Saturday that was Sunday, could be Monday – Reads and Awards

Everyone is in a different time zone. I was writing this on Saturday, I will be finishing  it on Sunday and some of you will be reading it on Monday when I publish it on Sunday!  I just discovered that there is a state in America, I cannot remember which one, that has two different time zones in the Same State!  In NZ we have one time zone in the whole country! This place is huge! 

First the introductions. These first blogs are for you to pop in to and have a wee read. (Do not panic I am not awarding you anything because from what I can gather you have all the awards you can handle already.)

Katherine Martinelli is a food writer.  Actually she is a published food writer and photographer. Although from New York she lives in Israel. This adds so much interest and diversity to her work. She work is always a pleasure to read and her food is certainly a pleasure to eat.

The Tattered Thread  He has three blogs that you can access on his site.  This is the writing one. His photography is startling and indicative of his wry sense of humour  and his writing has wonderful clarity echoing  his searching personality. The third one I have yet to explore..

So far From Heaven is controversial, provocative and powerful. A show not to be missed. His pieces are well researched and he does not pull his punches at all!

Kate Shrewsbury writes beautifully.  She writes with the intent to teach, so every time I dip into her work I am lead through her thoughts, into well crafted and expanded ideas and always come away with relevant information.

Rufus Food and Spirit Guide You probably all know Greg and Katherine but if you do not pop in if you have time, these two will supply you with daily feeds and drinks of a consistently high standard that you can make in your own kitchen. They are marvellously accessible, clever, witty and I am sure that their home is full of pots and pans, dogs and laughter. 

Now for the tiny awards list. Remember – you can choose to just smile and do NOTHING MORE about these awards.  They are supposed to be fun. Not a bother.  The only award rule I follow is to try and nominate blogs with under 200 readers, often I can only guess this, so do correct me if I am wrong!! The first half of the award post was presented here.

And now for the The ABC award.  Please go to the above page to capture your award.

Idiosyncratic Eye  I popped in to grab her link for you and found her discussing vomit, which is kind of amusing not to mention blog brave.  But she does not always talk about vomit, so rest assured visiting her will be worth your while.

Lover of the Rad and Fab. That girl whit is beautiful, funny and always so positive. Everyone needs a friends like this.

Ted at Gazelle Financial Counselling. Ted you are one of the few I will actually challenge with this hefty award. I would love to see the A-Z of  your financial advice.   A good read for those of us who wish to take up the reins of our financial wagon.  Ted -no pressure now.  I know how busy you are so you have a year to take up this challenge (laughter!)

And the Kreativ Blogger Award, Please pop into the A-Z page (above) to capture your award.  Evidently this award  (should you choose to take it on) has a suggestion that you might like to share 10 things with us. So if you choose to take up the reins we would all love to read. Once again I know we are all busy and if you have the slowest internet connection on the planet like I have, then please do not feel compelled to do anything other than smile and say thank you.  Because you are all very welcome..

A Life in the Country. We get to walk around a beautiful ever changing garden in Ireland, with a charming and delightfully outspoken hostess.

Mimo is a superb photographer and watcher of life. She is presently introducing us to her childhood home of Lebanon. I learn from her posts, she has a lovely way of describing the history of this region. And her images are frankly breathtaking.

bits and breadcrumbs with Betsy is a lovely blog run by a lovely woman.  We can tell that she loves food and life,  as well as caring about the quality of the food she eats  and cooks. Plus she lets us see her wry quirky sense of humour. This fills her work with light. The doorman has a cold foot!

Well the sun is rising on this cold clear Sunday morning.   Time for me to go outside. It was so cold yesterday that all the water barrels were frozen over again 5 minutes after I broke the ice on top, so I had to plug all the water heaters back in again.   The Cold snap yesterday was called the Saschatchewan Screamer and it hurled freezing Canadian/Arctic style weather at us for about eight hours and then was just as suddenly gone. I just love that it was a piece of weather that had a name!!

As it warmed up a half a degree we took the trailer for a ride in the afternoon and bought some more hay,  in fact I paid for some of the bales with eggs which pleased me immensely! My hay supply is getting low. Won’t it be fantastic when we can make our own hay and not be dependent on local supplies (and prices). This hay was Four Dollars a bale, so I am telling Daisy to savor every mouthful, no throwing it about!

I saw a Robin yesterday, the true harbinger of Spring!

It is still very cold and windy again this morning  22F (-5C)  though the weather man tells me that it will get as high as 51F today. Fancy it going up thirty degrees in a day! This happens on the plains.   And especially on the tail of a Screaming Saschatchewan!

Good morning!


69 Comments on “Saturday that was Sunday, could be Monday – Reads and Awards

  1. Thank you dear Cecila! What an honor to receive this from you! You are lovely and I am so glad about our web friendship 🙂

  2. Celi, thank you for those extremely kind word and the link; I love round ups such as these: nice to meet more people as absorbing as you 🙂

    • There is a personal side to blogging that works against the impersonal .. it is a wonderful place to share ideas. And when you write Kate, you decant an idea into a capsule of knowledge that I can swallow easily with my coffee (or a glass of wine depending on the time of day.. or not)! good morning! c

  3. I’ve not read you for very long, but must thank you for your Sunday shares. I’ve ventured to blogs I’d miss (as I’m not a foodie) but love excellent content. Kate (her blog is how I found you) IS such a wonderous writer. Learning is painless in her hands. Cheers ~

    • Good Morning, I enjoy sharing a few of the people I read too, in fact it kind of drives me to learn more about the people behind the pages!! have a great sunday! c

    • OhIi am sure you cook in complete silence, I mean this is serious stuff! And I am so used to having you drop in every day that I forget that other people may not have discovered you yet! c

  4. Of course I enjoyed the whole post immensely, as always, but I confess I adore that little phrase the “Saskatchewan Screamer”–which, for me, conjures up a really scary hockey mom! 😉

    • It does doesn’t it! Kathryn. We will have to remember it when we meet someone like this rather terrifying moniker! c

  5. And to echo Katherine with the “Screaming Saschatchewan” , it sounds like some kind of banshee or a weird reptile that makes a screaminng sound when angry, maybe that does make it sound like a hockey mom 🙂
    Off to do some Sunday afternoon reading now, I appreciate your passing these great blogs around, it means I get to see more of the world. C

      • I’m currently doing my bit to ruin the planet even more by flying back and forth between the UK and France (someone still needs to earn some pennies) and trying to split my time productively is a challenge to say the least!

  6. Whaaa…4 dollars a bale. I will be right over! I just paid 40 for a modest round bale! I am off to explore a few of these blogs you mentioned. Have a blessed Sunday!


    • these are 50- 60 pound square bales of alfalfa, I think $40 is OK for a round bale? but i am so looking forward to making my own, feeding hay i have to buy in is like sitting on a thorn! c

  7. Good Morning! I always enjoy your photographs. Love the one with the rooster watching over his hens. 🙂
    Now I am off to explore all the lovely blogs you have mentioned and awarded.
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Thanks for bringing so many great blogs together “under one roof”. Definitely some Sunday reading for ahead…which will allow me to continue procrastinating…as I suddenly have way too much snow to plow today!

  9. I love that you were able to barter the hay for the eggs! I hope spring is finally coming – we had some snow and bitter winds yesterday, but it’s much more pleasant today.

  10. thank you for getting to this! it is now a weekend thing for me to read your blog, then then read the blogs you post about. however if i don’t stop this endless linking and reading i’m going to miss my yoga class. then i will have to tell my family it’s all your fault that I’m such a you-know-what today! 🙂

  11. Our weather has a name today – Dreich, a good Scottish word for downright miserable!

  12. c,
    i am so very flattered by your kinds words and my blog mention. blogging is definitely something that brightens my days…i feel like i have developed a bond with great new friends such as yourself! thank you.
    …i love your doorman!! ha! what a great capture!
    love, whit

  13. Oh, dear Celi, thank you so very much for your kind words and this sweet award! I was so busy trying to get my own chicken pie post out (good for Saskatchewan Screamers) that I am just now out and about to read my peeps…and what a lovely surprise this is! I’m honored and so pleased…and I’m in such great company, too. Of course I must go and check out these folks I haven’t yet “met.” Thank you again, stay warm and have a spectacular day with all of your beautiful animals…great pics as always!

  14. It’s 8.30pm (on Sunday) here as I type this so I am guessing it might be about midday on the farm. I too like the idea of the weather having a name. I sounds like the meteorologist is, like you, fond of alliteration. 🙂

  15. I was smiling at the start of this post as we only have one timezone in Spain, but every single person I know operates to their own personal “horario”! We are not known for punctuality here in Spain. Love the round up and am off now to look at some new blogs. Great photos, as ever, a delight to look at.

  16. So many of those weather systems start with a Canadian name. Don’t they like us? I haven’t heard of that one, only the Alberta Clipper. lol We get Nor’easters, can’t really blame anyone for those, they come in off the Atlantic. I think it’s great you can trade eggs for hay. 🙂

  17. A great list of blogs to check out, Celi, and those of which I’m aware are certainly deserving of them! You are aware, aren’t you of the other storm that graces our area at time. It’s the Alberta Clipper and it is a very fast moving storm front, often bringing snow but not in record amounts. It moves too fact for that. I’m hoping things dry out enough today & tomorrow so that I can do some clearing on Tuesday. If I can get the front garden cleared, I’ll be very happy!

    • So will we be getting an Alberta Clipper? It will not be welcome you know anyway it sounds like a ship! I am catching the gardening feeling too, it is great when the spring tidy up is on the way.. c

    • It does not seem to get lowers either but last year was not a good year for hay! Fingers crossed that this year will be better.. c

  18. Thank you again! I am so happy I found your blog…I love reading it and love your photos, especially today of your TonTon and the sheep!

  19. time zones are amazing – we should have two in South Africa, but we are a small economy here in the Western Cape and so our time zone is actually 2 hours ahead – which means long summer evenings 🙂

  20. Very sorry to be discussing vomit but I am very flattered! :$ I find time zones fascinating too and I think that it’s Arizona that has two time zones because of the Navajo Nation. 🙂

      • I don’t think life is ever so simple! Time zones are about politics and economics unfortunately, we’re already 15 mins away from GMT here so maybe we should abandon universal time and rejoice or indulge in pre-railway-timetables localism! 🙂

  21. Looking forward to checking out some new good blog reads!! Thanks for the introduction. I’ll pour myself a glass of wine- evening hours, my time zone and site back and enjoy!!

  22. Thanks for the award/challenge, c, and look for the first installment soon! It’s a good thing you gave me a year to complete it, but I hope it won’t take quite that long. But you never know. (About the time zone thing, I think that there are actually at least 7 states that have major time zone splits: Kentucky, Tennessee, Nebraska, North and South Dakota and Idaho. I believe that Arizona is the only state that does not observe dayligh savings time, so it switches between the mountian and pacific time zones depending on the time of year)

    • That would be great ted, i think you could come up with something that people really should pop on their refrigerators! c

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  24. Love the rooster on one foot. I’ve just been learning that balance in Tai Chi. Now I will imagine I am a handsome rooster when I do it.

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  26. What is a screaming Saskatchewan? I’m from there and wonder how it made it’s way into your blog! Ha! Nice to read your blog again.

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