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The means or the end …

An interesting discussion at dinner: Me: The dinner itself is the reason I am farming. The farming is a means to an end – the end being good clean delicious nutritious food.  The good food and good dinners are the objective. The farming is the… Continue Reading “The means or the end …”

There be spiders –

Every morning now, early, after John has left for work and before anyone else is awake I walk down the creek path and across the bridge and down the road to let the calves out and see them into their new field. Yesterday morning… Continue Reading “There be spiders –”

Late night, early morning

Queenie began her labour at 6pm. By 8.30 pm nothing further had happened. I led her into the barn, trailing streams of waterbag, so she and her calf would be safe from the coyotes, she ate her dinner and then lay down for a… Continue Reading “Late night, early morning”

Hairy MacLairy gets a Pedicure

Yesterday was fine and warm with only slightly windy winds.  It was a calm steady productive afternoon, I was passing  through the Corridor Paddock where Daisy and Hairy MacLairy were dosing, I took a shot of Hairy and Queenie then I noticing Hairy’s hoof… Continue Reading “Hairy MacLairy gets a Pedicure”

A cat sat in the washing machine

I know many cats like to sit in washing baskets but Mary’s Cat took the feline laundry fetich thing to a whole new level yesterday morning. Now before you panic. The washing machine was empty and Mary’s Cat had not been locked inside.  He… Continue Reading “A cat sat in the washing machine”

Hiding Out from the Blizzard in The Barn

It is 14F (–10C) this morning. Snow on the ground. Yesterday we were locked inside  with a blizzard hurling itself around outside. It was about 18F all day.  Snow flew in swirls through the fields past the buildings and straight out across the plains.… Continue Reading “Hiding Out from the Blizzard in The Barn”

A Walk around the Wee Farm with the Purse Camera

Last night we were sitting outside eating our simple repast, the food supplied by our own wee farm, when we heard a worrying creaky noise coming from Pats Paddock. I could see part of the big paddock, and noticed the Murphys (lambs for dinner)… Continue Reading “A Walk around the Wee Farm with the Purse Camera”

Why can’t a Guy buy a Girl a Drink?

I know that what I write today has nothing to do with old-fashioned farming.  But it is an old-fashioned thought. Queenie Wineti is supplying the visuals.   You see I had this interesting experience in the city on the weekend.  I had walked from… Continue Reading “Why can’t a Guy buy a Girl a Drink?”