clouds by a vast muddy shaking dog. And it was cold. Wet and cold. A wintry day.  By afternoon I decided to throw… Continue Reading “Daisy puts her foot down”

Saturday that was Sunday, could be Monday – Reads and Awards

Everyone is in a different time zone. I was writing this on Saturday, I will be finishing  it on Sunday and some of you will be reading it on Monday when I publish it on Sunday!  I just discovered that there is a state… Continue Reading “Saturday that was Sunday, could be Monday – Reads and Awards”