It’s OK I won’t count the days!

The Duke of Kupa is still beautiful…

… even though his tail is all but gone for the winter.

The girls are all hanging out together in the Potato Paddock. A little flock.

And look who has been let out of the hospital wing and rejoined the nursery…

Bobby Blanc is all better. Much to my relief.  He is walking properly now, no limp, and is thrilled to be back running with his little flock.

Good morning. I hope all is well with you. Our days seem gray and still lately. Cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoons.  Dry again now. We have had no rain again for a while.

The tree in the foreground of our Daily View is a Magnolia. I think it is called sunrise something, anyway it will have big gorgeous bright yellow blooms in the spring.  When that and the Maple and the Red-stemmed Dogwood all lose their leaves you will have a clear view to the barn and the home paddocks for the winter.

The View you have chosen is facing West. So there will be sunsets.

I am going to give you a daily temp too. 

I don’t want to make too many changes at once.

But this slightly crooked thermometer has been on the Wendy House about 10 years or so and is suitably worn looking. Also it is in Celsius and Fahrenheit. So it covers us all.

It is a gentle way for me to show you  the temperature. I get a wee bit obsessed with the temperatures out here. And the Wendy House (which is  the wood shed), is close to the verandah.

Have a lovely day.


On this day a year ago. I was telling you about fishing for food in New Zealand and making chowder.  I enjoyed revisiting this piece. It is hard not to miss the beach.

63 Comments on “It’s OK I won’t count the days!

  1. Good morning, c. Excellent choice of view, and I look forward to seeing it daily. Like you, I’m also obsessed with weather; have a big weather station with a satellite whohah prediction doohickey so I know what sort of weather is coming in the next 48hrs. I don’t know the mechanics of it but I love it to bits. It even has an integrated rain gauge!

  2. Yay for sunsets — we chose well! I can’t believe your temps are so low — we are still in the 90s (low 30s C) here, and just dreaming of cooler weather. I shouldn’t complain, though, because those darned chilis are still ripening! (I picked a few bright red ones last weekend, though, so hopefully not much longer now.)
    Oh that tail is a shadow of its former self. I hope it hasn’t gotten the dear old Duke down.

  3. Morning! I used ot think it was only the British who were obsessed with the weather and talking baout it – but nope, it´s a worldwide phenomena (is that right?) and I so pleased that it is!

  4. Yay temperatures that will make sense … without x 2 and – 32, or whatever. Miss C I just noticed the buildings to the left – have you been hiding another barn or two from us? Just asking 🙂 Laura

    • That is the craziest equation isn’t it! and no that is not another barn (I wish) that is the tractor shed, I am allowed a corner. I squeeze my car in beside the hay baler! It is newish so not worthy of photographs as a rule! c

  5. Sometimes I try not to look at our thermometer Celi. It’s almost as though if I don’t know how cold it is, maybe it isn’t that cold! Know what I mean? xo

    • Oh i do know what you mean, i am like that in the summer with the heat. The thing with the cold here is that i am amazed we can survive at all, it gets down so low.. c

  6. Your daily letter and photos is so good for my heart. It’s my daily grounding, seeing your farm and your beautiful animals and living vicariously through your interaction (that word doesn’t do it justice – your harmony? intimacy?) with the land and critters. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. ok, that’s weird. This is Lacey from Raleigh, NC. How did I get a gravatar?

  8. Morning all. Do tail the feathers disappear, or can you collect them? I like the idea of having a weather station. And thanks for the Celsius/Farenheit thingy – I know where I am with C! It’s 18C here and sunny with fluffy clouds. Lovely.

  9. Good morning, Celie and everyone. It’s beautiful here in New England but I have never experienced/suffered through a worse allergy season–is this just a regional phenomenon?

    • Oh you poor thing I hate that, we should see if any of the others have had bad allergies this year.. I find the changes of seasons the worst.. c

  10. You’re right, the Duke of Kupa still looks beautiful even without most of his tail. Our cock and hens are moulting at the moment and look as though they’re thoroughly mistreated. Lots of bare bottoms around the place!

  11. Look at Bobby Blanc! He looks SO soft, I would never have expected that. So glad that he is all better. We are sitting on 11 degrees today – apparently that’s 52 Farenheit. The famous Scottish drizzle is out in force, too. Bracing!

  12. Kupa is a grand bird – tail feathers or not. It’s been similar in temps here, no rain either although they said maybe tonight.

  13. Morning Celi. We’ve had a nice rain that has filled all my water containers so I have about 300 gallons on hand. Time to do laundry and wash hair! So glad little Bobby is better. Our cow got a screw in her foot a while back and had an abscess. She’s much better now.but still has a slight limp. Looking forward to your daily shots and thinking about doing some myself but don’t know if I can be that dedicated! 🙂 Have a great day!

  14. Glad Bobby Blanc is feeling back to normal! Kupa is still just as gorgeous, even without his fancy tail feathers. Looking forward to seeing the daily shots and temperatures! We like to keep up on the weather too! ~ April

  15. we are to get rain for a few days starting today. it is 52 and very cloudy here. i have the same outdoor thermometer that you have. it once belonged to my family’s farm, and when my parents death came and the property was sold, I snatched this for my own memories. I look at it every single day with warm memories

  16. Yes I love this view. I didn’t vote because I couldn’t decide. The tree house alone with the ladder propped is so evocative. And we will see three different trees change. I also love the fact that you already know when we will be seeing sunsets.

    • yeah the sunset is behind the chook house for a while but oh it is welcome when it finally comes back out again! c

  17. For more than a dozen years a peacock pair lived next door. They were the perfect burglar alarm system. Hearing a strange voice they would sound the alarm. Even a non regular sound would set them off. And when Mister dropped his glory I would gather and save them. I now have two umbrella stands filled with these gorgeous bouquets. I always pay close attention to photographs of the Duke. But then Celi I am always inside your photographs. Spending time in your wonderful world. Virginia

    • Lovely girl. Thank you. Yesterday Sid caught a naughty chicken who then proceeded to squawk her head off as he carried her back to the hen house. Three peacocks flew at him from two different areas of the farm. They did not like the noise at all and literally flew in to see what the ruckus us all about.

  18. I had a dream about peacocks last night, Celi! Truly! I might have been thinking about Kupa. I will miss his tail feathers, too, but I hope you were able to collect them. And I’m so glad the chosen view, which wasn’t my first choice, will have sunsets! I didn’t know the direction or I’d have chosen that in the first place. My favorite sky of all…sunsets! 🙂 D

  19. That pix with Kupa has the most beautiful textures in it. Do love the treehouse! great place to read and write?(as if there’s extra time) Still mild here: 62 to 85, but some leaves turning early. Winter ducks are arriving.
    A yellow magnolia bloom? (can’t wait for spring for that) The ones here are white and very smelly…My mother loved them and would load the back car window on the way home from the farm where they would bake in the sun and heat behind my head for 3-4 hours…not my favorite fragrance now.
    Hope some rain appears for you

    • Isn’t it funny how a fragrance can be a wonderful memory or sometimes NOT a lovely memory. Scent is so powerful.. c

  20. What a well-appointed little flock! It has its own paddock and sheepdog. (I know the sheepdog is really a camera hog but acknowledging that ruins the pastoral scene.) Probably a good thing that Kupa loses his tail feathers now. They would only be a drag in the snow to come.
    Permit me to feed your obsession a little bit. These next couple day will be more of the same, with rain entering the picture later in the week. Saturday, our high may not even reach 50˚, though you may be a little higher in the South. Like it or not, we’re inching our way into Winter.

    • FIFTY!!! John that is awful. We need to scurry about and get more wood in the Wendy house.. i am not ready! it is too early to light the fire.. c

      • You think that’s bad? I just saw a Nat’l weather report. It is snowing in Montana and that storm is heading for Minnesota. That is way too close for comfort. I am so not ready for this. ;(

  21. Okay, so I’ve missed quite a bit going on here I see. Been out of town for a little camping/birthday trip for 5 days and look what happens? A contest, new views, new camera, an injury and Kupa losing tail feathers! I’m going back in time to see what else…but gosh! We’re having the same temps as you, but just had many inches of lovely rain Sunday and yesterday…love the cool nights, but not the short days. Hope today has been lovely for you!

    • The nights are lovely and why am i surprised when the days get dark so much earlier, i mean this happens every year!! c

      • Ha, ha! I just said that very same thing last night as we sat on the deck and it was getting dark at 7 p.m. (Eastern)! It is October after all! 🙂

  22. It’s good to see Bobby Blanc outside again. It’s amazing what a day or two of rest does for the body, ours included. I didn’t know peacocks lost their tail feathers for the winter. You are always teaching me something new. I love following you around the farmy.

  23. We’re back to the old grind as they say, now I’m just trying to catch up with reading. The view selected is lovely and I think it’s the one I chose but I can’t remember where or when! I have a similar thermonitor right outside my living room window.

  24. Good that Bobby Blanc is well. Heat wave here — I went swimming in the Berkeley Marina today and had a Coke float — top two things to do when it is hot.

  25. I love the addition of the temperature! We are a bit obsessed here as well, especially as spring is meant to have started here and we are still having days of below 20DegC 🙂

  26. i am entranced by the thermometer. Being visual, I like to get the picture. I can process this, but I don’t process figures (especially when they have to be converted to Celsius). So this is wonderful. I can see a glance that you are still a little warmer than we are here in Auckland. Of course the time of day, and whether the thermometer is in the shade or sun, are both relevant.
    The NZ story from last year is superb! I can relate to every bit of it. So you grew up by the sea. And now you are as inland as it gets; how surprising life can be.

    • Life is surprising. i am glad you liked that story, it is a superb memory to have out here on the plains.. c

  27. Oh, dear, I’ve been away and Kuppa has shed his beautiful tail. Did you collect the feathers?? Is that possible?? Your temperatures are important for the farmy I would think.. all those animals to care for. I’m glad Bobbie Blanc is well, reading blog posts backwards mixes up all the events, I didn’t even know he was sick, poor guy! xx

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